It Could Have Been Different!

by Wheathills

Alternate endings to our favourite novel!

Gandalf pulls the ring from the fire and hands it to Frodo
"Don't worry, it's quite cool"
Frodo takes the ring and holds it up, turning it slowly in his hands.
Gandalf turns away with a worried frown "Can you see anything?" he inquires.
"No" Frodo replies "but .. wait. Yes. I can see something, it's some kind of Elvish but I cannot read it"
"There are very few who can". Gandalf turns and looks at the ring, his facial expression hard to read.
 "It says - Made in Japan. Now put the kettle on Frodo, and lets enjoy one of those nice sticky buns I bought from Gondor"


The Hobbits were surrounded. The Nazguls had them cornered on the summit of Weathertop and were closing in quickly. Frodo, desperate to escape, pulls the     ring from his pocket and puts it on his finger - however, this just makes everything more clear, and he shrieks in pain as he is stabbed in the shoulder by the Witch     King's blade. Sam runs to his side but looks up in relief as Strider leaps down from a rock and heads to Frodo's side, fearless of the Black Riders running at him.   He holds aloft a dry branch, asking "Does anyone have a match I could borrow?"


Strider kneals down next to Frodo - a worried expression creases his brow.
The lance had been thrust with such force by the Cave Troll - there was no way anyone could have survived.
Amazingly, he hears Frodo murmur and struggle to sit up.
Strider leans forward to hear what Frodo has to say.
 "Its not OK, I am hurt" he moans, and collapses back on the floor.
Of all days, this was not the one Frodo should have put his vest in the wash.


They couldn't believe Gimli was dead. Haldir looked apologetic. "Well he was breathing so loudly, I shot him in the dark"