For Baron Wilderness - Acronyms we could have used instead of just BW

by Yaralindi

Okay, I had to put some limits on these or else I started coming up with things like:

Baron Lemur Thomas Oscar Ned Wilderness Harry Ian Terrance Ephesus – BLT ON WHITE

So, I set a limit of 6 letters to the shortcut or else it is just easier to write Baron. I also decided to use Latin words after Wilderness to maintain the regal-sounding qualities of Baron Wilderness. My Latin is VERY rusty, so if I erred, I do apologize. I also dumped plurals and other derivations of the same word. I am sure there are lots of others (I really liked BIGWIG), but I will leave those to all of you wonderful people. So, without further ado, here is a very short list of acronyms we could have used if Baron had been truly inspired when creating a screen name.

BARROW – Baron Adonis Randy Richard Oscar Wilderness
BAWDY – Baron Adonis Wilderness, Defessus Ymber (latin = tired rain)
BAWL – Baron Adonis Wilderness, Lacerta (latin = lizard)
BELLOW – Baron Einstein Larry Lester Oscar Wilderness
BESTOW – Baron Einstein Seamus Thomas Oscar Wilderness
BEWAIL – Baron Einstein Wilderness, Acidus Iecur Lactis (latin = sour liver milk)
BEWARE – Baron Einstein Wilderness, Acidus Regis Efferus (latin = sour king savage)
BILLOW – Baron Ignatius Larry Lester Oscar Wilderness
BLEW – Baron Larry Einstein Wilderness
BLOW – Baron Lester Oscar Wilderness
BMW – Baron Meatload Wilderness
BORROW – Baron Oscar Randy Richard Octavius Wilderness
BOW – Baron Oscar Wilderness
BOWEL – Baron Oscar Wilderness, Exululi Lacerta (latin = howling lizard)
BOWIE – Baron Oscar Wilderness, Igneus Efferus (latin = fiery savage)
BOWL – Baron Oscar Wilderness, Lupus (latin = wolf)
BRAWL - Baron Randy Adonis Wilderness, Lupus
BRAWN – Baron Randy Adonis Wilderness, Nidorous (latin = smelly)
BREW – Baron Randy Einstein Wilderness
BROW – Baron Randy Oscar Wilderness
BURROW – Baron Ulysses Randy Richard Oscar Wilderness
BYWAY – Baron Yves Wilderness, Acidus Ymber (latin = sour rain)

- Yaralindi