The Ents are Moving

by Silivren Ithildin

1. The Ents are Moving

"Where are we going?" Pippin asked Treebeard.

"Ah, come on Pippin, don't tell me you haven't been listening!" Merry exclaimed.

"We are on our way to the new Fan Club message boards," Treebeard explained, "all the Ents thought maybe the Entwives and the Entlings might have heard about the big move and decided to go check it out from wherever they have been living."

Bregalad added quickly, "It would be so wonderful to see them again, I can't wait to get there!"

"Now, now, Bregalad, don't be hasty," Treebeard said, "first we have to stop by Wellinghall to get cleaned up for our first meeting with the Entwives in a very long time."

Bregalad laughed, "Yes, we must look our best. Maybe we can talk them into coming back to Fangorn with us after we check out the new boards."

"That would be so sweet!" Pippin exclaimed.

"Come on everyone, to Wellinghall then the boards, but, how about you all be hasty this one time? We wouldn't want to miss all the fun!" Merry encouraged.

2. The Ents Begin their Journey

"Are you guys ready yet?" Pippin asked, "we really are going to miss the fun if you don't hurry!"

"Hrum, Hoom," Treebeard answered, "this is our hurrying speed, Master Pippin."

"Bregalad is the only one who's ready," Merry exclaimed exasperated beyond belief, "if you aren't ready in 5 minutes Pippin, Bregalad and I are going to leave without you!!"

"Ok, ok, such hasty Hobbits!" muttered Treebeard trying to hurry everyone along. "Finish up, finish up my dear friends. As our Hobbit friends remind us, we must be on the move!"

At last the Ents were ready to go. "It's about time," said Merry, "I bet everyone is all settled in and the boards are all decorated by now, not to mention they have probably had a huge goo and duct tape fight already! I wanted to see the Prancing Pony being fixed up!"

"That's ok, Merry, this way we can mingle with everyone and feel right at home when we get there!" Pippin said.

" I imagine that's where we will find you two, huh?" Bregalad said, "We'll come get you when we get done exploring and looking around for the Entwives."

"Sounds wonderful to me," Merry exclaimed, "I feel the need for a good pint of ale and some Old Toby, if we can borrow some from one of the patrons!"

"Oh, that would be lovely!" dreamed Pippin, "what are we waiting for? Onward, my good Treebeard!"

With that the Ents begin their journey.

The Ents Have Arrived

"Are you sure you know where we're going, Treebeard?" Pippin asked.

"Sure he does Pippin. Have faith," Merry answered.

"The Message Boards are far away from our home, Master Pippin, but, there has been so much talk out there about the move that we will have no trouble finding it," said Treebeard. On they went at a fairly good clip.

"Look, I see the boards!" Bregalad exclaimed, "Wow, look how shiny and new they are!" "It looks like there are a lot of people on them though, they must be very nice," Merry said.

Finally arriving, the Ents began to get their instructions from Treebeard. "Spread out in teams of two and begin looking around for the Entwives. While you're in a post, check out what it is all about and see who has made the move to the new boards. Le'ts have some fun! Bregalad, why don't you and I take Merry and Pippin to the Prancing Pony Board so they may start having fun too. Everyone, when you have finished checking out a post, come find me on the ME board header and give me a report. If you find an Entwife or Enting bring them to me at once, or, at least one of you come find me immediately and let me know. Ok, let's go have some fun!"

Picking up Merry and Pippin, Treebeard and Bregalad headed towards the Prancing Pony board. Walking into the Prancing Pony, Merry and Pippin's faces lit up seeing the festive air and all the happy patrons.

"Look Merry," Pippin exclaimed, "they have 2 Strider Chairs! One for each of us! Wow, this place looks great! Very busy too, must be a great place to visit!"

"Hey Pippin, why don't you go get us a couple of pints and I will go save our chairs!" said Merry, "Thank you Treebeard and Bregalad for bringing us! We'll be here when you get ready to go." "Bye you two!" Pippin told them.

"Have fun you young Hobbits," Treebeard said while turning around to go back to the ME board.