The Beaglescouts of the Ring

Goldilocks Brownlock
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In the book The Beagle, or To Petaluma and Back Again Spike goes on an adventure that changes his life. Along the way he discovers a magic ring, which he keeps as a souvenir - along with the gift of a pair of shoes from Mickey Mouse, when he returns home. One of these items could change the fate of all (hint: I'd bet against the shoes).

The Present

Location: The Most Sincere Pumpkin Patch on a warm summer night. The long anticipated eleventy-first birthday of Bilbo/Spike was finally here. There was a party in the making with lots of chocolate chip cookies, pizza and rootbeer for everyone. Many of the local Hobbits thought the Bagginses a bit odd.... their ears were not pointy like most Hobbits, but more of a floppy rounded style like a beagle, and they had big noses. All differences were laid aside tonight however, and everyone joined in the fun. The Vince Guiraldi Trio was playing music and everyone was dancing (Frodo/Snoopy was doing the Happy Hop with some bunnies). After a time, Bilbo/Spike got up to give his friends a farewell speech: "It's time for me to go back to Needles....." he forgot the rest of his lines (too much root beer) and promptly stuck the ring on his paw in order to disappear and prevent further embarassment. He scampered back to the Doghouse, gathered up his shoes and hat and headed off to Needles to hang out with the Cactus and write his memoirs.

Frodo/Snoopy headed back to the Doghouse after lingering at the party with his friends Sam/Woodstock, Merry/Charlie Brown, and Pippin/Rerun. When he walked in the door, he found Gandalf/Linus waiting for him, sucking his thumb and holding his blanket. Unable to resist, he lunged for the blanket, at which point Gandalf/Linus snapped it away and made thunderclouds appear in the house "Get away from me you stupid beagle!!" he commanded. Snoopy/Frodo sighed, and then headed to the kitchen to offer the wizard some more cookies and root beer. " No thanks" said Gandalf/Linus. Snoopy/Frodo was secretly pleased because that meant more cookies for him. Gandalf/Linus spoke to Snoopy/Frodo: "Bilbo/Spike has left you the Doghouse....the VanGogh, the pool table, the stereo.... and this". He pointed to a gold ring lying on the table. Frodo/Snoopy eyed the ring.... it seemed to speak to him. He cocked his head and whimpered with a puzzled look on his face. "It is a dangerous gift" said Gandalf/Linus "you must not ever put it on. In fact, it needs to be destroyed by you or the entire pumpkin patch will be destroyed and the Great Pumpkin will *never* come. Frodo/Snoopy gulped. A slight questioning whimper escaped his lips? "Why ME" his eyes implored. He wanted nothing more than to like atop the Doghouse now and sleep. His paw slid the ring toward Gandalf/Linus. Gandalf/Linus recoiled in horror "Do not tempt me , Frodo/Snoopy! I will help you in any way I can, but I cannot take the ring! I would use it out of a desire to do good - and to stop sucking my thumb - but the ring has it's own will, and it is evil." Frodo/Snoopy sighed and put his head down on the table. "You must leave right away" said the wizard, "there is no time to waste!". Frodo/Snoopy sprung into action, deftly placing a few items in a hobo pack and tossing his supperdish on his head. He attached the One Ring to his collar for safekeeping.

As they prepared to leave, they heard a squeaky beeping noise outside the window and suddenly a little yellow bird crashed into it, settling on the windowsill in a daze. "Samwise Gamgee/Woodstock!!! Were you eavesdropping??" demanded Gandalf/Linus The little creature sat with his head spinning and exclaimed "N-n-n-ooo sir! I was just trying to find my M-m-mmmmom" he stuttered. "Your MOM?? In the middle of the night?" queried the wizard with a doubtful look "Well... perhaps you'll find her if you come along with us. Perhaps you can be of some use." Sam/Woodstock's head cleared a bit and he liked the idea of going on a trip and hopefully finding his mother, and with hanging out with his pal Frodo/Snoopy. He hopped into the supperdish on Frodo/Snoopy's head, ready to go. Neither of them knew what was ahead, but they were best friends on a mission so how bad could that be?

****end of part one****

The story continues

After traveling awhile, Gandalf/Linus parted from the company citing a need to do some laundry. "I'll meet you at Bree at the Warm Puppy Snack Bar." He touched Frodo/Snoopy's collar. "Keep it secret. Keep it safe". As they neared the end of the Shire, Sam/Woodstock lost sight of Frodo/Snoopy and began to panic. Frodo/Snoopy said "What is it Sam/Woodstock?" "I was afraid I'd lost you! Mr. Gandalf/Linus said 'Don't you lose him SamwiseGamgee/Woodstock' and I don't mean to!" Besides, my wings are tired and I need a ride in the supperdish." At that moment they both froze as they heard voices:

"I really, REALLY want a dog! I want a bicycle too but I want a dog more and I asked Santa for one but he said to ask Mom, and..."

THUMP!! Sam/Woodstock flew out of the dish and Frodo/Snoopy spun head over heels. Everyone sat up and tried to figure out what happened.

"Oh COOL!" said the shorter figure from the field as he laid eyes on Frodo/Snoopy "Can your dog come over to my house and play sometime?" . Frodo/Snoopy tried to hide behind Merry/Charlie Brown (the larger of the two from the field) when he hears this. Frodo/Snoopy speaks desperately into Merry/Charlie's ear.

"No..... he says he's busy with a right now" said Merry/Charlie "maybe later." Pippin/Rerun looked disappointed at the news. Suddenly a foul wind began to blow through the field and eerie whispers of "Pummmpkinnnn Patchhhhhh...... Baggginsssssss" filled the air and the Fellowship took off running. Finally they made it to Buckleberry Ferry and were on the way to Bree to meet with Gandalf/Linus.

An hour or so later they docked at Bree in the pouring rain and headed to the Warm Puppy Snack Bar. Inside they were alarmed to find that almost everyone was much taller than they were. They shrank deep within their cloaks when Pippin/Rerun noticed all the holes in Merry/Charlie's cloak. "What happened?" he asked "I had trouble with the scissors" said Merry/Charlie as they entered the pub. Frodo/Snoopy was already asking the barkeep about Gandalf/Linus. "Hmmm....short guy? Wild hair? Carries a blanket?" Frodo/Snoopy nodded. "Haven't seen him in 6 months!" Frodo/Snoopy went over to the others with the bad news. They decided to think about things over a few root beers and slices of pizza.

As they were sitting at the table watching the ice skaters on the rink when Merry/Charlie walked up with a tall frosty mug of rootbeer and ice cream. "What's that?" asked Pippin/Rerun "This my friend, is a rootbeer FLOAT". "A FLOAT?!?" exclaimed Pippin/Rerun "It comes in FLOATS? I've got to have one!" and off he went to the bar.

Frodo/Snoopy was enjoying the music of the piano player in the pub. He began to get up and sing along and dance on top of the piano. Soon many of the patrons were looking at him. The pianist was becoming annoyed with his antics and suddenly stopped playing. Caught off guard (and too many root beers) Frodo/Snoopy fell off the piano and as he fell the ring landed on his nose.

Poof! He was gone.

The bar grew quiet, then suddenly everyone began chattering and wondering what had just happened. Frodo/Snoopy grabbed at the ring around his nose.... it was being stubborn and didn't want to come off. He heard the roar of a plane and saw a vision of a bright red Fokker Triplane in the skies. He gave one last desperate grab at his nose and the ring came off. Before he could sigh with relief, the pianist has grabbed his collar and yanked him up off his feet. "Come with ME fuzz-face" he said as he pushed Frodo/Snoopy up the stairs. "That is no trinket you carry".

Upstairs as Aragorn/Schroeder was explaining the gravity of the situation to Frodo/Snoopy, the rest of the Fellowship burst in, shouting. "You are stout of heart, little hobbits" said Aragorn/Schroeder "but you will need more than that". He explained the danger they were all in and outlined the travel plan for the next day. All through the night they heard whispers and screeeches of "Pummmpkiinnn Patchhh...... Baggginsss...." and had nightmares. Frodo/Snoopy had a particularly bad dream about being a sled dog.

The next day they set out for Rivendell, the home of the Elves. It was a long journey and at day's end they stopped at Weathertop for the night. Aragorn/Schroeder went out on a scouting mission, leaving the rest to stay at the lookout. Frodo/Snoopy was exhausted from the travel and went to sleep. He was awakened by the smell of food from a campfire "tomatoes, crispy bacon, weenies and marshmallows Mr. Frodo/Snoopy... would you like to join us"? Frodo/Snoopy freaked out, stamping in the fire with his feet but it was too late. The Ringwraiths had spotted them and soon they were under attack. They fought bravely but before Aragorn/Schroeder could get back to run them off, Frodo/Snoopy was injured. He whimpered and whined and his nose was warm. "We've got to get him to Rivendell for some Elvish medicine.... this is beyond my skill" said Aragorn/Schroeder. They began to travel quickly toward Rivendell but it was apparent that Frodo/Snoopy was getting worse. As Aragorn/Schroeder was searching for some herbs to slow the poison he felt a hand atop his head grab a handful of hair "What's this?? I piano-player not glued to his keyboard? I've been looking for you!!" He recognized the shrill voice as that of Arwen/Lucy. He explained Frodo/Snoopy's injury to her and she grabbed the shivering form and tossed him over her shoulder "I'LL get him to Rivendell. If you want something done right, better have a woman do it!!" She took off at lightning speed with the Ringwraiths close at hand. As she reached the river she turned and said "You don't scare me!! I'll give you FIVE good reasons to get lost!!" she held up her hand and slowly lowered each finger to the palm counting "1 - 2 - 3 - 4- - 5" and shook her fist at the riders. The horses whinnied in fear and ran off. "Wow!!! She's crabby!!" they said to themselves. Arwen/Lucy looked down at the small shivering creature she held and hugged him close.

**end of part two**

The story continues

Frodo/Snoopy awoke in a strange but beautiful place. As he lay in bed taking in his new surroundings and fighting the fog in his head, a familiar face loomed into view. "Gandalf/Linus!! Where were you?!?" The wizard winced. "I stopped to do laundry at my Grandma's and she betrayed me!! She took my blanket!!!" Frodo/Snoopy stared wide-eyed in disbelief. He knew what the blanket meant to Gandalf/Linus. "I got it back only when I tricked her. I told her I'd give up my blanet when she gave up smoking." He stroked the flannel gently "She handed it over real quick. I got here as fast as I could." A fluttering body rushed into the room and crashed into Frodo/Snoopy's nose. "Samwise/Woodstock!" he exclaimed "Merry/Charlie!! Pippin/Rerun!!!" They all embraced in relief that their friend was OK.

The morning passed.....

Outside Arwen/Lucy and Merry/Charlie enjoyed a game of football in the afternoon.They tossed it back and forth a few times and then Arwen/Lucy said "I know... how about if I hold the ball and you kick it?" That seemed like a fun thing to do, so Merry/Charlie ran as fast and as hard as he could. The next thing he knew he was flat on his back. "Gee.... I guess you Hobbits just don't have the reflexes us elves do" said Arwen. Merry/Charlie sighed.... "I don't know what's wrong with me... I should be happy but I'm not. "Wait" said Arwen/Lucy. She held out a lavishly decorated tin with "psychiatric help" inscribed in gold on it "That'll be five cents, please". Merry/Charlie dug the coin out of his pants and placed it in the tin. Arwen/Lucy shook it and reveled in the lovely tinkling sound. "What you need, Merry/Charlie, is some involvement. You need something to do. I have just the solution." Arwen asked Merry/Charlie to bring her a tree in order to properly decorate the hall for the guests this evening, "perhaps nice shiny aluminum tree" she asked. He was relieved to have something to do. He immediately set out to find the perfect tree.

Other guests arrived at Rivendell: Gimli/Pigpen came along with clouds of dust from ancient civilizations (the housekeeper Elves were less than thrilled), Legolas/Marcie, and Boromir/Peppermint Patty. Gimli/Pigpen kept mostly in his room so as not to annoy the elves with the extra dust. Peppermint Boromir explored the grounds, taking note of a broken sword lying in a prominent display. "Hmmm.... what's this? A broken baseball bat? Why would someone save this?" as she put it back it fell to the ground, part of it hitting her big tow "OW!! OWWW!! OW!!! That HURT!!" she shouted. Legolas/Marcie appeared at her side and said "I told you not to wear those sandals, sir". "Stop calling me SIR, Leggie" Peppermint Boromir glared at the unwanted observer.

Frodo/Snoopy walked outside to take in the view "Who's that funny looking hobbit with the big nose?" Peppermint Boromir asked Legolas/Marcie "That's the Ringbearer, sir" she replied. "Stop calling me SIR!!" growled Peppermint Boromir " I thought this was a baseball game, not a wedding, Leggie!" Legolas/Marcie was at a loss for words and walked back to her room.

Arwen/Lucy found Aragorn/Schroeder playing a beautiful white piano on a lavishly decorated terrace surrounded by giant statues of Beethoven. She leaned on the instrument "Tell me Aragorn... don't you think I'm pretty?" She batted her eyes. "Don't I have a pretty face?" Aragorn kept playing. "Aaaarrragornn.....what did I tell you the last time I saw you?" He stopped playing and looked up at her, deep into her eyes. "You said you'd bind yourself to me forever." She smiled. "Yes," she replied "I'd rather live a single life with you than eternity alone...... but NOT IF YOU DON'T STOP PLAYING THAT STUPID PIANO!!" she shouted. Angrily she stalked off to the dining hall. "My aunt Marian was right" she muttered "never get involved with a musician!!"

Merry/Charlie had lovingly sat his little tree on a column in the hall. "There.... that should do it". "What is THIS??!?" shrieked Arwen/Lucy "That's not an aluminum tree! You blockhead! You can't do anything right!! GRRRR!!!" She stormed out of the dining hall. Merry/Charlie looked around sadly. He saw some beautiful gold ornaments decorating the hall and he placed one on the tree. It promptly fell over from the weight. "AAAAAAUUUUUGHHH!!! I've killed it!!" he cried. He slunk off to his room to mope. Gandalf/Linus heard all the commotion in the dining hall and decided to investigate. He saw the little tree and knew what had happened. He wrapped his blanket around the trunk and muttered a magic spell "!giwt,flesruoyetaroced" he commanded. Immediately the tree grew into a glorious centerpiece covered with dazzling elvish art and twinking lights.

Frodo/Snoopy was deep in conversation with Bilbo/Spike. He looked at Bilbo/Spikes memoirs, listened to his stories of the elves and gratefully accepted the gift of a mithril vest from him. "This was given to me by Mickey Mouse, along with a pair of shoes, when I was in the desert. Wear it in good health. It kept me from getting stuck by cactus several times in the desert. The shoes are pretty useless for Hobbits though, eh? I just keep them as a souvenir."

The dinner bell rang and the guests sat down to a feast at a large table in the hall. Peppermint Boromir smiled as she recognized a familiar face " Hey Christmas old pal!!" she shouted at Merry/Charlie "come over here and sit by us!!" Merry/Charlie looked puzzled "Christmas?" "Don't embarrass Meriadoc/Charles in front of all these people, sir." said Legolas/Marcie. "So, Christmas, didja bring your mitt along for the big game?? Let's show the other team how it's done." Merry/Charlie sat down with his face flaming red embarrassed and confused. It brightened immediately at the sight of his tree and what it had bcome After the dinner festivities, which included gathering around the tree and singing Elf carols, Elrond/Shermy invited a few guests to a special meeting. "This must be where we get the playbooks and discuss the game strategy" said Peppermint Boromir. "We're gonna whip the other side, yes sirrreee!!"

Elrond/Shermy explained the history of the Ring and the action necessary to be rid of it's evil. There was much discussion among the company "Can't we just use it for our team?" asked Peppermint Boromir? "We could knock some home runs out of the park!" "Your clouds of dust are making my allergies act up!!" said Legolas/Marcie to Gimli/Pigpen "would you mind going outside?" Gimli/Pigpen was offended "this is the dust of the ancient mines and is full of history and treasure, you stupid elf! " Legolas/Marcie rolled her eyes behind her glasses and sighed. The confusion and shouting became louder and louder until finally it hurt Frodo/Snoopy's ears and he leaped up and offered to take the Ring himself. Everyone looked at him and finally Aragorn/Schroeder stepped forward and said "If by my catchers mitt or mask I can protect you, I will" "you have my intelligence" said Legolas/Marcie "and my dustcloud" said Gimli/Pigpen glaring at the elf. Peppermint Boromir stepped forward and said "You're a funny looking Hobbit, but you're OK! We'll show 'em!!" Sam/Woodstock fell off the branch where he'd been perched above, much to the surprise of Elrond/Shermy. He exclaimed "You're not going without me!" "Or me!" said Merry/Charlie running in to join his friends, "Or me!" said Pippin/Rerun as he rushed in. He turned to Merry/Charlie "are we getting a dog?" he asked? Frodo/Snoopy looked at Gandalf/Linus in puzzlement "Don't worry... I can help you find the way" said the Wizard.

Later that night as Merry/Charlie tried to sleep he tossed and turned over the events of the day and what he'd gotten into. "Good grief. Why ME?" he asked. Out of the darkness a voice replied "Nothing personal. Your number just came up."

The story continues

The next day the company set off from Rivendell, but not without incident. As they were leaving Snoopy/Frodo leaned over to kiss Arwen/Lucy on the cheek. "Thanks for everything, sweetie" he thought as he placed a big wet smacker on her face.

"BLECH!! ECHH!! Dog germs!! Get the hot water! Get the disinfectant! Get the iodine!" She rushed off in a panic. The Fellowship looked at each other and shrugged.

Several days passed before they arrived at the home of Gimli/Pigpen's ancestors, the Mines of Moria. Frodo/Snoopy walked up to the door and kicked it. "I think that only works when you do it at my house" said Merry/Charlie. Gandalf/Linus looked at the writing on the door and said "It's a riddle.... it's in Elvish. It says 'Happiness Is...'" he stepped back thoughtfully. He looke up at the door, flicked his blanket at it and said "A Thumb and a Blanket!!"

The doors remained shut.

The company took turns guessing the password:

* Happiness is.... "2 kinds of ice cream"
* "finding your skate key"
* "telling the time"
* "learning to whistle"
* "tying your shoe for the very first time"
* "playing the drum in your own school band"
* "walking hand in hand"
* "morning"
* "evening"
* "daytime and nighttime too!"
* "anyone and anything at all that's loved by you!"

"Myyyy precccioussss" hissed the ring a this last line. Frodo/Snoopy looked at Sam/Woodstock, alarmed. Pippen/Rerun looked at the rest of the gang as if they were just lost. "Don't you know?" he asked? "It's simple!" He stood in front of the doors and said "A Warm Puppy". The doors creaked open and the company went inside. "NOW can I get a dog?" he asked, looking at Gandalf/Linus.

There was a wail from behind them. "Queen snakes!! Everywhere!!" shouted Gandalf/Linus. "Run! Quickly!" He stood in front of the waving, slithering figures and flicked his blanket at the doors. They shut... and piles of rock fell down too. "Whoops" he said.

They made their way through the mine, trying to be quiet so as not to disturb any unwanted guests. At one point when they stopped to rest, Frodo/Snoopy caught sight of a curly-haired creature primping in a mirror at a distance. "Gandalf/Linus! There is someone following us!" "Yes" said the wizard "that's Gollum/Frieda" Frodo/Snoopy's eyes widened. "The ring has a powerful hold over her... without it, she must go to the hair salon to get a perm. For 500 years it gave her naturally curly hair." Frodo/Snoopy looked back and she was gone.

The company traveled onward until they came to a room with several books. As they paused so Gandalf/Linus could read them, Pippin/Rerun was running around playing with his imaginary dog. He backed up, pretending to throw a stick to his dog, when his elbow jostled a bucket sitting on the edge of the well. Down, down, it went clanging, banging and rattling all the way, the chain slithering noisily after it and then - all was quiet.

"BLOCKHEAD of a Took!" roared Gandalf "Does this mean I can't have a dog?" asked Pippin/Rerun sadly. The sound of a single booming drum interrupted their discussion "I don't suppose that's the guy from Def Leppard rehearsing??" asked Pippin/Rerun.

The fellowship began to run as fast as they could out of the mine , dodging arrows and chains. Suddenly their enemies disappeared and a glowing, flaming presence came down a hall "Balrog!" said Gandalf/Linus "RUNNNN!!!!!" They ran as fast as the could but it caught up to them. On the bridge, Gandalf/Linus turned and held his blanket up to the Balrog "This is an asbestos blanket... YOU SHALLLL NOTTT PASSSSSSS!!!" The Balrog was startled at the sight of a waving security blanket and he lost his balance. On his way down, he flicked up his flaming whip and caught Gandalf/Linus by the ankle, sending him over the edge of the bridge as well. "AAAAAUUUUUUUGGGGGGHHHHH" was heard as he fell down into the darkness.

The rest of the gang was stunned. Frodo/Snoopy tried to go after him but the others held him back. Outside they paused to mourn briefly, but realized they needed to reach the wood of Lothlorien by nightfall - or wind up as an orc buffet. They took off with heavy hearts.

**end of part 4**

The story continues

Later that day they arrived at the edge of Lothlorien. "Gee, look at all these trees, Leggie" said Peppermint Boromir. "It's going to be hard to get in any practice." She turned to Merry/Charlie "Didja remember to bring your mitt, Christmas? We could toss a few back and forth to keep the ol' arm in shape!" Merry/Charlie and Legolas/Marcie looked at each other and sighed.

Suddenly a group of elves appeared from behind the trees and pointed at a sign, and then looked over at Frodo/Snoopy.


"Can't you read?" they asked? "No dogs allowed! It causes problems for the trees and the lady of the wood forbids their entry!" Merry/Charlie spoke up "He's not a dog! He's just a Hobbit who wants to be an actor so he's practicing by wearing a dog costume". The elves looked at each other and shrugged. "OK... let 'em pass. Just don't go sniffing around the trees, understand??"

The gang was escorted to meet Galadriel/Sally. As they assembled Frodo/Snoopy heard a voice inside his head shriek "Where's my sweet Babboo??!? What have you done with him?? Why isn't he here to bring me a present? AAAUUUGH!!!" Frodo/Snoopy shook his head violently since all the screaming hurt his ears. He looked around for Sam/Woodstock and didn't see him, so he decided to find out what his faithful little friend was up to. He wandered down a stone stair case and to his horror found Sam/Woodstock splashing in a ornately carved fountain covered with gleaming silver. He ran over and plucked him out. "What are you doing?? That's not a birdbath!!!!" Sam/Woodstock was indignant but settled back into the supperdish atop Frodo/Snoopy's head.

Galadriel/Sally came down the stairs and filled the silvery column with water and asked Frodo/Snoopy "would you like to look inside?" Frodo/Snoopy tipped his head to one side and gave her a puzzled look. "No one knows what you'll see." Frodo/Snoopy peered cautiously over the rim and saw images of his friends playing, then his old neighborhood and suddenly out of the sky appeared the Red Baron shooting at the Sopwith Camel. Bullets riddled the pumpkin patch and there was much shouting. Then a huge truck with "Dog Catcher" on the side drove up and Frodo/Snoopy felt a tugging at his neck where the ring was. He felt as if someone were trying to put a leash around his neck and he began to struggle. He jerked at it and fell over backwards, jolting himself back to Lothlorien. Galadriel/Sally looked at him. He felt like he couldn't breathe so he held out the dog collar and ring to her. She looked at it for a minute and then said "I cannot take it. In place of a dark lord you would have a queen - beautiful to behold! I'd make a rule that my Sweet Babboo belongs only to me and that no one ever has to go to school. But then everyone couldn't read or write and we'd all be stupid so I guess not. Sorry Frodo/Snoopy, you've got to do it yourself."

The party was anxious to travel on as it was getting late. As they set out, Galadriel/Sally gave each one a gift. "Namarie" she said as she patted Frodo/Snoopy on the head. As they sailed away in their boats, they each opened their knapsacks to see what they had been given.

Frodo/Snoopy looked in puzzlement at the shiny vial of might come in handy when he got thirsty. "I got a sheath for my sword!" said Aragorn/Schroeder "I got bows and arrows!" said Legolas/Marcy "I can use those in archery class next year!" "I got a gold belt!" said Peppermint Boromir "I got a silver chain!" said Pippin/Rerun "I can use it for a collar when I get my dog!" " I got a rock" sighed Merry/Charlie

They paddled to the falls and then settled on the shore. "How much farther 'til we get to the stadium, Christmas?" asked Peppermint Boromir to Merry/Charlie? "I'm ready for a shut out!" Frodo/Snoopy set off alone in the woods to think. All that time on the water had made him seasick. The rest of the company set about building a fire and setting up camp.

Peppermint Boromir was anxious to practice but no one else was interested so she went out in search of Frodo/Snoopy to see if he'd be up for a quick game of catch. She found him wandering in the nearby wood and said "Hey Frodo/Snoopy, you shouldn't be out here all by yourself. How about a game of catch?" Frodo/Snoopy was weary and began to back away from her "What's the matter with you?" she asked "Don't you want to stay in shape? Don't you want to show that other team we're the winners?" She kept walking toward Frodo/Snoopy "You know..... we wouldn't even have to practice if we could use that ring. How about I borrow it for just a teensy little bit?" She reached out to his collar. Frodo/Snoopy grabbed the ring and snarled at Peppermint Boromir. She tried to open his paw "You stupid beagle!! GIMME THAT RING!!!" "All I want is to borrow it for the power for my baseball team to win. It's not even your ring!!!!" Frodo/Snoopy slipped his paw in the ring and disappeared into the woods. Peppermint Boromir returned to camp to find the fellowship fighting off giant mosquitos that had invaded the camp. They were swatting at them and trying to hit them. Several of them saw Peppermint Boromir and headed toward her. "Ow! Ow!" she said as she was bitten by the hungry insects. She reached for a map and began swatting at them. Not seeing where she was going, she stubbed her toe on a sharp rock and her foot began bleeding profusely.

"AAAAAAAAUUUUUUGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH" her scream was so loud that the sound wave killed all the mosquitos and they dropped to the ground. She sat holding her injured foot, rocking back and forth. "I told you you shouldn't have worn those sandals sir". said Legolas/Marcy. Peppermint Boromir was in too much pain to respond. Aragorn/Schroeder came up to her and said "don't worry... we'll maintain our championship in the white stadium....I'll bring you photos of it with the banners flying high in the summer breeze." Peppermint Boromir knew she needed stitches. "It's OK.... you go on without me, I'd not be able to steal any bases with this foot anyway." The rest of the fellowship looked sad since they knew Peppermint Boromir really wanted to play. Frodo/Snoopy started twirling his ears really quickly and soon he resembled a helicopter. Sam/Woodstock hopped in the dish to navigate. Peppermint Boromir put a hand on Aragorns shoulder, "farewell my pianist, my catcher"....eyes over to Merry/Charlie..."you DO kinda like me, dontcha Christmas?" and closed her eyes. The Frodo/Snoopy 'copter lifted Peppermint Boromir into the air and took her back to Lothlorien for some stitches and more Elvish medicine. Merry/Charlie shook his head "I don't know how he does that...."

When Frodo/Snoopy returned, he purposefully landed on the other side of the river. He was weary of the confusion between a real quest and a baseball game by the rest of the party. He hugged his little yellow friend close and said "I'm glad I've got you, little friend of friends" as they set out into the woods.

**end of part 5** Part 6 out in early 2003 at a computer screen near you.