The Adventures Of SaruDooku

or "How to Confuse Christopher Lee" by StefBaggins

SCENE: Dooku is overseeing the clone army preparing for battle...
SaruDooku: "You don't know pain! You don't know fear! You will taste MAN-FLESH!"
Jango Fett: "Excuse me, sir, but don't you mean Jedi flesh?"
SaruDooku: "They know what I mean."
Jango Fett: "Right."
SaruDooku: "One of the halflings carries something of great importance to me.
Bring them to me, unspoiled. Kill the others."
Jango Fett: "What is this halfling of which you speak?"
SaruDooku: "Oh... I meant Jedi... darn script..."

SCENE: Obi Wan's imprisonment and interrogation by Dooku...
SaruDooku: "You love of the Republic has clearly clouded your thoughts."
Obi Wan: "What are you talking about?"
SaruDooku: "We cannot defeat the Sith. We must join them, Obi Wan."
Obi Wan: "Excuse me?"
SaruDooku: "You will join us or you will die."
Obi Wan: "Can I go now?"

SCENE: Final encounter of Dooku with Obi Wan, Anakin, and Yoda...
Yoda: "So friend me tell. When did for madness SaruDooku reason abandon?"
SaruDooku lurches forward with his red lightsaber flashing.
Yoda counterattacks in that cool Jedi Master Yoda style.
Yoda drops his light saber and it is picked up by SaruDooku.
SaruDooku approaches Yoda pointing both sabers in his direction.
SaruDooku: "So, you have chosen the way of pain!"
Yoda: "There is only one Dark Lord Of The Sith, and he does not share power!"
Yoda jumps off side of cliff outside of the hanger and onto a clone transport ship that flies off into the distance.