Winter Sports

by Onca Icatra

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The Fellowship was hiking it's way accross Cahadras trugging through the snow and rocks. Working their way up the mountain. Snow specks in their hair and the Hobbits feet shivering in the cold. A fierce wind blowing as Legolas was ahead of the others followed by Boromir and Aragorn. Then Aragorn said.

"We must turn back!" as he yelled over the wind.

"No,said Gandalf as he shook his head. Just a little bit farther till we get to the top of the run their we can ride down."

After a hard hike up the hill they made it to where they wanted to run. So they got their snow gear out and waited till everyone had there's out. The hobbits had never done any Winter sports so they weren't sure what to do. Legolas was the first to be ready with his long wooden board carved by the Elves. Next was Aragorn and Boromir ready with their skis. As Gandalf tried to figure out a way for the Hobbits to ride he took a extra pare of skis and broke it into pieces he adjusted the strap on them so that they would fit the big Hobbit feet. There was onlt enough to make two complete sets of skis for the Hobbits so Merry and Pippin took the skis while Gandalf took a board and broke it in half. He took his sword out and carved the edges so they would be round. It worked well for the time being till he could make a more proper pare. They all got ready for the ride and took off.


They all took off at the same time rushing down the hill. Gimli was on a short board because his legs weren't really long enough for the type of slopes to wear skis. Legolas was gliding with excellent balance and speed. Gently sliding across the fresh powder as Aragorn came a little slower but just as skilled as Legolas and Boromir. Gimli was next he flew kind of fast due to his size and stature he was lower to the ground so that he didn't have as much friction on the wind. His short tough legs barely moving for the sharp turns. Gandalf was going at the pace of the Hobbits on his long skis. The hobbits were tryiing to keep their balance. Frodo and Sam found the board a little easier than the skis. Just then Merry and Pippin crashed into each other. The others heard the noise and waited down the hill.

Uhhgg said Merry. "Get up Pippin."

This is harder than it looks said Pippin as he got upto try again.

"Are you all right Hobbits." asked Gandalf.

"Were fine they said."

"Well ok lets try again."

So they got back up and tried again, they started before the others had so they caught up to the others this time. They were back on sliding and riding down the hill has Gimli took a small jump and flew over one of the Hobbits. Just then they felt a blast of cold wind coming towards them.

"There is a foul voice on the air." said Legolas.

"It's Saruman!" yelled Gandalf.


"He's trying to bring down the mountain!" yelled Gandalf.

Just then the ground started to shake and it was cracking. All the company flew down gliding with perfect balance, one wrong move and they would be gone lost in the snow. An avalanch was starting and the hobbits were getting scared. The Company went under a cliff of ice and it started to break. Gandalf picked up the two hobbits Sam and Frodo while Pippin and Merry went sliding past them right towards Aragorn and Boromir. Pippin flew down and Boromir grabbed him and lifted him on to his shoulders. Merry came down a little faster and almost passed Aragorn but Aragron took a jump off of some raised snow and grabbed Merry.

Gandalf saw a piece of glacier starting to crack and was right by Legolas. "Legolas! yelled Gandalf.

The mountain was crumbling on top of them.


The Fellowship could see the avalanch engulfing the trees behind them. Legolas swurved by being inches from the fallen ice.

"We can't out run it for ever!" yelled Aragorn. As he dodged a pile of snow in the way.

"Look,up ahead."yelled Gandalf as he pointed to a crevace in the ice. He thought if they could jump it the snow would fall in to it.

"We have only one chance!" yelled Gimli.

"Brace yourself hobbits!" yelled Gandalfas he picked up Frodo and Sam.

They all flew over it gliding on the air. Aragron and Boromir were out in front but Legolas and Gimli were first to land. Followed by Gandalf with Sam and Frodo as the snow fell behing them. They all came down with a thud and rolled in the snow for a minute to relize that they were alive.

"That was to close of a call." said Sam as he tried to catch his breath.

All of them helped gather wood and their supplies, to camp for the night. The sun was starting to set as a cold wind was still blowing in their faces. Legolas stood up and listened in the distance.

"Creatures are aprroching. said Legolas. He could see them moving. They will be here by nightfall."


The company got ready for the battle ahead. They couldn't out run them and they were to tired to try, they needed to save their strength. Legolas kept starring in the direction they were coming he could also hear them rustling in the bushes and the snow covered ground. Now as they got closer he could see that they were wolves and not friendly ones as you might suppose. Evil wolves the ones orcs liked to ride.

After some time the creatures were approching camp. The company got ready. The hobbits drew their swords out. Gandalf took out his staff and sword. Boromir got ready with his shield and sword. Aragorn took both of his hands and gripped his sword Narsil tightly. Frodo unsheathed Sting ready for his fows. There was a good amount of them they moved to much to be counted but a dozen atleast. They circled the Company and snarrled waiting for their prey.

"Wait for them to move."said Gandalf.

The wolves lunged at them. The battle begins.


The wolves lunged at them trying to bite with their teeth. The Company all came down with a strike upon one of the wolves. Seding it crashing into the snow. Aragorn had one running towards him. He stood his ground and stabbed it. It fell with in minutes. The hobbits formed their own circle. Their swords ready. Two came flying after the hobbits. Sam ran after and wounded it in its leg. It had had enough and limped back home. Legolas was continuing to take out the wolves he could see aproaching. He grabbed a arrow from his quiver gently threaded it through his bow, gently pulled back and sent it flying over the trees.

"These are no ordinary wolves!" yelled Gandalf as he slewed another wolf. "These are wargs. Evil beasts of the land."

Gimli came down from a rock hitting one with the butt of his axe. Five wargs remained. No more were coming. This was it.


The Company gathered together. The wargs snarled as their claws dug deep into the snow. Fangs gleaming in the setting sun. Sam took a cooking pot from his pack and gripped it tightly with in his hand. Legolas grabbed one of his last seven arrows. The Company wasn't quite sure what they were waiting for. After awhile they stopped snarling. They had had enough. They walked back slowely where they came from. Gimli let out a scream to send them flying faster.

"Well we showed them." said Gimli.

"I don't like it that they left us like that." said Gandalf as he sheathed Glamdring. "I don't like it at all. It seemed as though something was summoning them. Someone is going to more lengths then I had thought. Saruman tried to bring down the mountain, but who sent the wargs?"


Gandalf pondered that thought as the rest of The Company put out the fire after cooking their dinner. Aragorn and Legolas were set to watch that night. Gandalf could have sleeped but he was to deep in thought. He couldn't grasp his fingers around it. He sat up eyes and ears listening and looking for anything that might happen next. All seemed well that night. Who knows what will happen the next day.


The next the day was still uneasy for Gandalf. The Company had packed their things and were going to head off at dawn. Gandalf saw Aragorn grabbing the last of his things. The hobbits were busy grabbing their food and pots. Gandalf took Aragorn aside from the rest of The Company.

"Those wargs were being called there is no doubt of that."said Gandalf. "What I find strange is who would know that we are out here. Saruman obviously knows but he has no orcs or other forces. At least that I am aware of."

"Saruman was once a great wizard for all we know he could have many forces. His birds are certain. I have not seen wargs in these parts fro a while. With this knowledge I think we should travel through the....mines."he said in a low whisper.

"Let the ringbearer decide."

Frodo looked at him with a confused looks on his face. He had know clue what the mines were or how to get there. He wasn't even sure what might be there. Never the less, he replied.

"We shall go through the mines."said Frodo.

"So be it."said Gandalf frighten at the descion."We will make our way down the mountain to the Mines of Moria.


The Company could see a nice area to ride down the rest of the mountain. Nice snow perfect for riding. The Company got out their gear again. The hobbits were a little more expirienced now. First they hiked over to where they would make the run. Sam and Frodo strapped their boards on tightly. Merry and Pippin strapped on both skis and grabbed their sticks along with them. Legolas took his beatifully carved board from his pack. Gimli grabbed his short board. Gandalf along with Aragorn and Boromir strapped on their skis. The Company was ready to make another run down the mountain. They were just hoping that another avalanch wouldn't start. They stood up ready as the sun started to rise. All gently leaning forward and they were off.


The hobbits were doing better this time. They were starting to get used to the skis and boards. Gimli was making is way down the mountain dodging trees and rocks sticking up in the snow. Legolas was just gliding over the bumps in the snow. The hobbits started to try more complicated stunts. Sam took a try at a hard turn by a tree. Merry and Pippin grabbed on to each other and took a jump off some raised snow. They were all going about the same speed. It would take them some time to make it down the mountain.

The air was notas cold now as they were not as close to the top of the mountain like before. Thhe snow started to get less deep. It was still quite enough to ride on. Legolas turned his head to the side. His eyes turned blue. He stared into the trees.

"The wargs are coming."said Legolas.

"Draw your weapons!"said Gandalf.

All of The Company drew out their weapon. Gimli grabbed his axe from his belt. They were still sliding down. Might as well they were going faster then on foot. Boromir grabbed his shield from behind his back. Aragorn reveiled his sword. The hobbit drew out their small swords. Gandalf unsheathed Glamdring. While Frodo just barely let Sting shine before he could see it turning blue.

"Orcs are near!"yelled Frodo.

"Don't worry lad we'll give them a good fight." said Gimli.

The Company was trying to go faster now on their boards and skis. Wargs approched them from the bushes. They lept out some from behind and in front. The race was on.


The wargs were running and barking at The Company. The hobbits were no longer trying out moves. One came up on the side of Gandalf and tried to snap at him with his teeth. Gandalf took his staff and smacked it in its' neck making it fly towards the tree. Legolas could see some getting close to the hobbits. He slowed his pace down a little and tried to shoot at the coming ones from behind. He managed to take out three. One was almost on Frodo. Frodo struggled as it snapped at his arm. It tore a piece of cloth from his shirt and gave him a small gash in his arm as well. He proceded to slice at it with Sting trying to fight through the pain. He went down with a thud. The wargs surounded him.


Frodo was now laying hopelessly in the snow. The snarles in his face didn't help either. Sam was behind Frodo sliding on his board. He could see Frodo covered in the snow. Wargs were surounding him. Sam gave out a fierce cry and banged a warg on the head with his pot. Sending it falling to the deep snow below. Four remained, Legolas could see what had happend. He took one of his arrows and shot took out two. Sam had to take out the others. He proceded to intimidate them. It didn't work to well. He got his pot in one and and his sword in the other. He slashed at one fiercely and tried to hit it on the side with his pot.He had taken another one down.

"Stay away from him you filth." said Sam.

This one was a little more agressive. Probably the leader of the pack. It was stronger and bigger. To towered over the little hobbit. Showing its' huge fangs to him. It snipped at him trying to grab his arm. It also seemed to wait paitiently. It decided this one wasn't the trouble. It left Sam unharmed, but why?


The Company stopped sliding for a moment. They saw that Frodo had fallen along with Sam beside him. The wargs seemed to have left. The Company looked around cautiously waiting to see where the wargs had gone. Frodo was still laying in the snow.

"Up you go Mr. Frodo."said Sam as he hoisted Frodo on to his feet. "Quite a nasty fall you had there Mr. Frodo. I was a little worried when the wargs started to come around. It looks like your safe now. We better get a move on."

Sam helped Frodo get his board on securely so they could make their run down the mountain. A small lean forward and they were flying down the mountain again. The Company waited until Frodo and Sam had caught up to them. They were now flying dwon the mountain. The Company was still uneasy about what happend to the wargs. Sting seemed to still glow blue. They would need to be on their toes.


The only sound that could be heard now was the skis and boards sliding down the mountain. It was all very silent now. Everyone was keeping watch even if they didn't say it.

"Orcs are still near." said Frodo breaking the long silnce.

Just then arrows started to fly from the tress and the bushes. They were under fire. They all came down in a hail of arrows coming right towards them.

"Goblins!" exclaimed Legolas.

The Company saw a clearing of trees aproaching. They would be surounded by a circle of trees with a small patch of snow in the middle. Five arrows came flying towards the hobbits feet. One grazed Frodo's ankle sending him tumbeling down the hill. The Company saw Frodo as he slid down to the clearing. They all were ready once more for a fight. Aragorn slid his blade from his sword as it clinged against the sheath when he removed it. Boromir got his shield ready and sword in hand as his horn hanged from his waist. Gandalf held his staff into the air to block any incoming fire while in the other hand he grabbed Glamdring. The hobbits all drew their small swords out except for Frodo. They were ready for a fight. They all came striding into the clearing jumping of their boads and slipping out of their skis. The fight was on.

The Company surounded Frodo in a circle. Swords and axes gleaming in the sun. The goblins started to crawl out from the trees. Some came climbing down the trees. It was a good 20 orcs ready to fight. What they made up for size and strength was amount of them and agility. They were fast and aggressive. They came now snarling just like wargs and ready with their curved swords and bows raised. The Company was waiting again for them to make their move. Sam was starting to get angry about them hurting Frodo and gave out a shrill cry. He ran after them and they after him. he stared at them hewing two with one wide swipe of his sword. The others were also busy taking out a few here and there. One of the orcs came with a big sword trying to crash down on Boromir but Boromir blocked with his shield sending the sword flying from the orcs hand. He came down and stabbed it as it tried to recover its' sword. Twelve strong orcs remained they were not discouraged by their fallen members. They showed their gleaming red eyes. The Company stood ready with sweat dripping from their heads and clothes worn from fighting. They were ready.


Frodo regained from his injury. He saw that The Company had surrounded him. He clambered to his feet to see hideous creatures staring back at him. Gandalf blocked two orcs with his staff as he sliced at them with Glamdring. Gimli took one long strike at three of them. He had killed two of them,Legolas removed his knives and took out the remaining one. Boromir stabbed one and kicked the other sending them towards the ground. Aragorn sliced at two of them and blocked a thick sword with his shield.

Sam in his rage of Frodo's injury ran after the three remaining orcs. He hewed two with his sword. One was coming after him from behind. Frodo saw him and stabbed him right in the chest letting it sit in there until removed it from the orc. Frodo had saved Sam's life and Sam had saved Frodo's life. The Company had one other battle. What ill fate would wait fro them in Moria.

"We will now continue our down to the Mines of Moria.said Gandalf."The enemy is upon us."

The End