Shopping Carts in Middle Earth

A collected thread by Bluebell, Calafalas, Jatamansi, Onone, Primula, Rosie and Wheathills..

Top Ten Places for an Abandoned Shopping Cart in ME:

10. On top of Orthanc, with an empty breadwrapper.
9. Several scattered around the entrance of Moria.
8. One half submerged in the Dead Marshes.
7. Two tipped into the bushes at the gate to Bree.
6. A broken wheeled one leaning behind the stables at Edoras.
5. Seen peeking among the burial mounds.
4. Sticking out of the creek in Fangorn.
3. Among the ruins of Weathertop.
2. In the clearing of the Ent Moot (do Ents shop?)

1. At the base of Mt. Doom.

And the resulting thread of replies:

You know there's gotta be one at Buckleberry Ferry!

LOL!! Also, the one Bilbo tried to return that is now sitting in the Bag-end garden 

I suppose Sam could have used one to cart Frodo across the plain of Gorgoroth...

 Do you think Bill the Pony would have minded being replaced by a shopping cart?

Merry and Pippin in Farmer Maggots crops with ... a shopping cart full of veggies! (and mushrooms!)

Instead of an elven boat, Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli put Boromir's body in a shopping cart and shove it down a hill.

The Uruk-hai arrive at Helms deep pushing shopping carts full of diverse weaponry. (Think of the intimidating sound that would have made, too!)

Legolas riding one down the steps at Helm's Deep.

The Argonath arms straight forward, with shopping carts.

Uruk-hai running through the brush, pushing their shopping carts ahead of them..

The early dawn silhouette of Gandalf with his big shopping cart followed by two hobbits with little ones.

The scorched wreckage of a shopping cart in the pile of orc bodies in Rohan...

At dawn on the fifth day, Theoden, Aragorn and their men look to the east and see Gandalf and the Rohirim... pushing shopping carts down the hill at the Uruk-hai.

Gandalf's cart is white, of course...

And when Frodo puts on the Ring on Weathertop he sees the wraiths...with several ghostly shopping carts!

As Aragorn kneels to cut the athelas, a shopping cart wheel wheels up and bumps him...

Aragorn takes the boys cart from him and wheels it around. "This is a good cart."
(As opposed to the one with the squeaky wheel that won't go the direction you want it to.)

Then there's the one that's full of the explosives that the suicide-bomber Uruk is wheeling toward the culvert at Helms Deep?

At Henneth Anun, they look down and see Gollum, flipping fish, one by one,  into a shopping cart.

The Easterners pushing carts into Mordor.

Pippin accidently pushes a shopping cart down the well, and you can hear the wobblewobblewobblewobble as it goes down.

Oliphaunts with a little string of carts tied behind them.

Gandalf arriving in the Shire with a big shopping cart of fireworks.

The people at Osgiliath pushing carts around in their panic.

Going back to the Hobbit:  Thirteen dwarves and a hobbit pushing carts out of the Shire....
And instead of barrels... Bilbo packs them in carts under loads of groceries!

Smaug keeps all of his treasure loaded in shopping carts under the lonely mountain.

Shelob with a shopping cart filled with her webbed prey.

Elven shopping carts with curlicues, dwarven ones with geometric mesh?

And nice, sturdy Hobbit ones... not too tall, but big enough for all those tomatos, sausages, nice, crisp bacon... and, of course, MUSHROOMS!

The Cave Troll bursts through the wall with his oversized shopping cart!

Sam runs around the Chamber of Marzabul, ramming orcs with his cart.  

Frodo looks into Galadriel's mirror and beholds the Shire, overrun with shopping carts! 

The hobbits hide under the tree, and when Frodo looks up he sees a black shopping cart, dripping grease.. The squeaking of the wheels sound like "Hi! hi! hi!"

Tom B rescues hobbits from barrows using a cart painted bright yellow and red with blue wheels.

Gimli: "There is still one dwarf who shops in Moria."

Boromir slams the door and leans on it, saying "They have AmericanExpress!"

When Aragorn and co. arrive at Isengard they find Merry and Pippin enjoying a smoke from a cart full of Pipe Weed.

The statue in Rivendell is in the form of a shopper pushing a  fragment of a cart.  Boromir: "The shards of Narsil! The cart....that shopped for Sauron's food...."

The Fellowship traveling over the lands with the larger members pushing the smaller ones seated in shopping carts...their silhouette against the sky...

Orc: What orders from Mordor, my Lord? What does the Eye need from the store?

Saruman: We have SHOPPING to do. 

Gimli: It's one of their wee carts.

Aragorn and Eowyn trundle their carts along towards Helms Deep -

Eowyn: The woman you gave you that shopping list...where is she?
Aragorn: She is driving to Costco, gone shopping with the rest of her kin.

Aragorn: "Legolas, what do your Elf eyes see?"
"The Uruks turn North East! They're pushing the trolleys to Wall-mart!!"

Theoden:  No parent should have to shop with their child.

The cart goes ever on and on
Down from the store where it began,

So far away the cart has gone,

Yet I must return it if I can.

Pushing it with weary arms

Until I find a smoother way

But no one really wants it now.

What should I do? I cannot say.   (onone)

Elrond: It must be pushed all the way back to Mordor and parked in the Cart Return of Doom. One of you must do this
Frodo: I will push it!  I will push the cart, though I cannot see over the top of it.

Gandalf: I will help you push this cart, Frodo, as long as it is yours to push.

Aragorn: You have my can of W-D 40
Legolas: And my replacement wheel.

Gimli: And my coupons!

Sam: Hey! Mr. Frodo's not goin' shoppin' without me.

Elrond: Indeed. It is impossible to separate you, even when one of you is a store employee and one is not.

M & P: Hoy! We're comin' too! You'll have to send us home in a brown paper sack to stop us. 

Elrond: I name you, The Fellowship of the Cart!! 

Pippin: Great!! What are we shopping for?