Middle-earth Moments  3

by various

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It is not the first time its happened perhaps not the last  But it was the first time it happened this way.

I've been off work for a few days, my two sons are graduating so I need a few days...Anyway, I was awakened this morning by a phone call from the Hospital where I work. I grumpily answered the call, thinking they were calling to see if I could come in to work extra....

Instead I got...I had to call, i've been waiting to see you all week!!! I watched "your" movie last Saturday, I can't take it anymore! Why did Frodo have to leave, where was he going, did he die? What was with the guy who tried to burn his son alive...How did That Bilbo guy ever get that Ring From that, whats his name gollum/smeagol guy and why would he give such a thing to Frodo!!!!

Well I spent the next 20 minutes on the phone explaining very briefly, mind you....

God bless the uninitiated for keeping my usefulness alive and keeping the film fresh and new as I view it through their eyes and relive it all myself
- Overlithe

I was sitting on the sofa last night watching TV with my mother and like always I was absent-mindedly playing with the one ring that I have on a chain around my neck. It is a size 10 and far to large for my fingers so I occasionally end up slipping it on my thumb along with the chain. Apparently last night I had done just that and my mom looked at me and said,"Stop trying to make yourself invisible. You can try to dissappear all you want but you still have to feed the dogs. I can still see you because your ring won't work on me because I am the mother of all rings."
My mom is nuts.
- Belladonna Took

I have been meaning for some time to buy all the soundtracks for my grands, who absolutely love everything about LOTR. Finally a few days ago I went to Wally World for that express purpose; as usual, when you go there, you never seem to be able to walk out with just what you originally went in for, so it was a varied lot of items I placed on the belt at the register. As I was swiping my debit card, the cashier was placing my bags into my cart. She hefted the one containing only eggs - and all three LOTR soundtracks - and placed it carefully into the separate little segment of the cart, saying, "Got to be careful with these... they're precious."

You know I hadda ask, but she denied being a Ringer, or even a fan of the films. Still, her use of that particular word...
- Lithilien Quicksilver

A couple of days ago I was in a store paying for some items when I noticed the woman behind the counter was wearing the Arwen Evenstar pendant. I said, "You have the Evenstar pendant! I have one of those, too!" Then she said, "OMG! You're a Lord of the Rings fan!" It was so much fun talking to a fellow Ringer. I was beginning to think I was the only LOTRs nut in this town.
- Triba

Funny how I always seem to see LOTR in everyday activities.

I attended a farm league baseball game tonight which is always a good time. Its a small venue so the crowd is manageable, they have lots of giveaways and the baseball is always unpredictable.

Tonight at the end of the game, there was a fireworks display in celebration of Independence Day. While I was watching them all I could think of was how grand Gandalf's fireworks would be in comparison! I would have liked to see at least one of the fireworks spew out a red dragon or sprinkle butterfiles!
- Peredhil

Guess what I passed yesterday?

'The Green Dragon' pub!!!! LOL! All this time I have lived here, and The Green Dragon was only 8 miles up the road! I had an instant image of Merry and Pippin dancing on the table while drinking beer and singing in Rohan!!
- Fan of Faramir

This evening I went to see a production of "The Hobbit". They did such a wonderful job with it and quite creative with many of the sequences for example when the spiders attack their webs are projected on the wall of the stage while the three actors playing the spiders were walking as if spinning around them -pulled of the effect nicely. After the performance the cast was lined up down the hallway to meet and greet us. Now mind you in full support I wore my Frodo costume and as I met the members of the cast they loved it. I came across the young lad who portrayed Bilbo and I could not believe I said "I am your predecessor." Then I thought to myself what did I just say? Dooohh!! in my best Homer of the Simpsons impression. The lad looked at me and he said "I thought you were my nephew?" We both laughed and I said "yes I am your nephew, Uncle!" I gave him a hug and handshake and thanked him for a job well done. Then we compared our hobbit feet!! That was precioooussss. No pun intended
.- TexasHobbit

July 4 is my Pop-Pop (grandfather's) birthday. And, as tradition goes, we had fireworks--why not celebrate the independence of our nation by blowing up a small part of it?  Anyhoo, upon giving his birthday "speech", I couldn't help but be reminded of Bilbo's eleventy-first birthday celebration--especially when he was naming off all of the "clans" in our family. Not to mention he's only about 5'2" himself, and stood on a picnic table while talking. The funny thing about it was when two of my younger cousins snuck some fireworks out of the house and set them off--one tipped over and started shooting towards where the family was gathered, and everyone was running and ducking like when Merry and Pippin set off the dragon firework. What's even more funny was that my grandma made them do the dishes as "punishment". Just thought you all might find that interesting.

ME Moment from TruElvenPrincess

I just got home from a week in Colorado, where the mountains are so beautiful. And when it rains, and there's a slight fog over the mountains, I just can't help but think of "deep into the caves of the Misty Mountains." It's gorgeous there! I know I'm not the first person to make this connection, but I just had to share it myself!

While hiking, my group also had to go through several bogs. These bogs smelled really bad when they were stepped in and the water in them was agitated. I whispered to myself "Do not disturb the water!" Heehee!

So there I am sitting in the bathroom. It's 2:30 in the morning and I'm half asleep when THE BIGGEST SPIDER I HAVE EVER SEEN crawls out of the bathtub. It was the size of a silver dollar and reddish brown in color. And to make matters worse it was headed straight for me!!!

Quickly I finished what I was doing while trying to keep an eye on this mini Shelob as it crawled behind the toilet. Now this thing was to big to squish (you could have put a leash on it and taken it for a walk like a dog). So I took a paper drinking cup and managed to scoop it up off the wall where I had been sitting and folded the edges together trapping it inside. Then I took it outside and let it go.

By now I was very much wide awake and had a hard time falling back to sleep again.

My dear hobbit Sam where were you when I need you?!
- Dinledhwen

Second Breakfast in Rivendell

Yesterday morning, bright and warm on the first day of August, I went to Rivendell for breakfast.

Well... not really Rivendell, but I had an Elf was my waiter.


My friends, who shall be refered to as Clone and Nymph (because they are), picked me up out of my Sunday morning sleep-in and told me that they were treating for second breakfast in Rivendell. Kansas being sadly bereft of any kind of mountains other than the oil-painted variety, I failed to imagine how this could be accomplished without a trip in a Lear jet to neighboring Colorado... and even then we would barely make nuncheon.

My fears were unfounded. Flat is the valley of Imladris on Sunday and short are the trees, but there is an Elf at the Last Homely International House Of Pancakes that serves the best coffee and banana crepes East of the Rocky Mountains!

Fair, he is, and tall. His eyes of blue like clear sky at high summer. Eyebrows to put Spock into a fit of jealousy. Strong hands and strong arms, and a voice as mild as milk and smooth as warm honey. Grace in all movements and purpose in his step. Was this an IHOP or a cologne commercial? I stared with an uncharacteristic frankness that made Clone and Nymph laugh. I blushed but could not look away.

Then everyone else in the place disappeared when I saw my Elven server's nametag: Elrond.


Anyone who has met me can probably testify, I don't put a lot of emphasis on looks. Humour, attentiveness, friendliness, and smiles usually attract me more than semi-regular facial features and a slim profile. Had Elrond been a robust and stocky fellow with dreadlocks and a floral shirt, I think I would still have been spellbound; he was polite, friendly, and patiently endured my blushing and mumbling when he asked for my order.

Clone and Nymph will never let me live this down, I'm sure.

Rivendell, or anyplace in Middle-earth, is only a moment of love away.
- Lothithil

Weeks ago I wandered into a drug store I rarely frquent for those items like sodas or whatever ,and asked the manager if I could have the end cap on the ROTK display.  I told him I would have purchased my copy of the dvd there if I had known they had it, and I would have, so yesterday I get this call.Ms.___________ yes said I we have your Viggo here. Ok,so I go down to this drug store to get Hidalgo wondering why these people are calling me to purchase it there. Laughing Laughing... Well laughs on me they were sorry not to have the dvd yet, however they were calling me about the endcap.  PHEW I must be paranoid.
- Halona Treeclan

Spending a Day  on the Heights

"And let's be easy for a bit. Dear me! We Tooks and Brandybucks, we can't live long on the heights!'
'No', said Merry. 'I can't. Not yet, at any rate. But at least, Pippin, we can now see them, and honour them. It is best to love first what you are fitted to love, I suppose: you must start somewhere and have some roots, and the soil of the Shire is deep. Still there are things deeper and higher; and not a gaffer could tend his garden in what he calls peace but for them, whether he knows about them or not. I am glad that I know about them, a little...."

This is one of my favorite conversations in LOTR and yesterday I had occasion to remember about it, for I was feeling very much a Hobbit spending a day on the heights.

I attended an SCA event yesterday that would normally have been a quiet little local event except for the fact that the King and Queen had decided that their Royal Huntsman would be chosen in competition to be held at this little event.

Now my skills at archery are not up to the caliber that I feel comfortable competing against the best of the best in our kingdom, but I did have several friends competing and one of my other friends was the Huntsman who was stepping down. (they hold the position for approx. 6 months, the length of the reigns of our Kings and Queens.

I helped with the running of the competition some, but the last two events I have been to were major ones and I was in charge or the deputy in charge of all the archery activities so I was looking forward to doing nothing this day. I had entered some weaving in the Arts and Science competition which was the first of such contests I have entered. I have only been weaving for a week, but have made a beautiful belt which was the piece I entered. The theme of the competition was 'newly learned arts."

The day was warm, but not unpleasantly so, like it has been lately and the competition on the archery field was very intense. I don't believe I have ever seen a more interesting and challenging shoot. When the smoke cleared, one of my dearest friends was standing alone as the winner. I was so happy and so proud, I cried buckets...this is not unusual for me Embarassed

When I headed back to pick up my entry in the arts competition, I found that I had not won (I certainly did not expect to,) but one of the premiere weavers of the area complimented my work and left a book for me in appreciation of my work.I was really jazzed.

While Court was in session, I had kicked off my shoes and was skimming through my new book when I heard my name called. The King and Queen were requesting my presence before them. Now I don't know about you guys, but whenever I get called up in front of the boss or anyone in authority, my paranoia takes hold and I wonder 'Oh boy, what did I do now?' I managed to shove my feet part way into my shoes and my friend Wil escorted me to kneel in front of Their Majesties. The Queen asked me how I was feeling and I told her that I wasn't sure. She laughed and told me that I wasn't in trouble and then asked me a couple of questions about things I had done recently. She then had the court herald announce that I was being given the award of King's Archer which is only given a couple of times a year in the Kingdom for service and accomplishment in the archery community. You guessed it, I started bawling again. I was given a beautiful scroll and the award regalia to wear and then both the King and Queen shook my hand, thanked me and gave me a hug before I was dismissed.

I was offered the opportunity, a short time later, to be taken on as a 'student', much like a squier to a knight, to improve on my archery skills and services to the community. This is a direct path to the highest of the Archery Awards, the Arcus Majoris, which is the closest to a knighthood that Archers have in this Kingdom. To be asked to take such a role is another big honor.

Well I was on cloud nine, let me tell you. After court I was talking to my friends when the Queen's lady-in-waiting came up to us and told my friend who had won the competition that he was invited to sit at the head table with Their Majesties for feast and that he could invite a guest. He invited me to join them so I sat next to the Queen during dinner and got to chat with her quite a lot. She is a beautiful and gracious lady and her husband the King is very much the chivalrous knight.(and very good looking, too!)

All through dinner, I couldn't help but think that I felt like a Hobbit spending a bit of time on the heights, but that I probably shouldn't linger there too long. It's nice to see life up there and experience a bit of it, but I belong a bit more tied to the ground most of the time. I'm not really afraid of that kind of heights, but it's more a nice place to visit. I don't think I'd want to live there.
- Lindorie