The Council of Smith

by Peregrine
What would happen during the council of Elrond if everyone was a character they played from another movie (except Frodo, of course)........

"The Council of Smith is in session." Agent Smith announced. "We've all come here for one reason, so let's get one with it because I hate this place. It smells. Bring forth the virus, Mr. Anderson."
Frodo dropped the Ring/virus upon the table.
"Um. . . the names Baggins and it's . . .it's a ring. It's a ring." Frodo corrected quielty. Smith waved him away.
"Whatever. So we've gotta delete this virus. Where are we gonna do it?"
"What about the" Will asked. "Or we could give it to Jack Sparrow! He'd know what to do!"
"We should turn all Men into Mutants." Magnito said proudly. "Then we wouldn't have to worry about any of this."
"What are you guys talking about?" frodo asked.
"Just don't let James get it!" Alec cried, leaping to his feet. "We should use it against him and M and all them, take over MI6 and all that!"
"No, no, no!" a gruff man growled. "We should let Indy take care of it. If he can fight off the Nazis, he can take care of a little virus."
"Naz-whats?" Frodo cried in confusion.
"Well, one of YOU must do this." Smith growled. "I'm just a program. I am a floppy disk! So don't you dare pin this on me."
"A floppy what?" Frodo whined.
"I'm a pirate! I'll do it!" Will cried happily.
"You're a blacksmith and you know it." Magnito snapped. "Sit down."
Grumbling unhappily, Will sat back down.
"Well?" Smith shouted impatiently. "whose gonna do it? Whose going to bring the virus back to the where it was created and destroy it?"
"Oh, jeeze, fine!" Frodo leapt to his feet. "I'll take the bloody virus--which is really a RING--to the Cracks of Doom."
"Ah, very good." Smith nodded. "Fine. Whose gonna go with him?"
"Oh, drat, I will." Magnito growled.
"Ooh, ooh! Me too, me too!" Will hopped up to his feet.
"Well, I'm an archeologist so I'll go to." the Gimli-archeologist said.
"Well, then I'm gonna go to." Alec 006 said.
"What about him?" Frodo pointed to a Man sitting in a corner, patting a horse.
Smith shook his head.
"No, he can't go. That's Frank Hopkins and his movie's not ou yet. He can't go."
"But I want--"
"Oh, shut up."
Frodo grumbled something.
"What did you say?"
"Well, wait for me then!" a little goonie leaped out of the bushes. "He's not goin' anywhere without me!"
"Oh, good!" Frodo sighed. "Now how about Merry and Pippin?"
"You don't get them either." Smith snapped.
"Why not?!"
"Merry's a tv show and Pip's movie's not out yet, either. So deal with it."
"But the fellowship is nine--NINE! We've only got . . .what," Frodo counted quicly, "er . . . six! Whoa--six!"
"Deal with it. Okay, Fellowship's formed. Now go off to the"
Magnito dragged Frodo out of Rivendell, the Hobbit more than a little miffed.

Okay, sorry, I forgot a few names and I haven't seen a lot of movies. But I hope it is enjoyable none the less!