The Golden Needle Award

by Merka

Ladies' dress Poll Update..... The members HATH spoken... LOTR Fashion Police Final Vote...

And The Golden Needle for best designed dress goes to:

*drums please*

Eowyn's dress! Congratulations!! Speech Speech Speech!

hmm well Ewoyn seems to be very shy and doesn't want to give a speech, so here's a recount of the winners that were not posted due to the fact that the producers of the show decided to cut it out and replace them with commercials such as "You want not to be seen? you want to be confused with a rock? Buy ELVEN CLOAK, for those days that you want to poke your boss' eyes without being seen!" ....

Golden Needle for Worst Make-up cleanser: GRIMA
Golden Needle For Worst Age-defying Cream: Theoden (before Gandalf
Golden Needle for worst Tan: Grima

.... and that is it for now, we wil update you soon on the rest of the winners, for now please enjoy our sponsors...

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- Merka