Denethor and Grima

by Yaralindi

"I hope I'm not late. I better not be late."

Denethor huffed as he halted on the stairs. Not getting any younger he thought looking back down at the spiralling stone stairs he had climbed. Half-way to the top. Only 384 more steps.

After a few more deep breaths he set off again. Finally, after just barely making it up the last 50 steps, he bursts through the door to find Grima peering out of a window.

"Grima," he bellows.

"Sire," Grima squeaks obviously startled.

"Do you have them?"

"Got two lovelies right here." Two round globes appear from inside Grima's robe.

Peering out the window Grima had been looking through, Denethor sees Gandalf and Pippin just coming out the front door.

"Quick!" Denethor grabs one of the globes from Grima and, leaning dangerously far out the window, lets it fall after carefully manuevering it into place.

"Thinks he's subtle, the old coot," Denethor cackles as the water balloon smashes Pippin on the top of his head causing him to look up in wonder.

He quickly grabs the other water balloon. He starts to poke his head out the window, but quickly draws it back inside. A fireworks rocket whistles past the window. "Now THAT was certainly subtle," he says looking at Grima. "Watch this."

He snaps his head out the window then quickly tosses the balloon away. A few seconds later, Grima hears Gandalf shouting.

"Authority is not given to you to toss water balloons at one of the Maiar!"

"The rule of Gondor is MINE and no others," Denethor shouts out the window. "I tell you I will not bow to this ranger from the north! Why the boy can't even keep track of his comb. How's he supposed to run a kingdom?"

At this point Peter puts down the script and shakes his head at Philippa. "It's not too bad, but I don't remember The Professor mentioning water balloons."

"Okay, I'll take them out, but the folks in the audience are going to need a ton of hankies before this thing is over." She grabs the script and starts out the door.

"Oh, and drop the bit about the comb!"