4in Travelers Frequent Pony, Tangle Tongues

by Primula

The Prancing Pony in Bree reports there have been frequent linguistic problems as they serve a diverse and wide-ranging panorama of travelers from all countries, as well as the local populace. The language barriers can be daunting at times, especially for the employees. One of our reporters brings us this discussion at the Inn to illustrate how this topic that has become more prevalent of late...

White Rider: (intently) "...I mean, when we get someone coming in here from some far off place who-knows-where, and you can't understand a blessed thing they say, what do you do?"

Old Gaffer: (scratching his head with a garden trowel) "I know they're speaking the Common Tongue, but I admit, their accent makes them sound kinda furrin sometimes."

Primula: (looking back towards the door) "Lower your voice. I think I see one coming in now. We don't want to offend them by making fun of the way they talk, now do we?"

White Rider: "I do!"

Old Gaffer: "Well..."

Primula: "Hush!"

Chatty Patron: "hi is ne1 here i am thirsty cn u get a drink 4me"

Primula: "Um...sure. What would you like?"

Chatty Patron: "i dono i m not 2 sure r u barkeep"

Primula: "Wait. Are you asking if I'm not sure, or are you saying you aren't sure?"

Chatty Patron: "u meen"

Primula: "I'm not trying to be mean...wait. You're asking me what I mean, right? I mean, I'm not being mean, I'm just asking if you are saying I am sure or if you are sure about...oh never mind. I'm kind of confused now."

Chatty Patron: "yah & i m thirsty & ur not givin me a drink"

Primula: "Excuse me? Oh. Here, have a drink."

Chatty Patron: "10q its good i m goin2 pay u 4 it l8r."

Primula: "Huh?"

Chatty Patron: "ill hav $ l8r 2 pay u i hop u dont mind"

Primula: "Uh...tell you what, you being a stranger and all, how about that drink is on the house."

Chatty Patron: "10q u r swet c u l8r"

Primula: "....right."

White Rider: "See? I told you - we need to hire a multilingual barkeeper or something!..."

- Primula