The Lord of the Kitchen

by Mel Baggins
The Soup-Pot of Galangal 

In the middle of a quiet night in the woods of Lavender, Galangal walks softly to her kitchen. As she does, Froegano, a Chippit of WorscheShire wakes and follows silently behind.
They arrive and Galangal takes a measuring cup of water, slowly pouring over the ingredients in the pot. She looks to Foregano.

"Will you look into the pot?"
"What will I see?"
"Even the most skilled cannot tell, for the pot holds many things. Vegetables well done, pasta al dente, and some things that have not yet been cooked." And so with fear Froegano approaches the pot and looks in. Suddenly, he jumps back with a cry.

"I've been splashed! And it's Tomato!!" He shows the stain to Galangal with a frown.

"It is what will come to pass if you lean too close," says Galangal. She opens the fridge and takes out a sandwich. "Here, this is cooler." Foregano bites into the sandwitch and a cucumber falls from the end, soiling his furry feet with mayonnaise.

"My sandwich! What's happened to it?"
"The sandwich is has already begun. You know of what I speak, one by one they will all fall!"
"If you ask it of me," says Foregano, "I will return the sandwich."

"You offer it to me freely? I do not deny my stomach has greatly desired place of a slim elf you would have a hobbit!" She reaches for the sandwich, but then stops herself. "No, I mustn't...remember the last time...."

"But I cannot eat this alone!" cries Foregano. Galangal kneels before him.
"Even the smallest stain can soil the clothes of the Eldar." She moves her hand and reveals a patch of gold on her silver dress. "This is mustard, the stain of Lavender, and I am its keeper. This sandwich was appointed to you, and if you do not eat it all, no one will."

"Then I know what I must stomach, but I'm afraid to eat it." Just then Foregano's friends, Sage, Millet and Paprika, come out of the trees.

"Oh, boy! A sandwich!" cries Paprika.