A Lesson Learned

by Silivren Ithildin

"Merry, Merry!" Pippin exclaimed worriedly, "are you ok?"

"What happened?" Merry asked, very confused as to why he was laying on the ground with a splitting headache.

"We were just sitting here talking and all of a sudden, a tree limb fell hitting you on the head," Pippin explained while helping Merry to sit up slowly.

"That explains the headache," Merry said quite grumpily.

"And the lump on the top of your head!" Pippin pointed out.

Touching the lump, Merry gasped in pain, "OUCH!  Why on Middle-earth did the tree have to do that?"

"Well, you know," said Pippin, "maybe it wasn't the best idea to be saying something about wanting to start a fire while we are sitting in the middle of Fangorn Forest!"

At that very moment, another tree limb fell catching another Hobbit unawares on the head.

"OUCH!" yelled Pippin, "that tree did it again!"

Checking his head where the limb had hit him, Pippin found a lump forming.

Turning around to face the tree, Pippin told it, "Hey!  Please don't do that again!  We've run out of heads for you to crack and I know for sure that my head couldn't stand another hit!  We already have splitting headaches.  We're sorry about mentioning fire, but, you have to understand that we much prefer our S'mores with the marshmallows ooey-gooey straight from being roasted over a fire.  It helps to melt the chocolate and just plain tastes better.  We didn't mean to offend you!"

With that, the tree seemed to relax and the Hobbits sat back down to finish their cold S'mores while being careful to avoid talking about fire again.

They looked quite comical sitting there with their matching lumps on their heads and grumpy expressions on their faces.