LOTR Action Figures We Would Like to See

by Primula

Insta-Decapitating Lurtz: Push the little button on his back to make his head pop off! Deluxe Velcro arm makes a satisfying ripping sound when you tear it off.

Reversible Galadriel: Flip her double-lined skirt one way, she's an Elf Queen, flip her over the other way and she's a radioactive witch!

Deluxe Caverns of Isengard with Instant Mud packets! Just add water for to recreate the exciting mud-puddle scenes in the comfort of your own home!

Sit n' Spin Gandalf: Turn the Wheel to see him Whirl!

Fall-Down Frodo: Even slight disturbances in the air will send this Frodo flying. Relive the excitement of the repeated falls from the Movie! Guaranteed not to stand. Comes with Breakaway Ring.

Chuggo Tapmeister Hornblower with Keg: Add this all-time favorite to your collection! Place him on the Keg's Special Stand to hear his distinctive laugh! Comes with collectible Pint.

Farmer Maggot: Comes with scythe, 3 plastic corn stalks and 2 Vicious Dogs! Push the button to hear him over-react! Additional Vicious Dogs sold separately.

Ringwraith with Feather Bed: Collect all four! Squeeze the Magic Bubble to cause the feathers to shoot out of the Bed! Ringwraith features Exciting Pillow-Stabbing Action. Comes with sword and chamber pot.

Tower-Top Gandalf with Moth: Squeeze his legs together and he slumps dejectedly! Pull the string to see the Magic Motion Moth be drawn into Gandalf's hand!

Arm-Switching Argonath: New Double-Pack! Insert the Argonath into their Action Base and rotate to see exciting Arm-Switching Action. Includes removable bird.

Never-Drown Sam Bathtub Set: Includes Elven Boat, Frodo figure with exclusive Stretchy Arm, Never-Drown Sam and a 4 oz. bottle of Limited Edition Legolas Shampoo. Never-Drown Sam is guaranteed to always return to the surface. Not to be used as a flotation device.

Figwit: Gorgeously detailed figure. Doesn't do anything.