A Conversation with Gimli

by samwisegirl
I was inspired by Linaewen's conversations with Boromir (shoot, they always inspire me!). Just had to write this little ditty before the stroke of midnight. We'll see if the creative juices are still flowing in time to do anything else before time is up. If not, enjoy!

*Samwisegirl taps her foot impatiently*

SWG: “Would you come out of there please?”

*muffled grunt*

SWG: “Pretty please?”


SWG: “That’s it! Fine, don’t come out! Stay in there and sulk all day for all I care!”

*fridge door creaks open slowly, and a gloved hand sneaks out, followed by a frowning bearded face*

Gimli: *whispering* “Do I have to?”

SWG: “YES! It’s your special day, for cryin’ out loud! First you complain that Haldir is getting too much attention, and then you were so sure of yourself when we voted this last time. All I heard from you was how you were a shoo-in, and now you don’t want to come out and visit with these nice people that wrote about you all day. Sheesh! I give up!”

*SWG begins to walk away, utterly disgusted with her dwarf*

Gimli: “Uhhh.......lass? Lassie? Wait!”

*SWG turns around, exasperated*

Gimli: “Alright lass. I’ll come out. It’s just that I’m a little afraid of what they all said about me. They probably made fun of me. They were probably talking about boxes, and tossing, and all sorts of horrid things!”

*SWG opens fridge door all the way, and hugs her dwarf*

SWG: *laughing* “Silly Gimli! Don’t you know how much everyone loves you? Please come see all the wonderful things they have been saying about you. Things about your courage, and strength, and your loyal and brave heart. Please come see!”

*SWG tugs at his hand, and finally succeeds in pulling him out of his sanctuary*

Gimli: *growling* “But I look so .........spruced up! I don’t like it. It makes me very unconfortable!”

SWG: *admiringly* “But I think you look very handsome with your beard all brushed out and braided! And you have your finest chain mail on; look at how it gleams! And that axe, did you give it a spit-shine before you came out here?”

Gimli: *puffed up and proud* “Why yes I did, lass! Do ya think they’ll notice?”

SWG: *giggles with delight* “I think they are just gonna love you! You know what they are gonna say? Legolas who? That’s what they’re gonna say! My handsome dwarf! Besides, don’t you want to see your goat? I’m sure she’s around somewhere. We should go look for her.”

Gimli: “Alright lass! You can be very persuasive sometimes. And I do miss my goat terribly! Let’s go!”

*SWG blushes and kisses Gimli heartily on the cheek, then leads him out of the Prancing Pony and over to Middle Earth, where his loyal fans await*