New LOTR Music CD

by Baron Wilderness

Introducing a brand new album...
An eclectic mix of favourites old and new especially re-recorded by the folk of Middle Earth,

Including such memorable tracks as...
'Weathertop Rock'
'The Green, Green Grass of Rivendell'
'Hey Big Spider'

And also...
'Dont Go Breaking my Horn' - by Borimir
'Oops, I hid it again' - by Bilbo Baggins
'You Shall Not Pass *itch' - by Hot DAWGandalf
'Temptation' - Heaven 17 and Galadriel
'Orc this Way' - by Lurtz and The Fighting Urukhai
'Everybody Hurts.. but it is not our choice, we must do our best' - by Gandalf

Plus re-worked 80s Rock Classics like...
'The Final MountDoom' - by Sam and Europe
'Eowyn-d of Change' - by Faramir and the Gondorians

'Dont Let Poor Sam, Go Down To Bree' - George Michael Delving
'Ring of Fire' - by Sauron
'A Day in a Ranger' - by Arwen
'Balrog around the Clock' - by Buddy Holly and Pals (Orcs mostly)
'I Would Do Anything For Love, but I wont throw the ring into the fire' - Frodo and Meatloaf
'Rainy Days and Mordor Always Get Me Down' - by Sam and The Carpenters
'Regulators' - by Witch King and the Ringwaiths (TM)
'Sting' - by Frodo and..... Sting
'Ar-When I fall in Love' - by Aragorn and the Rangers
'Under Precioussss' - By Queen, Bowie and Smeagol

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