Elves at Helm's Deep

by Agape4Rivendell

In response to the challenge issued by Daughter of Kings at Texas Moot:

Write on any topic you choose… it doesn’t even have to be LOTR-themed. However, your work must contain the following phrases as they are written:

• Elves at Helm’s Deep
• “Fire a warning shot across the bow.”
• Tom Bombadil?
• mountain of skulls
• his name is Brego
• “You’ll have to toss me.”
• Eowyn’s stew

If I live to be a hundred and find I cannot sleep
I’ll remember how I cried to see Elves at Helm’s Deep.

When I lived on a farm in the valley and cared for a sow and cow,
I never found reason to shout, “Fire a warning shot across the bow.”

I’d need a hunter’sskill
To find Tom Bombadil.

“Oh, the big rock candy mountain.”
“No, Aragorn, it’s not a mountain of candy. It’s a mountain of skulls.”

His name is Brego
Brave: Stayed with me to the end
Runner: Like the wind through the plains of Rohan
Enthusiastic: I can scarce hold him when the mood fills him
Great: Not like a Maia – no, better
Obey: Me to the death

“Say, say, oh playmate,
Come out and play with me
And bring your brothers three
Climb up my mallorn tree.”

“Say, say, oh Strider,
I cannot play with you
An orc has skewered me through
Boo hoo boo hoo hoo hoo.”

“You’ll have to toss me
To make me play with you
Your clothes are full of goo
Your hair needs washing too.”

“Ain’t got no hairbrush
Ain’t got no shampoo too
So I will play with you
Forever more…..”

When the sky was black and the winter winds blew
I said I’d love you – till I ate Eowyn’s stew.