by Old Toby

After someone requested a different flagging for "book spoilers" vs. "movie spoilers"...

Perhaps we could have a coding system, what with all the LOTR stuff that's been 
out and that's coming out! Let's see....

ROTKTBS - Return of the King The Book Spoilers
ROTKTMS - Return of the King The Movie Spoilers
ROTKTTPGS - Return of the King the Trivial Pursuit Game Spoilers
ROTKAGOTTPS - Return of the King A Game Other Than Trivial Pursuit Spoiler
ROTKMPS - Return of the King Movie Preview Spoilers
GLOTRSBOM - Generic Lord of the Rings Spoiler, Book Or Movie
LOTRBVS - Lord of the Rings Bakshi Version Spoilers
SHATDWLOTR - Spoilers Having Anything To Do With Lord of the Rings

And for those who REALLY don't want to know anything about LOTR, the books or the movies.....