Vik's Visa Vs. Helm's Deep

by Vik
Happy me! Finally I got  my Helms Deep 5 box! I am very happy with it - but it's all a matter of perspective ( I guess)
Does this sound familiar?................

Visa: Ok, that’s ENOUGH!!!!

Vik: Oh, definitely not…..Look! You can take his swords out of their scabbards! And he’s got Arrow-launching action! Apart from the fact that he looks gorgeous and all those details are so amazing………!

Visa: Amazing?! …..Please stop playing with this elf and listen to me!

Vik ( puts down Leggy ): Ooops, what’s that? Must be more careful – I almost dropped Gimli’s axe – he’s got 4 and they all are a little different! He’s a true warrior – yeah! Hm, I have to try out this axe-throwing action and….

Visa: You are not trying anything with that dwarf!!!

Vik: Oh, come on! We ordered the some time ago, remember? So don’t act so surprised.
Here, take a look at Aragorn! ( tries to impress Visa with a kingly sword-slashing action)

Visa: ::sobs:: You just don’t care about me! I am exhausted!!! What about your promise?

Vik(admiring the beautiful details on Theodens armour): I never promised you anything…didn’t I? Look at that helm!

Visa: “A Vik has no action figures – a Vik needs no action figures!” HA!

Vik: Hm, Haldir looks better without the helmet……..but I better don’t try the bow-attac action – I will never find that arrow again (at least not before the cat does)
Well, I don’t really “need” action figures – but hey – they are fun! And they look great and…

Visa:….and I paid for them!!! And what was that other thing in that package? It wasn’t big but it was heavy.

Vik: The miniature Sting from United Cutlery! Now I can pull the sword out off the stone!
It is very well done at wasn’t too expensive either….

Visa: Just that I am still recovering from that festival last month! I am sure other ringers do care more about their credit cards!

Vik:…………..!!!!! :)

Visa: Stop giggling! ::sighs:: Ok, where do I sign up for ACC? …and put that Noble Collection catalogue down!

…strange sounds can be heard as a small piece of plastic (very dear to me I promise!) sneaks out of the room…

Vik: Probably hiding under the new Middle Earth floor mat….Sometimes LOTR merchandise is so difficult to resist! Now where do I put the bonnie five? Sigh, I think I need a new shelf…