by boriel

It was a slow day at orc-busters inc. Orc buster Aragorn and orc buster Boromir and orc buster Legolas and their office manager Gimli (also known simply as buster) sat around the shop throwing chestnuts and stale lembas bread chunks at each other. The food fight grew more heated until a chunk of way bread struck poor Legolas in the eye.

"Aiy, Aiy, my eye," he wailed, clapping his hand over his eye.

"Quick, Aragorn, go help him. Maybe you can put some of that spit drenched athelas goop on it. The hands of the King are the hands of a healer,it is said," Boromir offered.

"Its all fun and games till some elf looses an eye," grumbled Gimli. He knew who they were going to make clean up the mess - as always.

Aragorn looked at Legolas' eye. "It's alright, but it's going to be a different color that the other one for a few days," he reported.

"You mean.......?" began Legolas.

"Yes, it's going to be brown, I'm afraid. Sorry."

Suddenly the orc-busters alarm began to squeal and the light flashed. They all looked to it in wonder. (and there stood Frodo holding Sting which was glowing blue, and Sam stepping on his big toe to make him yelp in a high pitched sound.)

"Quick, to the bat-mobile," yelled Boromir.

"Wrong story, Gondor boy," retorted Gimli. As per usual he was not going with them.

They jumped upon their horses and Gimli opened the stable door and out they flew to find, capture and dispatch the dreaded Orcs.

the end.

(to be continued only if someone else takes up the gauntlet he-he - pun intended)