Tales of the MuuMuu

by Rhiannon, Arabee, Elfstone, Rosie, Primula, Goldberry, Shield Maiden of Rohan, Took, pippins-scarf, shelaghc, Dandy, Master Frodo, thegreenwood, StefBaggins, Cadsuane, Tori*Took

"I wish the muumuu had never come to me" "So do all who live to see such an ugly muumuu, but that is not for them to decide. All we can decide is which color muumuu to wear"

Gandalf: "Bilbo Baggins! Do not take me for a conjurer of cheap muumuus!"

Boromir: "There is muumuu there that does not sleep"

Boromir: "there is a muumuu there that does not wrinkle . . "

"the very air you breathe is rank with unwashed muumuu's"

"Not with ten thousand muumuus could you do this. It is fashion folly"

"In the Jungle the mighty Jungle the lion sleeps tonight-amuumuuay-amuumuuay-amuumuuay"

"Gollums mumu will rule the fashion fate of many."

"No, Sam! I'm shopping for muumuus alone!" "Of course you are - and I'm coming with you!"

Frodo: "Fools! What are you wearing??!!" *kicks dirt* Pippin: "Great! Ash on my muumuu!"

Elrond, "This muumuu is too ugly to be destroyed by any craft we here possess."

Wraith to hobbit: "Shiiiire . . . Muuumuuuu" hobbit: "no mumus round here. they're at the Pony!"

"The mumu cannot be washed that way, Gimli son of Gloin!"

Gimli: "Mind the muumuu!"

Bilbo:"Here's my old muumuu...Sting. It glows blue when orcs are about..."

Pippin: It comes in mumus?

Boromir: "all I ask for is the power to sing karaoke! if you would but lend me the muumuu . ."

Gandalf: "Fly you fools, if you run you'll trip on your muumuus."

Boromir: "Gondor has no muumuus. Gondor needs no muumuus."

Boromir: "It is a strange thing that we should suffer so much fear and doubt over a muumuu."

Sam: "I made a promise. 'Don't you let him wear that muumuu Samwise Gamgee.' And I don't mean to"

"I would have gone with you, to the very fires of Muumuu."

"It began with the forging of the great muumuus. 3 muumuu to the elves..."

Boromir, " I can see your thoughts. You would give Sauron the prettiest muumuu"

"If by my life or death I can protect you, I -- what is that atrocious thing you are wearing?"

Gandalf: "there's more to this hobbit than meets the eye" *Frodo opens shirt* Gimli "gasp! a muumuu"

Galadriel's mind: "Welcome, Frodo Baggins of the Shire . . . one who has seen the MUUMUU"

Gandalf reading, "Muumuus in the dark. They are coming!"

Legolas: "A muumuu for Gandalf" "I cannot describe it. . for me the ugly pattern is still too near."

Boromir: "They took the little mumuus!"

Galadrial "8 there are, but 9 set out from Rivendell. Where is the sillver one? It is mine!"

Wraith...."Give us the mumu she elf!!"

Frodo Baggins.."I will take it.. I will take the muu'muu though i do not know the way to wear it"

"Is he goin' ta die?" "He'll soon be wearing a muumuu - like them."

Haldir.."The colors are so loud, We could have seen the dwarfs mumu in the dark."

Legolas..."Its a muumuu from Dunland"

"Let the ringbearer decide which muumuu I will wear"

"Go on, Sam! Give Rosie a muumuu!" "I think I'll just have another ale."

"Speak muumuu and enter"

Frodo: "Go ask Rosie for a dance!" Sam: "I don't know, I've never danced in a muumuu before"

"I searched everywhere for Gollum's muumuu, but the Enemy found it first!"

Elrond: "nine baggy dresses . . you shall be the fellowship of the muumuu!"

"I am Saruman of many mumus"

"What's the elvish word for 'friend'?" "MuuuuMuuuu."

Aragorn to Sam: "the mines are no place for a muumuu"

"Soon you'll feel the hospitality of the Dwarves. Malt beer, red meat, and chainmail muumuus"

Saruman: "you have chosen the way of the muumuu!"

Aragorn: "Legolas get them muu'muus"

Aragorn: "let's hunt some orc muumuus"

Boromir: "They have a cave muumuu (a scary bri-nylon print if every I've seen one)"

the muumuu on the table whispers: " . . . fassshhionnnn . . viiiiictiiiim . . ."

Frodo: "Before, we Bagginses never had any adventures or did anything with muumuus."

Gandalf: "When in doubt Merriadoc, follow the day glow muumuu!"

Elrond: "You shall be the Fellowship of the MuuMuu"

Gimli at the coucil of Elrond: "Never trust an elf in a muumuu!"

Merry: "That Black Rider was looking for something... or some muumuu."

Frodo: "how long is the next muumuu?" Merry: "the brandywine muumuu . . twenty yards!"

Galadriel: "I know what it is you wear, for it is also MY muumuu"

Pippin: "Merry, I'm hungry." / Merry: "Shhh... Gandalf is looking for his muumuu."

Frodo-"Where is the next muumuu." Merry- "The Brandywine Bridge Store. Twenty Miles"

Frodo: "I don't suppose we will ever see them wear muumuus again." Sam: "We may, Mr. Frodo."

Sam: "Back off, or I'll 'ave you, Longmuumuu!"

Aragorn: "You are wearing a muumuu. But that muumuu will not save you little one."

Aragorn: "You have a starched muumuu, little hobbit."

Frodo: "Can you save me from you unfashionable muumuu?"

"There is only one master and he does not share muumuus!"

Galadriel: "to wear a muumuu of ugliness is to be alone"

Sam: "Oh, nothing. Only something about a muumuu, and a Dark Lord, and a bad hemline."

(TTT) Pippin: "I swear fealty and allegance to the muumuu."

Sam in Rivendell: "Frodo! Bless you, you're wearing a muumuu!"

Legolas: "He is Aragorn, son of Arathorn! You owe him your muumuu patterns!"

"Have a bad muumuu Legolas"

Legolas: "He is Aragorn, son of Arathorn! You owe him your muumuu patterns!"

Frodo-"Sam, you can't swim in a muumuu!"

Gandalf: "Fool of a Took!. Next time throw yourself in and rid us of your muumuu!"

Gandalf, "Sam has hardly left your side, except to change his muumuu!"

Bilbo: "The muumuu must go to Frodo."

Merry to Pippin: "No,no! The big muumuu - the big one!"

Galadriel: "Even the smallest person can find a muumuu to fit."

Frodo, "What will I see?" Galadrial, "Even the wisest cannot tell which muumuu you will see!"

Aragorn to Boromir: "Be at peace, muumuu-wearing son of Gondor."

Boromir: "They took the little muumuus."

Elrond, "Indeed, it is almost impossible to separate you. Almost as if you wear the same muumuu"

"Haldir of Lorien - we need your muumuus!"

"The muumuu is changed . . . I feel it in the fabric . . . I feel it in the hemline . . ."

Arwen: "do you rememebr the night we met?" Aragorn: " I felt like I had slipped into a muumuu."

"You told me you would rather wear an ugly muumuu with me that live in your pretty muumuu alone."

Aragorn:"you cannot give me this muumuu!" Arwen: "I choose a muumuu-ed life"

Aragorn, "You cannot give me this." Arwen-"It is mine to give as is my muumuu."

"The muumuu of Saruman is not easily thrown off"

Gndf: "A wizard is never late,... nor is he early. He comes wearing precisely the mumu he wants."

Pip:"What about a muumuu?" Strider:"You're already wearing it." Pip:"One, yes, what about a 2nd muumuu?"

Merry: "I don't think he has a 2nd muumuu, Pip."

"But what about nightgowns. He has those right? terrycloth robes? fuzzy bunny slippers? flannel footie pajamas?"

Frodo: "we wish to stay at the inn . . . our muumuus are our own."

Boromir," Are you sure you do not suffer needlessly. For that muumuu is truly hideous"

Boromir: "what is this new devilry?" Gandalf: "a muumuu" *legolas' eyes widen in fear*

Saruman to the Uruk Hai: "bring me the muu'muus starched and unsoiled.."

Saruman to Gandalf: "your love of the halfling's muumuus has clearly dulled your fashion sense"

Frodo..."No one knows I wear a muumuu do they Gandalf? ...do they?"

Gandalf: "Sauron needs only this mumu to cover the land of a bad fashion fad."

Barlimann, "I have some nice little hobbit-sized muumuus for you"

Barliman, "I don't know his real name, but around here he is known for his muumuu!"

Gollum:.....screaming ........MUUMUUs......screaming.....BAD FASHION..

Frodo: "Muumuus? Bad Fashion? But that will lead him here!!"

*Frodo passes out from the morgul blade wound and has trippy dreams about muumuus*

Aragorn: "this wound is beyond my fashion sense . . . he needs elvish muumuus"

Aragorn: "Sam, do you know of the outfit 'muumuu'?" Sam: "muumuu? aye, it's a dress!"

Aragorn to Pippin, outside Moria: "Do not disturb the muumuu!"

Gandalf: "Merriadoc Brandybuck and Perregrin Took. I might've known you'd take my muumuu"

Frodo in Rivendell: "My muumuu is not like yours Bilbo."

Aragorn to Boromir: "I have seen the white muumuu . . ."

Boromir: "it's been long since we had any fabric."

"my father looks to me to fix things. And I would, if I could find the right muumuu"

Galadriel: "this muumuu has been appointed to you,& if you do not find a way to wear it noone will."

Legolas: "The muumuu of Gondor!"

Frodo (at end of the film): "I'm glad your muumuu's with me Sam."

Enya during the credits: "mayy it beeee when muumuus caaaaalll . . . ."

Saruman: "Whom do you serve?" Lurtz: "Saru- muu -muu"

"What has it gotssss in itsssss muumuu?" ( The Hobbit )

"Fool of a Muumuu! Throw yourself in next time and rid us of your hideousness!"

Merry to Pippen.."That was fun, lets wear another muumuu."

Bilbo: "Gandalf, my friend, this'll be a muumuu to remember."