The Sword that was Bent

by Varda

I can't afford the real thing, the swords on sale in the fanclub shop and elsewhere, but there are some horrible cheap copies going round and I got one on e-bay.

It's Sting, and it is quite a good copy, but when it arrived it was bent. Brunhilde lined it up and snorted;

so I got onto the vendor and he offered me a refund, but the logistics of sending the darn thing back got to me. We were pretty lucky to get a weapon through Irish customs once, twice would be pushing it... so he gave me a partial refund and went off to get me another sword for the balance.

In the meantime I had got quite fond of Sting, or my version, which I named Stung. To my surprise he is heavy and razor sharp. I did a sword-swinging display in the kitchen and the budgies stopped their deafening cackle at once, and I notice their escape attempts have ceased.

I did, however, have to review many of the key sword passages in the films.....

Aragorn swearing his oath to protect Frodo at the Council of Elrond;
'If by my life or death I can save you, I will. You bent my sword'

During Théoden's return to sanity;
'You would remember your old strength better my lord if you bent your own sword.....'

Aragorn to Éowyn;
'You have some bent with a blade, my lady....'
'the women of this country learned long ago that those without swords can still bend them...'

And Théoden to Aragorn when they are trapped in Helm,s Deep;
'Is this the day that we bend swords together?'

Arwen to Elrond;
'Re-bend the sword father...'

And the prophecy;
'renewed shall be blade that was bent...'

And Elrond bringing the sword to Aragorn;
'Anduril, forged from the bent bits of Narsil...the man who can bend the power of this blade can summon to him an army more bent than any that walk the earth....'

And Aragorn; 'The sword that was bent shall return to Minas Tirith'

My vendor is looking out for Hadhafang for me, and I am actually hoping for a bit of a bend, having got used to it so to speak.

(wraithlike voice..)

'Give up the bent sword, she-Elf....'