Elrond and Tom Bombadil at the Zoo

by Jennan O Possums

One warm and sunny day, an Elf boy named Elrond took a trip to the zoo with a friend, Tom Bombadil. They especially wanted to see their favorite animal, the Ring Wraith.

Their day was very exciting! They saw a huge Oliphant, and a Wood Elf up in a tree. They even heard a Gandalf roar! They wondered if their parents would let them have a pet Cave Troll!

They ate lunch at an outdoor cafeteria, and watched a Eagle show. That bird was very clever! At the marine life show, they sat in the very first row. The Gollum splashed water all over them!

Next, they visited the farm animals. A Wizard was hungry, and the zookeeper let them feed it some hobbits. It was fun petting the hobbits, but those Merry and Pippins were so noisy!

They'd really enjoyed their trip to the zoo. The Elf Boat ride was so much fun! When it was time to go home they still hadn't seen any Ring Wraiths, but one popped it's head out from behind a tree just as they reached the exit!

Elrond and Tom waved goodbye to the animals, and couldn't wait for their next trip to the zoo!