Anagrams of the Fellowship

by Wheathills

Listed below are some Character name anagrams from LOTR. This should kill a few minutes!! Have fun!!
Highlight the space under the anagram to see the answer.

All Ego's
O Barfing Gods!
Frodo Baggins
Big Bib Slogan
Bilbo Baggins
Hit Them Unawares
Saruman the White
Oo, Filming is long!
Gimli son of Gloin
Red gent, half gay
Gandalf the Grey
Alwen fight death
Gandalf the White
Rib Room
Lankier's legs
King Ellessar
Sesame wig game
Samwise Gamgee
Veteran answer
Arwen Evenstar
Barad Dur by cocki men
Meriadoc Brandybuck
Gleam So

For extra credit, you may give these a shot as well - no answers!  Happy unscrambling

Forest Horn Delight
Elf Shoplifting where hot
Throw wet toes
O,TTT hunk, he free ring!

Recognise anyone you know? 
Our favourite cast and crew got a bit mixed up.  Highlight the space under each one to see the answer!

Sane Bane
Sean Bean
Rents Movie Gong
Viggo Mortensen
Oh Wo! Jailed!
Elijah Wood
Sat as Nine
Sean Astin
Shh! Joyriders van
John Rhys-Davies
Chinaman in Doom
Dominic Monaghan
By ill Body
Billy Boyd
Modor balloon
Orlando Bloom
I calm Kennel
Ian McKellen
Snake Project
Peter Jackson
Very lilt
Liv Tyler
Catchable Tent
Cate Blanchett
Loan Him
Ian Holm
Her Helicopters
Christopher Lee