Grima's Unexpected Ally

by Dinledhwen
For Varda

Saruman and Grima were quietly having a cup of tea and scones together while they waited for their next appearance before the cameras. Suddenly an arrow tipped with a suction cup hit Grima in the middle of his forehead and stuck there.

“Honestly Legolas is there not something else you can spend your time doing? I hear the wargs need a new chew toy,” the man grumped since he could not stand the perfect elf. Therefore, when a merry “No!” came back from across the large Orthanc set Grima grimaced.

Saruman sniffed in his snobbish way. “You still smell of horse.”

“Oh joy! I see it’s pick on Grima day!” the man complained while he started to reach for the last scone on his plate.

Suddenly another suction cupped arrow landed on it. Then it and the scone quickly disappeared back the way it had come due to the string Legolas had tied to the arrow’s feathered end.

“Hey that’s mine!” Grima protested as he shook a fist at the elf who was grinning from one pointed ear to the other while he waved the purloined scone back at the now angry man.

Saruman sighed. “Just ignore him. And take that stupid arrow off your forehead!”

Grima muttered darkly while he pulled it off. Now this created a loud popping sound, which sent Legolas into a fit of laughter.

Suddenly the man threw the arrow at the elf. However, much to his dismay the elf easily caught it with one hand and soon was adding it back to his arsenal.

“You fool! Don’t you know that you have just given him another chance to use that on you again?” Saruman drawled snobbishly before he took a sip of his tea.

Suddenly the same suction cupped arrow hit the wizard full on the mouth and stuck there. Nor could he pull it off no matter how hard he tried once he had gathered his startled wits about him. Soon he was livid and his muffled words matched his anger.

Meanwhile it was Grima’s turn to grin from ear to ear. Then he looked at Legolas who winked impishly back while he hid the tube of glue behind his back.

Maybe the elf was not so bad after all…