Latest Endangered Species

by Wheathills

Latest Endangered Species to hit the lists:

'Spoilerific Spoileratis'...commonly known as 'Spoiler'. Formerly prolific in all regions of postings across Middle Earth but now endangered as its habitat becomes more common. Most sightings have been around the Christmas season from 2001 to 2003, with frequent sightings also around August and November.
The campaign to protect and preserve 'Spoilers' has been sponsored by a Mr Peter Jackson, NZ, but his support for The Spoiler will finish in November 2004 when it is feared that the Spoiler will become totally extinct, along with another cherished species, commonly known as Pony Patrons.
Join the campaign...don't let Spoilers die out or be taken over by the common and boring 'Ialreadyknewthat' and the dominant yet depressing 'beentheredonethat'. Our Spoilers belong to us and only you can ensure they do not hit the Extict list.
My friends....I rest my case.