Middle-earth Moments  6

by various

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Earlier tonight I was listening to a show hosted by Martha Hadley on our local Christian radio station. I believe the show is nationally syndicated. A man called in to say that his wife had just had a baby boy and he was very thankful for his blessings. Martha asked him the baby's name. The baby's middle name was Theoden. Of course, with this being an unusual name, Martha asked about the origins of it. The man stated that his wife and her brothers had each been named after a character in the LOTR. His wife's middle name was Galadriel, her brothers' middle names were Celeborn and Merriadoc. They continued the tradition with Theoden for their son. Wow.

- LadyLorien

The sky was overcast yesterday as I drove into work. The sun, still well below the eastern horizon, was turning the undersides of the clouds a dark, livid crimson. High up above the horizon, there was a break in the clouds, with a bit of blue morning sky showing, and right in the middle of that patch was one star, still shining.

Now I know how Sam felt in Mordor, looking up and seeing that one star, high above the smoke and fume. It was a bit creepy and at the same time, a bit hopeful.

- Daughter of Kings

While attending a small New Year's party that a lady from our church hosted at her home, a few party crackers were brought out for the children's enjoyment - My son brought a little slip of paper that had been in his, which had jokes and trivia printed on it in French, Spanish and English. He wanted to know what a Spanish joke said.

I puzzled over it for a couple minutes, my Spanish being rusty at best, admitted I could get the gist of it but not the humor, then turned the paper over to see what was on the other side. To my great amusement I read the following trivia question in English -

Good King Wenceslas was King of what country?

A) Andorra
B) Bohemia
C) England
D) Gondor

It took me so much by surprise I hooted aloud and rather startled the more composed adults around me.
- Primula

I've watching Season 3 of Magnum (you girls know why! *wink*) During the beginning of one ep, a flashback to Magnum's stint in Viet Nam, he and his team are pinned down my the enemy. Their team's code name is 'Frodo' and they're calling 'Gandalf' to send a 'chopper to rescue them.

I wonder if TC's 'chopper code name was 'Gwaihir'?
- Lothithil

While working on some improvement projects at my dad's this weekend I looked up to see my niece running around our back field. And what was she chasing? A flock of black butterflys!! So, it was tall grass not endless treetops, but still, it was quite a sight. I totally drifted off to Mirkwood for a moment.

Not much really, but I just had to share!
- Anna Estel

My mom, my friend and I were driving along the road earlier today, and what do I see but a black squirrel! Of course the first thing I thought of was Mirkwood. I couldn't believe it- I didn't even know they existed! It was exactly like any normal grey squirrel that we have in abundance around here, except that it was pure black, and perhaps slightly larger than the average squirrel.

Hmmm, perhaps it somehow got here from Mirkwood- maybe through a portal or something. And maybe, just maybe, I can get to Middle-earth the same way....... just dreaming.  Nice thought, though. *sigh*

- Holly Baggins

 I was watching our PBS televison station last night and they had a show with the singing group Celtic Woman and they sang songs that just took me there to ME. They sang alot of Enya's songs, May it be, Sail away and many others. I just got the CD so I can close my eyes and sail away to ME. Ok well it's nice to dream anyway
 -  Lady of Light

My parents went to Vegas last week so my father could attend a conference for his place of business. One of the places they ate on Monday was still decorated like the Oscars. They even had Oscar statues in the middle of each table. My dad thinking about me at home with all of the tornado watches around me, thought I might like one. He asked the waiter if he could take one and he told my dad he could take all he wanted because they were getting rid of them at the end of the night anyway.

When they got home, all wrapped up in a Bellagio bag was my very own Oscar! First I kinda laughed, then it dawned on me...it was for my LOTR collection! He said that he would have gotten more but he couldn't remember how many all three movies won. I told him that it was probably better that way anyway because I have know idea where I would put 17 Oscars!
- Neesae

Ok, here goes. This month's Men's Journal lists the Top 10 most liveable Cities in America. Several high profile mags run this subject, but in Men's Journal, the Top 3 on the list are: 1. Portland, Oregon, 2. Austin, Texas, and 3. Boulder, Colorado. Apparently our Mods have either 1. Great instincts, 2. Amazing luck, 3. Long running subscriptions to Men's Journal ( ladies?), or 4. Some combination thereof. Does anybody know what the odds are that the 3 Mods on this board would directly correlate to this list, in or near those cities, and in 1-2-3 order? Sky-high, that's what. So, perhaps our Mods possess some degree of geographic Wizardry? Or, perhaps they form some magically-imbued Elven Triangulation, (E.T.?), although actually, you could draw a single, albeit curved line from OR , through CO, down to TX. So, let's see. Oregon: beautifully wooded, idyllic region somewhat threatened by encroachment from the larger world, and, after a brisk march; Colorado, a beautifully mountainous region with a wealthy, crowning city; and, to the south, in a markedly warmer region filled with empty, flat, arid expanse, lies Texas. Gee, what ''realm'' does this conjure for anyone? Talk about there and back again! However, if we are to maintain this analogy, Rosie and Prim are gonna have to swap locales, and Doc is gonna have to ixnae on the gardening, organise and equip roving bands of marauding migrants, and toss his wedding band into a flaming hibachi to check for hidden inscriptions. Or not. Just a thought...
- Erech the Undead


I started a new job this week (that's a story all in itself) and part of the orientation was training in Information Security. When they got to the part about password protection, the motto was "Keep it secret, keep it safe!" I almost laughed out loud. I couldn't help hearing Gandalf's voice in my head. Later they gave several examples of weak (easily guessed) passwords, and one was "LordoftheRings". It's apparently very popular.
- Daughter of Kings

Yesterday Dutch Diamond and myself went to the market to buy some fabric. DD, who is a decent seamstress, is planning to make us Frodo and Sam outfits.

However, Frodo didn't prove to be the easiest person to shop for, and we had a hard time finding good material to make his trousers. Finally we made a game out of pointing out the most flamboyant and outrageous fabrics to each other and making up what Frodo could use them for - Frodo's party trousers, Frodo's disco trousers, Frodo's motorcycle trousers, Frodo's safari trousers - and having great fun imagining him convincing Sam to take them all on the Quest.

"But Sam, I really do need my safari trousers! What if we come across an Oliphaunt and I am not dressed for it?"
- Avondster

So I was looking up Pet Supplies in the yellow pages today, (long story... my rabbit has decided that she will only eat one brand of food... and I can't find that brand anymore. Yikes!) when my eye was caught by

Radagast Pet Food Inc.

I think I'd be dissappointed if I went there and wasn't helped by someone in a brown robe.

That's not all!

After doing a quick search of the U.K. Yellow Pages you can find:

Aragorn Management Consultancy Ltd
Gandalf Digital Communications Ltd
Gandalf Engineering
Samwise Solutions (Computer Specialists)
Baggins Books
St. Meriadoc Junior School
Pippin Puppets
The Pippin Pub
Rohan Designs Ltd (Leisurewear)
Elrond Consulting (Mediation Services)
Arwen Counselling Services
Elendil Bed & Breakfast
- Laiquendi

Today in the bus I was reading the morning papers and stumbled unexpectedly upon none other than Bilbo!

Bilbo is a little baby maki (one of those night-monkeys with the adorable huge eyes) from a zoo in Sweden, whose mother abandoned him. Since then the baby simian has been living in his caretaker's cleavage! According to her, this is most like the place he would sit with his Mummy. She claims that she frightens quite a lot of people on the subway when Bilbo pops out of her blouse unexpectedly!

Baby Bilbo is currently thriving on a diet of catnip and baby food and has already reached a weight of 130 grams. In a few weeks he'll be old enough to leave his comfy little human nest and be re-introduced to his family at the zoo.

Sadly I don't know how to put in a picture, so you'll just have to believe me when I say he is absolutely adorable!
- Avondster

Last week I did some spring cleaning around my house and one of the things I did was reorganise my bookshelves. This also meant that many of my action figures were moved to a new spot.

Denethor and Fellowship Boromir have taken up residence together on the top shelves, where they reside with Manual to Vampires (Boromir) and The Haunted Burrow (Denethor).

Yesterday I was watching television and during commercial breaks turning off the sound to rehearse a song I will perform during my gig on Tuesday. Just when I hit the high note, I heard a thump. Turns out Denethor didn't much appreciate my singing, and had promptly thrown himself from his shelf.

Thankfully, he was unharmed, though as my brother remarked between peals of laughter: "at least he didn't set fire to himself first!"
- Avondster

In our local TV listing an obvious non-LOTR fan wrote this:

"The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring" (2001 Fantasy) Elijah Wood, Ian Mckellen, Liv Taylor. Creatures unite to destroy a powerful ring and defeat a lord.

Creatures?! How in the world can that writer describe elves, dwarves, hobbits, and men like that!!! 
- Dinledhwen

My mom and I like to go to garage/estate sales... you can find lotsa neat stuff.
Anywho, we went to one on Saturday and I found out that there used to be a plumbing store here in Waco called "The Rohan Company"! They had branches in Austin, dallas, Houston and San Antonio as well.

This was printed on a small notebook... paid $1 for it and about 10 other various notepads.
- Pippin's Sunshine

The midges  of the Midge-water marshes EXIST!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are apparentaly little gnat things and they invaded the baseball playoffs.

CLEVELAND (Oct. 5) - These were truly sacrifice flies. Swarming bugs, millions and millions of them, bombarded the New York Yankees at the worst possible time Friday night, covering and rattling rookie reliever Joba Chamberlain and helping the Cleveland Indians to a 2-1 win in 11 innings and a two-game lead in their AL playoff series. - Tom Withers
- Pippin's Sunshine

My husband just returned from one of his business trips. He always buys himself a book when he travels on business because I am not there to stop him (I have nothing against books, but we don't have space to store any more and he refuses to get rid of any). This time the book he bought is called The Book of Air and Shadows by Michael Gruber. I was just handed this book and told to read a sentence on page 42. The end of that sentence goes like this:

"...I thought he was regretting having shared so much, and had already started to work me into his paranoia, yet another potential thief of his Precious."

Apparently this author assumes everyone who would read his book will be familiar with LOTR. Or maybe he just assumes everyone who can read will be familiar with LOTR.  :-)
- Mathom

I was in the endodontist's chair in Bismarck (100+ miles from home) this morning, my mouth wrenched open and molar being drilled for a root canal. The dentist who was treating me to such a good time was talking to his assistant about how his 14 year old son was supposed to be in play. One of the scenes was taken directly from a book and involved some swordplay between characters. The venue where the play was to be held has to approve that which is to be performed and apparently, the swordplay was unacceptable, so it had to be rewritten to exclude said violence. The son refused to act in the play, feeling that the rewrite was wrong- that the scene came directly from the book and needed to be true to the author's vision. Apparently, the scene was from....yeah, you guessed it....LOTR! The boy felt strongly that JRR Tolkien was not to be messed with! When all the junk was taken out of my mouth, I let the endodontist know that he had the biggest LOTR geek sitting right there in his chair and asked him to tell his son that he absolutely did the right thing!! What are the chances? ?!
- Frodosmiss
I had a Middle Earth moment today.

I was showing a friend my pictures of England on my new ipod touch, then amongst the trees and fields a picture of Legolas appears. The look on her face was hilarious. You could see she was trying to figure out what a picture of an Elf was doing amongst pictures of my homeland.

Just thought I would share.

(I also bought some boots from Eddie Bauer and they look like Legolas' boots. The leather is soft and supple, no heel, they are perfect. I can't wait until I can actually wear them.)
- Strange Elf

Had the funniest ME moment. I have this pair of dauschunds. Super sweet dogs, but their overprotectiveness makes them a bit yappy. Well, this morning they were going insane in the kitchen. I ran downstairs, afraid I might see an intruder in my house...instead, it was my 4 yr old hiding behind our gollum standee from the garage. XD  I swear they were ready to rip him to shreds. That's all Sam needed...a doxie!
- Rosie

So my mom and I went for a walk in the snow/ice a little while ago. There's tons of snow (well, tons for us!) covered with a substantial layer of ice. And normally you go crunch crunch crunching through the ice... but for a moment, I found myself walking on TOP of the snow... feeling VERY much like Legolas!  Pity it didn't last.
- onone

So, I'm reading this months Readers Digest and had a small ME moment. There is a wonderful little article about an autistic savant who does birthdays. Everyone she's met since the mid 70's, she's asked their name, mailing address, and birthday. Every year, she send them all a birthday card, handmade. She does this from memory. She's never missed one. And at the end of the article I found myself wishing they'd been able to give her address, so I could send her a card on her birthday--September 22!!!
And if that's not enough, at the back of the mag, the Quotes were about travel. And there was JRRT: Not all those who wander are lost. Go Readers Digest!!

- Anna Estel

Two moments, really.  Well, first, I saw how Tolkien had affected advertising. There is a new Liquid Plumr commercial for a liquid pipe snake. The foam goes in and starts to rush forward. Suddenly, little plumber shaped men start showing up in the foam, exactly as the horses at the Ford of Rivendell was. The professor would be delighted and appalled all in one moment.

The second was that I finally broke down and bought new checks (I have needed them for a while) and have gotten the ones with LOTR background.

Nothing exciting, but thought I would share.
- Doctor Gamgee

My husband removed his wedding ring on Friday while working on replacing the rear bumper on his pick-up and come Saturday, he realized he wasn't wearing it. He looked high and low all throughout the house, including dumping out the contents of three bags of kitchen garbage, because the last place I saw it was on Friday, sitting on the kitchen counter near the garbage and the sink. He removed the gooseneck pipe on two bathroom sinks and checked in the cracks of the sofa, loveseat & chair in the living room, all to no avail. Alas, he had resigned himself to the thought that he was not going to find it...or worse...perhaps the dog ate it and we wouldn't find it until spring amongst the now unfrozen poo in the backyard, at which point, a new one would be certainly be necessary! Today, as my girls and I were baking Christmas cookies, we were treated to the lilting sounds of my husband's best Gollum impression..."The precious! My Precious!" It had been found, lying on the floor behind the rocking chair in our bedroom- probably slipped out of his pants pocket when he threw his jeans on chair while getting ready for bed on Friday. (he figures he put it in his pocket after taking it off to put lotion on his hands because he had been working outside) All is well and the depression he was feeling has lifted...and no one had to lose a finger to reclaim the Precious!
- Frodosmiss

So I was on the bus coming home from school and these kids in the back of the bus were playing Truth or Dare. So one of them said Dare and they randomly picked a card. The dare was. . . .

"Shout as loud as you can this phrase: I AM GANDALF AND YOU SHALL NOT PASS!"

So he mumbled it and then I stood up(literally) and yelled the phrase. They all thought I was really weird. But what can I say, I'm proud to be a Ringer!
- Harthad