The Mithlond Resort

by Primula

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Grey Havens Surfing School

What's the difference between Grey Havens Surf School and all the other Elven surf schools out there?

We pride ourselves in teaching the full surfing experience:  when you learn with us, not only do you learn how to stand up and ride waves, you learn ancient Elven songs about the sea, surfing etiquette for Valinor-bound travellers and some of that Sundering Sea knowledge that is such a critical aspect of surfing. 

Advanced classes on transforming into a seabird are available on an as-needed basis.

Surfing, for most surfers, is a complete lifestyle, not just a sport that we do once-in-a-while.  It's a tradition thousands of years old, passed down through the Ages by the Original Surfers of the West who knew how to surf their way there and back again. Welcome to the Sport of the Valar!

Mithlond Surf Fishing Club

There are quite a number of Elven patrons who either by choice or by circumstance do not choose to fish from a boat. Come join us while you wait for that next vessel to sail!  Surf fishing anglers come in all varieties, Greenwood, Dark, High - no matter what your origin, you can be just as fanatical as any other angler. What some of our members lack in the way of a boat they more than make up for in their homemade fishing equipment. Our experienced surf anglers cruise the beaches and piers communing with the seabirds to find their schools of baitfish. They will follow a moving school of bait fish around and around the Bay, dancing, singing, just waiting for that school of fish to begin feeding through them.

Because our surf fishing is a very specialized type it requires some very specialized tackle. Surf rods of thin Mallorn branches 12 feet long, capable of slinging a half-pound weight plus bait up to 150 yards beyond the breaking surf are seen up and down the beach,  whipping expertly over the heads of our boat-builders.  The weights used when bottom fishing in the surf vary little, and are usually a leftover piece of old Dwarven weaponry clipped on a drop rig with the bait.  Every Elf agrees that Dwarven metal digs into bottoms best.  Surf anglers may be seen arguing regularly as to whether the length of the rod, the type of bait, the depth of the communal relationship with the seabirds or their ancient fish-charming music plays the biggest part, but it is all in good fun.  If a boat-builder snaps your rod, never fear, there are plenty more where those came from.

Water Fun in the Gulf of Lune       
May thru the September take a lesson from The Lune-y Tunes Waterski School.  Experienced instructor Cirdan gives expert instruction for beginners to mono and slalom or wakeboards.  Lessons are private in a competition boat equipped with a boom for easy learning for beginning barefooters.  We provide all the equipment you need, including life-vests for you Elves who have been too long away from the Sea. 
Captain Cirdan's latest ship is now equipped with a 20-foot skypole to help you get big-air while you waterski.

Been in the woodlands for more than an Age?  Don't worry! We have kiddies waterskis - everything you need to help jog the ol' memory.  We have a great success rate with beginner wakeboarders - we'll have you up and jumping the wake in no time - we guarantee! Fun for all Ages. 

Testimony from a satisfied customer:
Thanks for a fantastic month in the Gulf. We all had a great time and our thoroughly enjoyed it despite the those of us who used that big boom being pretty sore and stiff when it was time to set sail!!! I'll never forget the look on your face when those surf-fishers all shot into the waves at once, who would've guessed that boom could swing so wide?  A great time had by all. Thanks! -  Galdor

Non-skiers can also try the Super Screamer bungee - jump off of the cliffs over the boats- Screaming guaranteed! We also organize beach go-karts races, our Lune-y Singalongs and evening fashion shows on the piers.