Account Of Irascian and The Finding Of The Key Of Power

by StefBaggins

Part 1

Decipher Reps: Dude! We really need someone in the UK to bear this Key Of Power. We heard you might be a good candidate, so we figured we'd offer it to you.

Irascian: I cannot deny my heart has greatly desired this... wait... wrong line...

Rosie: Will you look into the Pony?

Irascian: What will I see there?

Rosie: Even the wisest cannot tell, for the Pony has many muumuus: muumuus that need to be pressed, muumuus that are being worn, and muumuus... that have not yet been sewn together.

Irascian looks into the Pony and sees many images, including that of Rosie and Took and Warbird trying desperately to keep up with all the chaotic whims of the patrons of the inn.

Rosie: I know what it is you saw, for it is also on MY screen!

Irascian: I cannot do this alone!

Rosie: To be a Key Bearer is to be alone.

Irascian: I know what I must do... its just... I'm afraid to do it.

Rosie: Even the most endearing person can wear the green.

Rosie smiles, and Irascian knows that she implies that if she can hold that title, so can he. Later that day...

Irascian: Look after the others, especially Stef. She will not understand.

Decipher Rep: Go, Ian!

Irascian logs on using his new moderator identity.

StefBaggins: Ian! Ian, no!

Irascian: No, Stef, go back! I am deleting posts alone!

StefBaggins: I know! And I am going to moderate with you! (yeah, right)

Part 2

Irascian is conversing on the boards in his London home-office, wearing the green of the One Key, no realizing that the Key was calling to him.

VO of Key: Irascian... Irascian of London...

Irascian is startled from a good-hearted laugh among friends about pants and speaking French. His eyes widen as he slowly approaches a thread unworthy of the Fan Club Message Boards

Irascian: The Key... it's getting heavier.

VO of Rosie: Even the most endearing person...

VO of TOE: Dude, where's my sponge?

VO of StefBaggins: I can help! Really I can! Really...

VO of Decipher Rep: All we have to decide is what to do with the Key Of Power that is given to us.

Irascian smiles with an expression of self-assuredness. He dons the One Key and makes his move.

The thread is deleted. The evil has passed. Yet, the One Key is still on Irascian's keyboard. It has become... precious... to him.

StefBaggins: It has taken Ian!

Irascian notices the effects of the One Key are starting to change him... and StefBaggins and Rosie know that they must stay by his side through thick and thin.