Legolas and Gimli on Arod

by Dinledhwen

Our dear True-Hearted Easterling has a thread on the ME board about her Sideshow Weta statue of Legolas and Gimli on Arod and it inspired me to write the following bit of insanity...

An Inkling Inspired by True-Hearted Easterling

Gimli was so enjoying the feel of his axe slicing into Orc and Warg necks while he rode behind Legolas that he failed to notice the elf had turned blue until he toppled from the saddle thus dragging him to the ground too. Now a collective gasp of horror could be heard coming one side of the battle field where Legolas’s fan girls were standing while the whole battle came to a complete stop.

“Gimli…when I said you…could ride with me…I didn’t mean for…you to strangle…me with the clasp of my cloak…at the same time!” Legolas managed to gasp out once he could breathe while Gimli knelt by him.

“How else am I suppose to hang onto you?!” the dwarf replied in a grumpy fashion although deep down he was relieved that his friend wasn’t seriously hurt.

Now Legolas couldn’t believe that Gimli was being so dense for he had thought the dwarf had a full load of bricks upstairs. “Well you could try any place else on me but the hood,” Legolas gently reminded his friend while he sat up which caused all of his fan girls to now give a collective sigh of relief.

Meanwhile Aragorn who was laying on the ground next to the Warg whose harness he was tangle up on lifted his head and asked “Hey what’s the hold up back there?”

“Gimli tried to strangle me!” Legolas replied with a mischievous grin while he got to his feet which caused his fan girls to cheer wildly.

“It wasn’t deliberate! It wasn’t deliberate!” Gimli protested while Legolas’s fan girls loudly booed him.

“That’s enough!” Aragorn ordered in a stern father tone of voice which hushed the girls. Then to Legolas and Gimli he said “Will you two just get back on Arod so we can get this battle over with!”

“Yeah Aragorn can’t wait to kiss his horsy!” Boromir suddenly called out from the crowd gathered on the other side of the battle field.

“Hey at least I’m not dead!” Aragorn countered.

“Believe me Boromir still has got a lot of life left in him!” Arwen giggled.

“Arwen you stay away from him!” Aragorn gasped out in shock. However his next unprintable words were drowned out by the noise of the battle and his body now being dragged off the cliff all of which had started up the moment Legolas and Gimli were once again back on their horse.

“Do you think that we may have made an error in getting on the horse so soon,” a worried Legolas asked Gimli who now had a firm hold of his jerkin’s belt. “I get the feeling that Aragorn may have wanted to say something more.”

“He told us to get on the horse and we did so he can’t complain. Now let’s get going before we miss out on all the fun!” Gimli replied the last part in a very eager tone while waving his axe in the opposite direction.

So Legolas turned Arod around and soon they were in the thick of the fighting again.