Cirdan's Souvenir Shack

by Primula with additions

Cirdan's Pawn Shop & Souvenir Shack : Serving your Souvenir Needs in the Gulf of Lune for Days Unnumbered

Don't forget to pick up your coupon for a free genuine miniature Real Hand-Carved Wooden Ship-in-a-Glass to Wow your friends in Valinor

Our Top Ten Best-Sellers, For all those little things you wish you hadn't left behind.

Special Today - Previously Magical Jewelry, half-off.

Silmaril-alike™ mood-rings and necklaces with genuine artificial-hithlain cord - in the moonlight, who can tell the difference? All the glitter, peril-free.

"I Took the Journey" tee-shirts now available in XXS

YES we have Bobble-Valar!

Souvenir Toothpicks from Real Swan-Boat Trimmings.

Mallorn Leaf on a Stick, just like the ones back home.

Telepathic Post-its

Mystify your friends! Interlocking Vanishing Rings - how do you do it?!

Chewing Wax 'Mir-U-Vor' Bottles (artificial flavoring and coloring added)

Squishy Seabirds, just one squeeze for that Real Seabird sound and feel.

What's New at Cirdan's Souvenir Shack?

Portable solar mini-fountains - now in Natural-Nimrodel, complimentary bag of miniature river-rocks included.

Just visiting? We now carry items for Men! On sale now: Aragorn & Arwen Commemorative silver spoons - relive the excitement of the coronation!

Be sure to browse our selection of postcards and keyrings - now three for the price of one.

Visit our New Outlet on the fashionable West Coast of Tol Erresea

(Additions by MrsFrodoBaggins:)

Genuine imitation Hobbit-hair feet toupees!Go in rustic perian style to those masquerade balls in Valinor! Feel the grass between your toes and keep the breeze off your tender Elf feet with these cozy, realistic toupees. Available in shades from Panthael Blond to Iorhael Chestnut. One size sort-of fits most.

Rounded costume ears Also perfect for masquerades, when you want to go as a Man rather than a Perian. These have lots of interior room to accommodate even the pointiest Elf ears.

Butterbur’s Prancing Pony Dark The finest ale in Eriador and the first product ever to receive the stamp of King Elessar. Available in pints, half-pints and samplers. Take a case with you! It’s duty-free!

Smial fold-out tents ~ Especially popular with Elflings is our Hobbit Hole Fold-Out Tent. The exterior of this sturdy dome-shaped tent is covered with “grass” and “moss” so realistic, Samwise Gamgee himself will be reaching for his shears. Enter and exit the tent through a round, green tent-flap with a doorknob painted in the middle. Also available in a large size for grown Elvish campers--we wouldn't want the thousand-plus crowd to feel left out!


An item produced by the Dwarves of Skeezy Swamp, just across the plain from the other side of the Lonely Mountain: Tie-on costume facial hair. These magnificent beard-moustache-sideburn combos come in three lengths (stripling, Man and Dwarf) and five shades (black, white, grey, red and blond). NEW! Custom mixes of our traditional shades, and for the truly adventurous, our brand-new shade: orc-spittle green!


Your favorite Elfling will be delighted to fight the Dark Lord with our impressively realistic toy Anduril, toy Sting or toy Glamdring. Each 'sword' comes in a beautifully detailed scabbard, ready for attachment to their favorite belt. ('Sting' doesn't light up--and really, aren't you glad? No orcs in the Blessed Realm, no sirree!)

Have a look at our newest tee-shirt design: "5000 years in Middle-Earth and all I got was this lousy t-shirt!” Your friends will love it! Available in sizes xxs through xxl, and in the following shades: puce, chartreuse, eel-grey and ash.

Those little Erraseans will be thrilled if you present them with an adorable stuffed Smaug toy. Give this little fellow a squeeze and he'll roar and blow out streamers of orange silk 'fire'!

Deluxe Doom of Sauron action set! Just look at all you get:
~all the materials you need to construct your own exploding Orodruin and collapsing Barad-Dur, including our own special Melt-O-Rama Lava kit!
~An imploding Eye of Sauron!
~fully jointed action figures of the Ring-bearer, Samwise, Gollum, Olorin and the three eagles!
~A tiny Imitation One Ring on a chain. No need to melt this baby--it's just harmless nickel alloy!

Deep Fried Lembas Cakes. Cinnamon/Sugar or Jam. (Jimbo Baggins)

Yes, and you can wash them down with a big cold bottle of Istari* brand Sarusasparilla, the soda with a taste that will leave you feeling as if you can take over the world! Istari* brand Sarusasparilla, the soda in the iridescent Tower bottle!

Also recently added: everyone's favorite comfort food! Yes! We now stock genuine Gamgee Select* Trailside Coney Stew in two varieties, Rabbit and Rabbit with Fish (for those who like hare in their fish chowder! Sorry! Couldn't help ourselves....) Real stick-to-the-ribs heartiness in every spoonful! Take some with you and thrill your friends and relatives over Sea with down-home Shire goodness!

Lovely scrimshaw panoramas of Minas Tirith, Lothlorien, Rivendell and of course our own Havens, carved on tusks of mumakil killed on the Pelannor.*

*We have been advised by our legal team to observe that these 'tusks' may actually be cattle leg-bones gnawed clean by patrons of several eating establishments in and around Minas Tirith. Whatever the source material, they really are very nice carvings, eh?