Crossroads Village

by Agape4Rivendell

“I was thinking of calling it ‘Crossroads Village.’ An upper scale establishment for Elves of every kind. We will move the statue of the king further up the road. I do not want to block the entranceway; I would like to add an exit onto the road. You would not mind, would you? I want the traffic flow to be uninterrupted. Unless, of course, you decide to widen the road? That would be perfect. Perhaps put in a turn lane or two.”

His friend’s eyes looked glazed, but Legolas put that down to his awe of the project before him. He continued excitedly.

“I hope to have at least two fountains in the front of the property and another in the entranceway, probably supplied by the river that runs near Henneth Annûn. It is clear, clean water. I am sure you can spare a few troops, a battalion or two, to dig the pipe way? Cannot you just see it, Aragorn! Splendid, just splendid.

Aragorn still had not said a word.

“Once I have the marble outer wall built – we could get the Dwarves to mine it and bring it over, don’t you think? Well, once that is in, I plan on building two separate units, probably one hundred suites in each, for a start. I must keep the Noldor and Sindar separated, you know. They can become contentious at times.”

He sat back, a look of pure contentment on his Elven face.

At last, Aragorn spoke. “I did promise Ithilien to Prince Faramir.”

“Of course you did,” Legolas said magnanimously. “But he has the riverfront property. He will have his hands full developing that stretch of land. And you did promise me land.”

Aragorn turned towards Arwen, who sat with her mouth open, and asked, “Who IS this Elf?”