The Scene: The Smeagol Society

by Black Breathalizer

The Scene: A dark forest near the top-secret club headquarters of The S.M.E.A.G.O.L. Society. Blackie is talking with Primula...

Blackie: So um, ya wanna join our top-secret club???

Primula: [incredulous] So you offer me membership into the SMEAGOL SOCIETY freely???

Blackie: yep.

Primula: I will not deny that my heart has long desired this. Instead of a LOTR Club Board poster you would have be become...

[We see CGI special effects which turn the lovely Primula into a wild-eyed, foaming at the mouth, fanatic.

Primula: ...a TOTAL LOTR MOVIE GEEK!!!

[The special effects disappear.]

Primula: [shaken] I passed the test! I will remain Primula and keep at least *some* dignity and self-respect when it comes to Lord of the Rings.

Blackie: [wild-eyed and foaming at the mouth] Well, be THAT way then!

[Blackie runs away with shouts of "Frodo Lives! Frodo Lives!"