What Really Happened Within Mt. Doom between Frodo and Gollum

by Dinledhwen

An Inklet

“I refuse to do something so barbaric as to bite off Frodo’s finger!” Sméagol declared while standing with Frodo on the ledge overlooking the lava pit in Mount Doom.

“You must! Or we won’t get the precious back!” Gollum argued.

“If I might have a word in this…” Frodo began but after a snarling Gollum stuck a raw fish in his mouth he thought better of it.

“Here now that wasn’t nice!” Sméagol said angrily while he pulled the fish out of Frodo’s mouth.

“Thanks,” the hobbit muttered as he spat out fish scales.

“Help me bite off his finger or else!” Gollum now threatened. Then he began to cough.

“Oh yeah? And what are you going to do if I don’t? Hit me? Haven’t you noticed by now that we share the same body? So if you hit me you’re hitting yourself!” Sméagol said with a triumphant smile.

Now this caused Gollum to wail piteously “But the Precious is mine!”

“If I had know how attached you would become to that little piece of costume jewelry I picked up in Bree I would never have given it to you in the first place!”

“Costume jewelry? But I thought this ring was real and belonged to Lord Sauron,” a confused Frodo said.

“Didn’t you read the inscription inside it?” Sméagol asked.

“No,” Frodo replied while he took off the ring and looked. “Made…in…China,” he read slowly. “Wait a minute! This has to be the one ring! How else could I have become invisible and see Sauron’s eye if not by this ring?”

“Tolkien’s imagination allowed for you to do all of that. You see I had mentioned while having afternoon tea with him one day that I had bought this ring. Now back then it was a fad amongst the younger folk to wear such a ring and he had great fun in jesting about my wearing of it since I wasn’t that young anymore. Then in a flash of inspiration the story came to him and the rest is history as they say,” Sméagol said while he sat down on a nearby rock.

“So all that I’ve been going through hasn’t been…real?” Frodo asked while looking disillusioned.

“Oh it’s been real all right to a certain degree and that is why I don’t want to bite off your finger because that would hurt you. But as for the ring being this all powerful evil object that is just a work of fiction,” Sméagol said.

“Then it doesn’t matter if I don’t destroy the ring,” Frodo mused.

“Not in the least.”

“I think I will destroy it anyway since I like to finish what I’ve started,” Frodo said while he casually tossed the ring into the lava.

“My Precious!” Gollum screamed before he leaped in after it.

“No you idiot! You’ll kill us both!” Sméagol screamed. Then there came a loud sizzling sound which was followed by silence.

“Ooops!” Frodo said while he looked down into the lava pit. Then he shrugged his shoulders and began looking for Sam.