The Mistletoe Incident

by Dinledhwen


While the decorations for the winter solstice party were being put up in the Golden Hall at Edoras, someone had slipped in a small bunch of mistletoe and hung over one of the doorways. Then the arriving couples would use this entrance so they could pause briefly under it to kiss one another as was the tradition before moving on.

But not everyone was familiar with this custom so when Legolas and Gimli paused under it to survey the party going on inside laughter erupted. Confused both friends looked at each other which sent the on lookers to laughing even more. Finally Aragorn and Arwen stepped forth and pointed out the mistletoe and explained what was to be done under it.

Now Gimli’s bearded face turned a deep red. “Not in a million years!” he exclaimed loudly while quickly moving on into the hall while more laughter erupted.

As for Legolas he had paled and looked absolutely horrified. “I couldn’t agree more!” he exclaimed as Aragorn took him by the arm and gently pulled him inside. After a goblet of wine the Elf had returned to his old self as had Gimli now with a tankard of ale in his hand. However neither one of them would set foot near that doorway for the remainder of the party.

II. The Mistletoe Incident ~ The Sequel

When Legolas and Gimli arrived at the Golden Hall in Edoras for this year’s winter solstice party they didn’t enter through the doorway where the mistletoe was hanging. After all they sure didn’t want to repeat the embarrassing mistake they had made last year. So they entered through another doorway and after the much taller Legolas had spied Aragorn and Arwen with King Éomer on the far side of the crowded hall he then led Gimli towards them across a wide expanse of floor where no one was standing.

Suddenly the hall erupted in merry laughter when the elf and dwarf were spotted there. Now this laughter sounded so similar to what had happened to them before that it made them to quickly look up at the same time. And it was then they saw the good sized ball of mistletoe being lowered into place right above them in preparation for a couple’s only dance.

Instantly Gimli’s bearded face was again a shade of deep red while Legolas’s became very pale like it had been before. Then the two friends beat a hasty retreat amid even louder laughter over to Aragorn, Arwen, and King Éomer all of whom had amused expressions on their faces.

“Not one word out of any of you!” Gimli warned while glaring up at them before he stomped off towards the ale keg.

“I’m rapidly growing to dislike this tradition of yours,” Legolas said softly to King Éomer who grinned back.

“I don’t know why. You and Gimli make such a wonderful couple,” Arwen said with a teasing smile.

Now this didn’t help to alleviate the elf’s distress so Aragorn gave him a reassuring slap on the back before handing him a silver goblet of wine from a nearby table.

“Don’t worry Legolas. No one will think of you and Gimli that way,” he said with a grin. “After all it’s quite plain to everyone but my wife that you’re too tall for him anyway.”

Legolas couldn’t help but to laugh at this. Still he and Gimli made sure not to go anywhere near the dance floor for the remainder of the party.