Now He Tells Me

by Auntkimby

Now He Tells Me: A Little ROTK Movie Humor

Pippin reaches the top of the tower, puffing with exertion, and triumphantly spills the oil before lighting the flame of the beacon.

Pippin: There, I did it! That was quite a climb, even though I’m a Took, but Gandalf said I could prove my worth and I did!

Just then, a dark haired geeky-looking guy in glasses and coveralls appears beside him, holding a small object next to his ear.

Guy: Can you hear me now? Good!

Pippin: Um, who are you?

Guy: Oh, I’m the Verizon Wireless Guy. I’m testing the cell phone reception in Minas Tirith today.

Pippin: But…but how did you get up here? I had to climb so I wouldn’t be noticed using the stairs!

Guy: Oh, I didn’t use the stairs either; there’s a dumbwaiter they use to move the wood to the top.

Pippin: (faintly) What? Gandalf told me that I had to climb up here because there was no other way!

Guy: Gandalf? Is he the guy in the white robe who’s laughing his head off at the bottom of the tower?

Pippin: (swears in Westron) I am SO going to get him for this.