Survivor: Mordor

by Mel Baggins

Host: well, here we are, we're down to three in our long trek through Mordor. Frodo, Sam and Gollum.

Gollum: Smeagol!

Host: Uhhm...yeah...well, now it's time to vote off the last player. After that It will be up to the Jury who survived Mordor! [motions to the jury which includes Gandalf the White(he was kicked off twice), Aragorn(too bossy), Boromir(first to go), Legolas(too pretty), Gimli(not useful-comic relief), Merry(too cute) and Pippin(too hungry).]

Host: Since Gollum-

Gollum: Smeagol!

Host: Since SMEAGOL has won the Immunity Ring from the last round (in a fishing contest), he gets to choose who is next to go. [Frodo and Sam exchange tense and suspicious looks]

[Gollum goes off to vote and returns a short time later]

Host: I'll go get the vote!

[Host goes off to get a jar in the shape of a flaming Palantir]

Host: Takes paper out of jar, reads it and then shows it to all ThE FAt hobBiT

Host: Why Sam, Smeagol?

Gollum: We doesssn't like him!

Host:  pause Any particular reason?

Gollum: He cooks rabbitses and fishes so poor poor Smeagol can't eat them. He keeps Smeagol from the Master-

Host: You mean Frodo.

Gollum: SSssSSSsss! Yesss! The Master! We stays with the Master...take our chances with him, Yesss!!

Host:  Well, Sam, bring me your torch...the tribe has spoken!

So...anyone want to finish it? *grin*