The Middle-earth Clothing Store

by Onca Icatra


"Ah welcome to the Middle-Earth Clothing Store," said a salesman. "Are you looking for anything in paticular? "

"No, not really," said a young hobbit.

"Oh well ok, if you need any help just ask me," said the salesman. "I can tell you that our short and stout section is down stairs on the right-side.We have a lovely sale on Vests and Jackets today."

"Thank you" said the hobbit. He browsed for a little and decided to go to the Short and Stout section.


"Ah welcome to the Middle-Earth Clothing Store."

"Thank you" said a tall man. I am lookng for a companion of mine is he here. He would be a hobbit about yay high as he measured with his hand. Well there was a little fellow in here. Maybe he is the one you're looking for said the salesman.

"Might be," the tall man said as he ran his fingers accross his sword.

"Oh if you are interested in something for yourself,"  said the salesman,"The rangers and wanderers section is in the back. "

 As the tall man decided to look in the rangers and wanderers section he heard a sound.


"Ah welcome to the Middle-Earth Clothing Store. Are ya lookin for anything in paticular?" ask the sales man.

"No, a friend of mine was going to come here. I could always pick up something while I'm here though. Do you have any weapons or armor of any kind here?"

"Well if you mean our Accecories section it's by the Woodfolk and Elves section. Who knows you might something of your liking over there. We have some lovely Mirkwood Arrows if your interested."

"Thank you I'm running on short supply right now. I could also pick up something for my companion. He might like one of your small axes."

"Well by all means buy it for him. He might like a gift, by the way where are you all headed?"

"Well we have come through Rohan and are going to Gondor. Now I better try and find my friend."

" Oh he might be getting a haircut it's free haircuts for Rangers and Wanderers today."


"Ahh welcome to the Middle-earth Clothing Store."

"Well isn't that a common thing to say at a clothing store. I'm looking for a few friends of mine."

"Well an elf and man are in here. Anyways are you perhaps interested in our axes or helmets? They are guaranteed is if it breaks in 14 days, you bring them back for a full refund."

"Thank you. But I'm really not interest- OH pipe weed and it looks fresh."

The small man saw a item that caught his eye and walked over to it.


"Ah welcome to the Middle-ear-."

"I am not interested in purchasing anything. I am looking for a man,elf,dwarf,and hobbit." said the armored man.

"Yes they are here....but are you sure you don't want to buy a fabu-."

"I am sure."

Mean while in the back of the room.

"There you are hobbit." said the man.

"I just came in here to do a little browsing. You know for the battle ahead." said the young hobbit.

As Aragorn and Merry engaged in their conversation. The salesman and other man were talking.

"Please! Just tell them that King Theoden is looking for them. We must move quickly to help Gondor."

"Certainly I'll get right on it."

"Thank you for your help." the man said dryly, as he walked out the door.