Unfinished Tales: The O Bearers

by Onono Laivindur

( Of Primula and Onóno )

Long ago there was a noble lady, Primula, who watched over a Fellowship of friends in a land called The LOTR Fan Club.
Those that loved her gave her a sign, of honor, for her watchful eye and caring for this land.
The symbol was likened unto a large eye, thus O
As time and people changed in this land the symbol became legend, and legend became myth, and some things were forgotten. Then a shadow fell upon this land, the shadow of a rather tall Half-Elven man called Onóno Laivindur, who was beckoned there by an Elf-Maid called onóne. The people called him Big O, and his symbol was thus ~O~ ;-{>
A large O with out stretched arms and a winking face, mustached, and grinning.
Little did Big O conceive that there once had been, before his coming to this land, from the wooded forests by the sea, another, who was identified by the big O.
One day this secret was shared by the first bearer of the O, with Onóno, and he was humbled and honored to carry The O as the second bearer. He was so humbled in his heart that he sought out another name that friends would identify him by, and thus, Ada became his name, and this name brought with it love and respect, for Onóno was of high years and opened his heart, as a father, towards all that knew him.
Primula with her care and nurturing spirit would have all things grow, in knowledge and grace. She bestowed upon all, even Onóno, wisdom and learning and increased her favor with all peoples of this undying land.
And the peoples of Middle-Earth thanked her in many ways, each to their gifts and talents.
As for Onóno Laivindur, Ada, Big O, he gave back to her the gift she helped awaken in his being, Poem and Song.
After years had passed, only one still held fast the name of Big O, perhaps because she also was an O Bearer, and they continued steadfastly as friends unto this day. Primula and Onóno a friendship worthy of remembrance.

Of Primula and Onóno
( O Bearers )

Big O, I was called in days past
Now Ada’s my name evermore
Remember me and raise your glass
Big O, I was called in days past
A name only Prim now holds fast
As I bow and walk to the door
Big O, I was called in days past
Now Ada’s my name evermore