LoveMoot Dating Agency

by various

Application form for submission
Name:Legolas Greenleaf
Age:3000ish (give or take a Century)
Hair: Long, blonde, dandruff-free with cute little piggy tails
Eyes: Blue. No, Brown. No, no, Blue
Nicknames:Legsy, Leggylass, Legoland, Cupcake.
Favourite Hobbies:Merry. Oh, sorry, I thought you said Hobbits.
Favourite colour: White
Special talents: Mounting a horse at a gallop without dislodging a Dwarf, Talking with Trees,Seeing things which are behind me,Wearing tights and girly boots without looking camp
Favourite Films: Desperately Seeking Frodo, There's Something About Hairy, When Hairy met Leggy
Favoutite Song: Don't It Make Your Brown Eyes Blue, Uruk-Hai Ho Silver Lining
Ideal Love Match: I am looking for someone for a long-term relationship (a few thousand years), hopefully blossoming into love. Must have a GSOH (they will need it when they watch me run), enjoy getting out and about, clubbing (.. preferably Orcs over the head), archery and needlepoint. They need to be passionate about jewellery, looking butch whilst riding horses and have the ability to look really grave at appropriate moments. Uruk's, Orcs and Hairy individuals need not apply.

- Wheathills