Gandalf's Hat

by Varda

A hardware shop is quite popular over the Hallowe'en period, for those bits and pieces required in the construction of the more imaginative costumes. Last week I was called up by the staff to advise someone looking for special florist's wire. He was a student, so I asked carefully;
'This isn't for wiring up flower arrangements, is it?'
'No' he said.
'Hanging pictures?'
'No' he said
'Do you want to train a creeping plant?'
'No!' he laughed, and went red. 'I just want wire that can hold a shape'

So I sent him off to the ironmongery department, and he came back with copper wire.

I took it out of the packet and bent it one way and another.
'Are you sure this will do?' He nodded, but I looked doubtful.
'Better show me the design' I said, whereupon he whipped out a large pattern book in which were all the Fellowship characters, and their costumes as diagrams. I was about to snatch it from him with a snarled
'Where did you get that, and no you can't have it back' when I remembered where I was.
'Nice one!' I said, green with envy. 'Which character are you?'
'Gandalf!' he announced proudly. 'And the wire is for his hat..'

and so it was, the pattern showed how to wire the hat.
'I have taken the whole day off tomorrow to make it!'

Kids these days. But in a contest between Gandalf and engineering lectures, there can only be one winner. And he wears a pointy hat.

I said;
'I'm a Faramir person myself; just don't ever travel via Ryanair with your hat, they made a total mess of my sword and bow...'

In his eyes shone recognition of a fellow member of the freemasonry of Tolkien fans.
'Ryanair...' he said with stern resolve '..will never get Gandalf's hat....'