LOTR Scrapbook Awards (not official, for fun)

by Queen of Gondor

LOTR Scrapbook Awards (not official, for fun) And the award goes to.......

Now remember, all you winners, we will be expecting some short acceptance speeches! If too long, we will have to sing the boring song, you remember that from the Oscars, don't you? Enjoy!

LOTR Scrapbook Awards (not official)

Host (Queenie)- It's a beautiful day here, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, wait, I'm not in the Shire! Right now, it'a gloomy, barren day, and I wish for spring so dearly! Din, must go and read your, Spring is Coming poem!

Anyway, the award for most short stories written, goes to:

*drum roll*

VARDA, with 39 (take or add a couple)!!! *the crowd goes wild*

Next award:

The award for most poems written goes to:

*waits for drum roll* Come on! You should know by now!! Good.

PRIMULA!!! With a total of 135 (take or add a couple) poems! *crowd cheers, and Prim blushes furiously*

Next award:

The award for most drabbles written goes to:

*drum roll* Yay, you did it time, you fool!

SILIVREN ITHILDIN!!! With a total of 46 drabbles (take or add a couple, so many to count!)! *blushes, and gives us all a 100 word speech*

Ok, the award for most poetry adaptations goes to:

*drum roll* Well folks, there was no competition here:

PRIMULA, AGAIN!!! 28 adaptaions! Woohoo! *Prim's face turns even redder than before* How about you read us a poem Prim? Hmmmm.

Next award please:

The award for most musings written goes to:

VARDA!!! You think a lot dear Varda, with 27 musings (take or add a couple)! *crowd cheers* Varda, will you please tell us all what you think about this award?

Now, the award you have all been waiting for! The award for most serial tales written goes to:

LOTHITHIL, with 7!!!! *crowd goes out of control* Loth, tell us, how did you write so many?

Well everyone, this has been a really fun day! For all of you who didn't win anything today, there is always next year!Hope you enjoyed yourselves! Now all you winners, how about some speeches!! Everyone is welcome to enjoy some snacks, cake (yum), and drinks (non alcoholic)! It's been great being your host! Feel free to recount in the scrapbook, I did my best of counting!