Middle-earth Moments  5

by various

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I had someone I didn't know call me on my cell phone this morning. After some hesitation, I answered. It was some guy who had called the wrong number. The conversation was mundane enough, but it was proof that LOTR can pop out in my brain in the oddest places.

I said, "Hello?"

He said,"Hi, is Bill there?"

I said,"Um, there is no Bill here." Scarcely had the words left my mouth, when I had an insane impulse to add: "Gondor has no Bill...Gondor needs no Bill." Rolling Eyes

He said,"Oh, sorry. Bye."

Choking back the words I so wanted to say, I managed,"Bye."

Ack. It's a disease...LOTRitis. And I love every moment of it....
- Firiel

Dear Hubby zipped in at a convenience store on the way home, when I looked at him quizically (because he just ran in for a few seconds and came right back out) he said "....well, you know, it's just like Gandalf in Moria...". To which I replied, "'I have no memory of this place'"? "No," he said, "the book version. 'It's alright, Pip, I just need a smoke' " (or something to that effect).

It's almost as if we can talk like those aliens in ST:TNG who only spoke using metaphor....
- Tinidril

It's so funny! I have noticed so many things in my life that I automatically attribute to LOTR...even when they have nothing to do with it.

Case in point...

I was calling Walgreens (Pharmacy) today. Of course like every other business in the world they have an automated phone attendant.

"Press one for Pharmacy..."

"Press two if you are a patient."

"Press three if you are a Doctor."

"Press four for non Pharmacy related issues."

"Press five for Frodo..."

FIVE FOR FRODO?????? After I got over my moment of shock I realized they said

"Press five for photo!"

- Lizmybit

In English our proffessor was talking about movies and mentioned something about "movies everyone should see" and someone must have read my mind, because behind me someone whispered "Lord of the Rings!"

then i was looking in some old magazines i'd grabbed earlier for art class (but forgot to take ) and i was bored the other day, so i started flipping through them... and what do i see but a pic of EW! and the same magazine mentioned LOTR a couple more times!

Speaking of converting Ringers...teehee!...I've almost gotten my niece (11 months old today) to say Frodo!  It comes out as just "doh" right now, but she's working on it.
- AragornLover1981

Today in history we were studying World War One, and my teacher said something about General Haig "shouldering the burden".
for some reason I immediately thought of Sam "share the load..."
I couldn't stop quoting from Return of the King all day after that...You know when everything people say somehow seems relevant to ME?
- Tisiphonie

I don't usually post about dreams I have had -- even when they are based on LOTR -- but since this dream has to do with inklings and this messageboard, I thought I'd share, just for fun.

I spent most of the night dreaming I was posting a new chapter of one of my inklings here at the ME messageboard. Hard to believe it took all night, but it did! I wasn't having trouble posting (which was nice!) but in my dreams (yes, I had more than one like this) I was composing my story and commenting to replies and fiddling in general -- all over the current chapter I am working on! I woke up in the midst of it -- about 3 am, I think -- wanting to get some of it written down for real, because I had come up with some good ideas. But I was too groggy to manage it, and so it is all gone -- for the time being, at least.

I'm not quite sure what to make of it, actually, except that I truly am desperate to get a new chapter up for this particular tale, and I am probably thinking about it too much! I think the last time I updated that tale was in October, so I suppose that's why it has been bugging me of late. Confused I was working on the chapter last night, and enjoying myself thoroughly, but I wasn't expecting to work on it in my sleep, LOL! That is too much of a good thing, no matter how desperate for new stuff my readers are!

I guess one of my goals for today will be to try to recapture some of my good ideas, and then be certain I carve out some time today to WRITE! It's one thing to have Boromir looking over my shoulder and bugging me about writing during the daytime, but when it comes to bugging me in my sleep, well! That's a bit much!

So tell me, am I crazy? And if I am, does it matter?
- Linaewen

Gandalf didn't sail to Valinor...
I saw him this week while I was waiting to make a left turn to the north at a busy intersection. He was making a left turn to the west which meant he passed right by in front of me! Now Gandalf has become more modern in his transportation and was driving a SUV. And since he had the window down I could see that he sported a new hat which was a baseball cap.
- Dinledhwen

Gardening in Middle-Earth

Last fall I moved from Massachusetts to Oxford, UK. The townhouse we're renting has what Americans call a small "yard" (here they call everything a "garden" even if it's all gravel or cement and has no plants in it! ) In our new yard there was only grass, so I just spent 2 weeks putting in a shade garden on one side and a sun garden on the other. This was my first experience working with a heavy clay soil with absolutely NO rocks or even small stones or pebbles in it! I was amazed, Shocked especially coming from a place where the soil is full of rocks and stones.

The clay here sticks to everything and soon I found myself rolling my pant legs up to keep the clay off them. The clay also builds up on the bottom of my shoes so that after a while I'm a couple inches taller, making it more difficult to walk. When I went to wash up, I realized that the clay soil rinses off my hands much easier than the dirt back in MA, but it's difficult to get off my shoes. I started thinking that perhaps hobbits wore shortened trousers and no shoes because they were always gardening. Possibly they found their clay soil rinses off bare feet more easily than off footwear, and since there are no sharp stones to step on there is no need for shoes!

While I worked I listened to the classical music station on the radio. During lunch time they had a request program and one of the selections was music from LOTR! My yard is separated from the next yard by a tall solid wooden fence, but I could hear my neighbor come outside to smoke a cigarette. He has a horrible weird smoker's cough that makes him sound like Gollum! Rolling Eyes

Gardening here sure it full of ME moments!
Do Elves Play Soccer?

My colleagues at work play soccer at the weekend, in league matches for Dublin junior clubs. This results in a lot of black eyes and patched shins on Monday, as 'playing' is interpreted somewhat vaguely, and they favour a 'physical' style of football.

This weekend two of them were sent off, and were fuming at the unfairness of it all. But they told me that there was a kid on the team, not more than 17, tiny as a hobbit and skinny, who drew the ridicule of the whole changing room by turning up wearing The One Ring.

'What does it say in Elvish?' they asked him 'I am small but good?'

I was outraged.
'I hope, as you are a colleague of Varda, that you sprang to the youth's defence?'

Blank looks. Sigh. It is not easy for macho men to step out of the norm and be interested in something connected with literature or Elves. But I always rather thought that if the Elves did sport, it would be soccer. Elrond is a born captain, and Haldir a great mid-fielder, and of course Legolas even looks like Beckham....

What else would the Fair Folk play but The Beautiful Game?
- Varda

I was watching the Tonight Show last night and saw Kevin Smith, the director of “Clerks,” “Chasing Amy” and others. He turned the discussion to ROTK saying that it was WWWWWAAAAYYYYYY too long. He then proceeded to sum up all of the LOTR films as “... only about walking.” He stood up and said “let me show you” and then started to walk across the stage, stop and point upwards. He then returned to his starting position and repeated this act only this time he pointed, looked alarmed and then jumped to one side. For the third film, he repeated all but the act of looking alarmed but proceeded to stop, take off his wedding ring and drop it on the floor. Actually that part cracked me up. Laughing Okay, it was inaccurate and a bit lame but having him boil down over 11 hours of film to 30 seconds of pantomime was a little funny in and of itself.
- FredO

Middle-earth Moments abound -

I was out running errands this morning, but the place I needed to go wasn't open yet - however, Powell's Books (the west-side store, still the size of a small mall) was right nearby, so I popped in over there to look around. Found a few Mrs. Pollifax books I'd been wanting, a couple titles for my school library...helped some young girls on a school field trip locate the Roald Dahl books...

Then a voice with a very pleasant English accent says behind me "Primula!"

Astonished to have anyone call me by my handle, I turned around and found myself getting a hug from our own Strange Elf!

"How Strange to find you here!" I replied, and we had a chance to briefly chat - she was in my area visiting with a friend of hers, and neither of us had planned on visiting the bookstore, much less being in the same place in it at the same time - it's a huge maze of bookcases - what a fine and pleasant serendipity.

Here's to chance encounters with out-of-town Ringers!
- Primula

Today I was sitting alone at my own birthday party (oh woe) so I watched telly for a bit and came across a film that I liked when I was little: The Little Vampire. I used to have it on video, only dubbed in German.

So I was watching it again, in English this time, and then the father of the vampire family came forth and introduced them as the family "Sackville - Bagge".

I always knew that family was involved in bloodsucking!
- Avondster

My son is reading about Elrond in the Silmarillion, and we have been discussing what happens to him. A few minutes later I had to make a phone call to a friend, Eldon; and yes, you see it coming, I called him Elrond. He's not a LOTR person and had no idea where my brain was.

I thought it was funny. 
- Strange Elf

Aragorn under arrest!

A good friend of mine bought the Aragorn standee and put it in her window upstairs thinking that it might deter any would-be burglars. One night there was a domestic quarrel in one of the apartments where she lives which required the police to come out. They weren't sure of which apartment it was, so were wandering about the complex. One of the officers saw Aragorn silouetted in the window and said, "What are you looking at?" Getting no response and thinking that he was holding a rifle (Aragorn has his bow and arrows on his back..actually he is holding a sword), he started yelling at him to put down his weapon and come out!

A neighbor who knows my friend and knows what she had done with Aragorn went up to the officer and said, "Do you know that you are yelling at a cardboard stand-up?" At which point the rest of the policemen arrived to see what the commotion was all about and my friend came out of her apartment. Everyone, with the possible exception of the officer, was rolling with laughter! One of the other policemen said to the officer, "No more donuts for YOU!" I think this officer is going to be the brunt of many jokes for many months to come!

Anyway, I just about fell off my chair laughing when my friend told me about this!
- Old Toby

We were filming a fan film about fangirls and, of course, every fangirl fanfilm has to have a Legolas standee. We were "borrowing" a local lengthy driveway surrounded by woods and had gotten half way through filming when a car came driving through from the house. We waved as they drove past, but seconds later, they slammed on the brakes as they caught sight of Legolas standing next to some trees by the road and then drove slowly on until they past by...I can only wonder what they must have been thinking...

- Lalaith

I spent the last three days in Ocean City, Maryland...just a little get-away (holiday for our uk friends) before my husband's vacation from teaching comes to an end. We rented jet ski's and sampled the most amazing seafood I've had in a good long time. We suntanned during the day and walked on the beach at night.

One night, on our way back to the hotel, we stopped in a pizza joint. We sat and had a slice and talked over what we wanted to do the next day. As we were leaving we saw a small nook that had arcade games. My husband and I are very competitive with each other and we often times take out our competitivesness on computer games or air hockey. Since neither of us are very good at pinball we decided the pinball machine in this pizza place wiuld be the next vicitim of our ongoing duel.

To my amazement, the pinball machine was LOTR themed! There was a big plastic Balrog inthe middle that you had to bash when it lit up, and it was decorated with small plastic characters of the fellowship, Gollum, and Saurman. I lost miserably  - but I'm blaming it on the fact that I was entranced by the mini Aragorn figure...
- Peredhil


Just now when I turned over the page of my day-to-day Cedco LOTR calendar, I was unexpectedly moved by the picture of today, which is one from Frodo at the Grey Havens.

It is not a picture of The One Smile, however, the smile that made us weep our little hearts out in theatres world-wide.

It's the moment just before that, which is almost even more beautiful. Here's Frodo's face as he looks back at Sam and Merry and Pippin, and you can see it all in those expressive eyes: the love, the sadness, the joy. It is not yet the reassuring smile of 'everything is going to be allright, I love you'; for the moment he's just looking back at them, as if trying to remember every moment he has ever spent with each of them, engraving them in his heart. It's beautiful.

I can't stop staring at this picture. It's like the Mona Lisa: his facial expression seems different each time you look at it: sometimes sad, sometimes happy, sometimes I can almost see a smile tugging at his lips, at other times I imagine he is about to start crying. This picture seems to have caught post-quest Frodo in one split second.

I'll be framing it.

Just wanted to share.
- Avondster

I was working in my office yesterday afternoon and I left my radio on the local sports talk station while doing some paperwork. It was there as background noise for the most part. The radio station happened to be broadcasting the Penn State-Purdue football game. Every so often I would take a break and turn up the sound a bit to see what the score was. I’m not a fan of either team but I have relatives and friends who have graduated from Penn State so I was interested to see how they were doing. Well I got a surprise a couple of times when in the background of the broadcast I heard the band playing the Fellowship Theme from LOTR! For those of you unsure of my reference, it’s the part of the score that is played every time Howard Shore wanted to make a point about the Fellowship - I guess the easiest reference would be the moment when they have defeated the Cave Troll and run from Balin’s Tomb in FOTR.

To add to the enjoyment of that moment, I saw a good friend at a Halloween party that evening who is a Penn State alumnus. He hadn’t heard the outcome of the game (Penn State won) and I was telling him about my little Middle-Earth moment when he interrupted me to say “Yeah, my son heard it too! (he’s about 9 years old and loves the score of the films).” Evidently they were listening to the broadcast on their way to the party and the youngest heard the theme and just went crazy. What a cool moment!
- FredO

Two Towers was on tv last night, so mum and I settled down to watch it, meanwhiles discussing the changes PJ had made, and comparing TT with Fellowship. I remarked that I liked FR better, because it was closer to the book.

"Yes," mum replied, "Apart from the Arwen thing." She said it with a face of disgust. The Arwen-thing is a no-go area in our house.

"I liked Glorfindel better." I sulked, "wish they hadn't cut him."

"Yes," mum replied, warming to her theme, "And Gildor Inglorion as well. And Ellahir and Elrodan."

"Who," I enquired, somewhat bemusedly, "were Ellahir and Elrodan?"

"Oh, you know," mum answered, "The twin sons of Elrond. The elf-witch's brothers...." Which brought us back to our original discussion.....
- Evermind

This is really a little thing. I was coming home from the grocery store and I look over at the SUV in the left hand turn lane and I see this big circle decal on his back window. I took a double look and sure enough it was the writing from the outside of the one ring. I wanted so bad to hop out of the car (wearing one of my LOTR tshirts hehe) and say hey ringer you live in my neigborhood, but would have been run over doing so. I have not met any ringers here in Orlando and to see that in my little community just tickled me pink hehe. Oh well wish I could have talked to them.
- Lady of Light