Rip Them All Down

by Varda is nearing the time when stores take down and....dispose of...their Two Towers dvd promotional material. Emboldened by a friend's success in acquiring such material I decided to beg borrow or, well buy the stuff from my local video shop. Only to find Saruman is alive and well and working in a video shop. As manager.
Me;'What do you do with the posters when you are finished with them?'
He; 'throw them out'

Pause for mild cardiac arrest. Then...
Me (in grovel mode) 'Can I have them?'
He;'No. People don't like it when we give them stuff free'
Me; 'I would like it very much...'
He;'No, you don't understand, they cause trouble.'
Me; 'I would not cause trouble; I would be untroubling, troublefree...'

At this stage I had prostrated myself on the ground, like some Eastern mystic in search of enlightenment. And I was on the phone anyway.
He; 'No, rules are rules. There will be no dawn for the posters....'

At this stage Brunhilde came in from polishing her chain mail.
She; 'What are you doing on the floor?'

I told her. Picking up her axe she said;
'Let's storm the video store...'
Me; 'No, no! I don't do jail.....'

A wizard should know better!