Fellowship in the Goo

by casper


''POOF'' The Fellowship lands in a pool of Goo.

Frodo: Ewwww... What is this stuff?

Sam: It's GOO genius!

Frodo: Sam, lets get out of the goo before we become gooey monsters!

Sam: OK!

Frodo: Sam, does your brain hurt?

Sam: Yes, why?

Frodo: Must it be that hard for you to think?

Sam: *goes brain dead for a secound* It's goo, Mr. Frodo.

Frodo: Huh, your brain is goo?

Sam: No, you asked me what this stuff was. It's goo.

Frodo: I never asked you that. 0:)

Sam: Goo, goo, wonderful goo. goo for me and goo for you...

Frodo: Stop it Sam! You'll make the Nazgul hear your song and madly cover thier ears!

Sam: What?

Frodo: *Screams* Ahhhh! Run Sam, Black Riders!

Sam: *dives under a bush* Where?!

Frodo: *snickers and runs behind a boulder*

Sam: Frodo? Mr. Frodo? Where did you go? I don't hear any Nazgul!

Frodo: *sneaks up behind Sam* BOO! :D

Sam: AHHHHHH! *runs and dives under another bush*

Frodo: *burst out laughing*

Sam: How could you Mr. Frodo!?

Frodo: Do what?

Sam: Goo, goo, wonderful goo. Goo for me and goo for you...

Frodo: I didn't sing that.

Sam: Yes you did!

Frodo: I did not Mr. GOO!

Legolas: *Legolas comes to the rescue* Mr. GOOO where are you?

Sam: *in best scooby doo voice* ROVER RERE!

Frodo: *stares* Am I the only sane one here?

Legolas: I'm SANE.

Sam: In... In... sane


Boromir: I'm Mr. Borogoo!

Frodo: What in Lothlorien? Your dead!

Legolas: That's were i'm from. *wiggles his index finger*

Aragorn: Don't forget Aragoo!

Sam: And Samwise Gamgoo!

Frodo: *screaming* I AM THE ONLY SANE BEING HERE!

Aragoo: *cough* Shorty *cough*

Borogoo: *giggle* *giggle* *crickets*

Samase Gamgoo: Ah Ha! Borogoo got goozed! *laughs under breath*

Borogoo: Oh, will you look at that! I also have a million arrows stuck inf my chest. *keels over* I didn't even notice.

Aragoo: Ok, I'm the king so list____.

*Frodo throws a a glob of goo and hits him square in the face*
*Aragoo grimaces, goo glops off of his nose*

Frodo: I can't take it any more. *bombards everyone with goo and teleports to mount doom*

*Borogoo is sent down the falls for his funeral again*

Legolas: He was such a good man. I mean ______...

Sam: Zombie. *teleports himself to Mount Doom with Frodo*
*Sam falls in fire for the fiftyith time in his life*

*Frodo pulls Sam out and throws a goo ball in his face*


Frodo: How many times have I told you not to jump in fire Sam?

Sam: I'm sorry Mr. Frodo *Goo glops in his mouth* !!!

Frodo: Yor like a moth and a light.

Sam: *suddenly remebers* Oh my Gandalf! Hurry Frodo! Throw the ring in!

Frodo: I already did Sam *stares* That was a year ago!

Sam: You didn't want to stay in the Undying lands?

Frodo: Well I have to come and laugh at you wrinkles once in a while!

Sam: It's only been a year!

Frodo: Are you sure? *sarcastic* You did forget we destroyed the ring and Sauron...

Sam: Leave me and my wee brain alone!

Frodo: Sam, how can I leave your wee brain alone when you don't have one?


Sam: Uh...... Thats not nice! I have one... its just.... reciting right now. So its hard to think. I think I have an obbsessive dissorder.

Frodo: About what?

Sam: Potatoes and fire. Here let me say it for you.

Frodo: Wait, thats not necessary... I ___

Sam: Po-ta-toes,Po-ta-toes,Po-ta-toes.

Frodo: Shoosh, before I burn every po-ta-toe in the world!

Sam: Oh, please no, I'm sorry Mr. Fro-ta-toe!

Frodo: *burst out laughing*

Sam: Noooooo! *jumps into Mount Doom agian* I'll burn myself before my taters are destroyed! *Frodo catches him*

Gollum: Did someone say taters ? TATERS?! Now THE WHOLE MIDLE EARTH IS GOING TO FEEL MY WRATH!

*trys to knock Frodo in Mount Doom with a fish stick*
*Gollum eats the fish stick*

Gollum: Ummmmmmm! FISH!

*Sma takes them and cooks them*

Gollum: *girlish scream* Ewwwwwwwww, spoil nice fish!
*Gollum screams until he pops like popcorn*


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