Middle-earth Moments  2

by various

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Elfhead (6) and Hobbithead (almost 5) watched Bakshi. Here are a few of their comments.......according to their mom:

"Is *that* Boromir?!?!?! That can't be Boromir!!!"

"What's wrong with Aragorn?"

"Who's that? Oh, maybe it's Legolas."

About the only character whose appearance they didn't have trouble with was Frodo... and well, let's face it. Bakshi's Frodo is about the only acceptable characterization in the whole film! They did recognize Sam, but only because of his proximity to Frodo, and (according to their mom) because of his "round face".

Interestingly enough, though both these little Ringers can watch PJ's films without a worry, Hobbithead came to his mom saying he was scared. Hmm... you know, I can understand that.... Bakshi's Elrond is rather frightening. :-)
- Lithilien Quicksilver

When I stepped out on the front porch to shake out a rug today, I notice that there are now mushrooms growing out in the yard. Right away I heard Pippins voice in my mind saying "Mushrooms!" as he had in the FOTR.

Now the mushrooms were not there yesterday. Hmmm maybe they are like the dwarves and just sprang out of the ground.

 - Dinledhwen

Does everyone know the PC Game 'The Sims'? You can build houses and have little people live in it and control their lives, and stuff.

I am totally addicted to it, and I have downloaded the 'skins' for LOTR characters on the Internet so I can have Sims that look like them. The only problem is that it recognises small people only as children, so Frodo can't get into a house without parental guidance, hehe...

Okay, so I had Aragorn and Arwen live together in a big house, and they had a baby which I called Eldarion. There is a moment when the baby 'evolves' into a bigger child. A cloud surrounded Eldarion's crib, and when the mists lifted I could see the little Prince of Gondor...

And he had a braided beard.

The programme had somehow messed up the Gimli skin, and so Gimli's genes were in Eldarion! It was freaky!
I really wished then that my Sims could have facial expressions, because I would have loved to see the look on Aragorn's face when he realises that his firstborn looks like Gimli...
- Avondster

On Sundays there is the 'Parade‘, a little booklet, well have the copy with E.W. on the cover from FOTR year, It is in a stack with other lotr things and the other day was looking through these papers and heard this voice,” I see you" like from the movie, looking down there is one of E.W's eyes peering out at me. Not making this up it happened!
- Halona Treeclan

My son wrote an article for a game website, Wizards of the Coast (they make Magic the Gathering cards), about his experience working on a project for them. He sent me an email message and gave me the address so I could read it. Imagine my surprise when I went there to read it and saw the title he used..."There and Back Again"!!! I asked him about it and he said he thought it the most appropriate title because the experience was like going on a great adventure and then going back home again.

- Mathom

At The End of All Things

Its taken us two days to watch the "One DVD", as it has had to compete with "Bounty Hunter" on PS2, The Ninja Turtles and Teen Titans for TV time. Having to cut it up like that has diminished the poignancy of a few of the scenes for me ( I will watch it this weekend alone, late at night in the dark to simulate the theatre).

But nothing can diminish the ending, at the Grey Havens. The three of us watched in silence as Frodo bid goodbye to his friends and took the ship to Valinor, turning back to face us with that sweet smile and almost imperceptible nod to those who have journeyed along with him. As the ending drawings scrolled by, and Annie Lennox's voice filled the room, my husband wondered quietly where the other hobbits ended up after the long road home. My son answered him sleepily ( it was nine o'clock after all, a good hour past his bedtime) " where all journeys end, Daddy. At Dennys!"

So now you know. Sam went home, and the Merry and Pip went to Denny's and had a mushroom omelette with nice, crispy bacon. And coffee - in pints.
- NorthStar

Driving past my city's coliseum today, I saw a sign that read


One guess what I thought it said... ::snirkle::
- Lithilien Quicksilver

My dear hubby just came home to tell me that while he was stuck in traffic on the north side of town, an SUV limo pulls up beside his truck and a familiar face popped out to ask if he knew his way around town because his driver got lost...

"Like the back of my hand!" he replies, "Sean".
"Have we met?" asks Sean Astin (sporting a fashionably stubbled beard).

"Yeah, we worked together on a garden out in Beverton."

"Oh, yeah... cool!" says Sean.

DH then tells him how to get back onto the freeway from where they are, and Sean relays the instructions up to the front of the limo. Inside must be a whole party of people because DH can hear them laughing during this process.

Sean's parting comment, as the traffic finally begins to move again, is "Leave it to a gardener to know his way around town!", which was met with raucous laughter from the other occupants of the limo.

I think he has some kind of celebrity magnet on him or something....
*whiney* it's just not fair!
- Tinidril

I was at an Irish Pub with my parents, when the server brought me my Boddington's...I looked at the can and said, "It comes in Pints?"
The same day I got a hot potato with toppings and my dad asked what I got, I replied "Po-tay-to...boil 'em mash 'em stick 'em in a stew."


I was eating lonch with my friends yesterday and we were talking about our George Foreman grill. I told them how I like to do bacon on it. One of them asked how it turned out. I said, "crispy, you know sausages, tomatoes, nice crispy bacon."

- Gondorian Girl

My brother and I were talking a few days ago, and I was telling him about the Inklings all you talented writers post on the Middle Earth board. So we got talking about all the characters in LOTR, not just the main ones, and I said, "Well, I mean, all those soldiers had a background story, and all, it's not like they were just created for the battle."

My brother kind of looked at me, and shook his head and said,"It's a story, right? They didn't have a background story, they were just created for the battle."

I looked blank - I realized I had really been thinking of them all as real people.
- Firiel

Anyways, I'll share my ME moment for the day, which earned me a very odd look from my 9-year-old sister, who does like the LotR movies.
We have a new knife, which is really sharp and works really well. I had used it to cut my sister an apple, and it worked great since it was so sharp. I held it up in the air and said, 'I shall call you Sting!' Even though my sister knew where I got the name, she asked me why, and seemed to think me rather crazy. And I'll admit, I am rather crazy But it's much more fun than the alternative!
- Laerlass

On Sunday (this is really late remember) Peregrine and I were watching cable and we saw that Xena was on. So we thought that we would watch it and see if we recognized anyone, and half way through we decided that no one was going to show up but we kept watching anyway. Then near the end of the show this man shows up and he is surrounded by light and I'm thinking, boy, he's cute and he looks really famil-- then I realized that he was Craig Parker!!!!!!! hehe, it was worth the wait.
- Elvenstar

We noticed a new sign in the shape of a 4 leaf clover in the area for a new shopping center across the street from our housing development. "Coming soon...Grond's Irish Pub" I started saying "Grond, Grond, Grond..." I wonder if there will be flames coming out of the building ever???...

The other morning while I was driving to work the radio DJ was asking people to call in with their favorite death scenes from the movies. (I guess somebody published a list of the best 100 - who comes up with these anyway?) People were calling in with Love Story, Alien, Godfather, Bonnie & Clyde... No-one called in with the best one - Boromir's death in the Fellowship! I was really surprised at that. Just this once I wished I had a cell phone so I could set them straight!

Avondster’s ME Moment: Fun With Mary Sue

I was going through the Scrapbook this afternoon, and I came across the hilarious Mary Sue test. Remembering the conversation we had about Mary Sue half a page back (thanks to Linaewen's lovely story), I decided to take the test for an OC Inkling that I'm writing, to see what came out. 17 percent MS, hmm, not bad. Because I was bored I did the test again, this time with 'Into Darkness', and...

My AU story is 23 percent Mary Sue.

The wise lesson: there is a Merry and Boromir in everyone. :-)
- Avondster

Well, the fan club home page is not available, so I bet the changes are occurring as we speak. I've noticed before that access gets really spotty on Friday nights, which I think is when most system changes occur. It's a good thing we have alternate ways to get to the message boards or I wouldn't be here now. Probably a lot of people who weren't here yesterday and today are annoyed that they can't get on the boards and are going to be very surprised when they do.

Oh, and just to keep this somewhat "on topic", here is an ME moment, so to speak. I was shopping at a local Safeway store a couple of days ago and noticed a ROTK DVD display. I have never had much luck before in getting those types of displays from the stores. The usual excuse is 'It's against store policy' or 'There are copyright problems with doing that', when I know darn well that neither is the case. Some stores are clueless, or don't want to bother, or a store employee has already put dibs on it.

Anyway, since I was there, I thought I'd ask the clerk at the checkout stand by which the display was located. I simply asked if it was possible to put my name on it and take it when the promotion was over. She promptly moved the remaining DVDs to another generic display and said 'Take it away.' I was flabbergasted, but not so dim-witted as to not follow her instructions before she came to her senses.

The display is now temporarily located in my dining room. It is mostly just black cardboard for two of the three pieces - the bottom stand and the middle compartment section where the DVDs were located. The top section is similar to what a display poster would be only smaller, with Frodo, Sam and Gollum on the bottom half and Aragorn, Arwen and Gandalf on the top half with the appropriate LOTR wording and such.

Now that I have it, I don't exactly know what to do with it, but it's cool nevertheless, and it was FREE.
- Bregalad

Lithilien Quicksilver’s ‘Mordor’ Moment

Well, Mordor *is* a part of Middle-earth, is it not? Anyway, while driving to Atlanta, I stopped to fill the car and empty myself. I asked the clerk for the location of the loo.

"It's around back."


"Yes, all the way around back of the building."

Now, Americans will know that this means trouble.... Only the oldest, most outdated stations still have loos in the back, with an outside entrance. Still, my need was dire, so I took the key and headed round the building.

When I got to the door, I inserted the key, turned it and pulled the door open. Here began my Mordor Moment... these are the thoughts that ran through my head as I surveyed the ill-kept room, wet floor littered with paper.

"What is this place?"

"Lithilien must go inside..."

"Now that I'm here, I don't think I want to."

"Go in, or go without."

"I can't go without."

And as I hesitantly entered and let the door clang shut behind me, I had one last thought...

"Ugh! What's that smell?!"

 - Lithilien Quicksilver

Crimson tide is on the telly and I walked into the room. Heard the song (Sweet home Alabama),well I live in Al. So I look over and see this familar face looking at me, only this could not be Aragorn, or could it, oh yes it is Viggo, with that song playing in the background. sigh. Not very Middle Earthy, however it is for me!
Since I live down on the shores of the bay, which eventually leads to the sea. Uhoh, I woke the poet in me. So I will go back to the movie now.


Today was rushing hurriedly around the grocery store and this music was playing, you know the song about how ,Leo missed the boat that day, oh whoa Leo you know that song, well I mean to tell ya it sounded like the song went, Viggo, hahahaha, not to mention I have been in this store many times and have never seen so many men who put me in mind of him. Of course I am always looking for those bargains and not at the men. However I felt like gathering all four of them up for questioning, but as I said was in hurry. I really need to focus on something else, this just happens, not making this all up. weird huh?
- Halona Treeclan

My Middle-earth moment for the day? Why is there only ONE Frodo avatar?!?!?!?!?
Oh well, I'll stop grumbling now. I imagine things will get better as we go along.
- Lithilien Quicksilver

I was walking by one of the file rooms and I heard someone say "three rings for' and all I could think of was

Yep, you guessed it

Three Rings for the Elven-kings under the sky.

I just about fell over!
- Ashlyn

At my high school graduation last saturday the valedictorian compared our journey to that of Frodo going into the west. It was very nice to hear these parallels in this important ceremony, and the fact that it was respected rather than laughed at as an analogy.
- Diamond Took

The radio was on in the kitchen when I passed through. Some commercial was playing but what got my attention was part of a line of dialog that said "clothes dwarves in the closet." Well right away I thought of Gimli. Hmmm has anyone checked their closets lately?

More importantly do clothes really make the dwarf?
- Dinledhwen

These new Boards are one big Middle Earth moment in itself!

There is this silly button at the top of the page that says 'previous', and I keep reading 'precious' in it.
Also, every time I read a 'sticky' topic I can hear Frodo crying in my mind: "It's sticky! What is it?"

I'm losing my marbles here, I am...
- Avondster

We had quite a Moment last night - Bluebell, Onone, Gimli's Sister and I, along with various family members, all went to see Gilbert and Sullivan's "Patience" last night (fabulous and hilarious show)... At one point in the first act the man playing the lead role of the poet is carrying on to the flock of rapturous maidens, speaking of that which is important to him. The script included a certain phrase, that he made great use of, being a thin man with slightly proturbent eyes... "It's my preciousssss... Followed by going back into poet character.

Bluebell and Gimli's Sister, sitting to one side of me looked like they were going explode, or end up on the floor, they were trying to stifle their communal shriek and subsequent laughter so hard... hee hee!

BTW, if I've ever seen fangirls characterized on stage, this one would top them all - the twenty lovesick rapturous maidens following the poet around reminded me of some people that I know... snicker....

ME moment? It's every time my father tells me to make potatoes for supper...
"PO-TA-TOES? Boil 'em, mash 'em, stick 'em in a stew?"
(and the most disturbing part is that my daughters are right there to quote Sam with me!)
- Elanor Gamgee

Kind of a ME moment...it's more of a "YAY-SEMI-LOTR-AFFILIATED" moment...
I went to the orthodontist today to get a wire clipped (it was painfully poking me in the mouth...not fun!). My ortho office has little TVs hooked to the ceiling above each chair so that the patients can watch movies while their teeth are being yanked this way and that. When I went and layed down in the chair, I looked up and the TV and saw a shark and dolphin swimming around in the ocean. THEN what do I see? It's Elijah Wood in the movie "Flipper"! I started giggling uncontrollably (which slightly annoyed my orhodontist) as I thought of Frodo swimming with the dolphins!
- TruElvenPrincess

The other evening we were driving through York, PA and we went past a senior citizens' center named 'Shadowfax: Circle of Friends'. Senior mearas' center, perhaps?

And I visit a clinic called "E.N.T. Associates" for my allergy shots every week.
- Mrs.FrodoBaggins

Howdy all! Long time no posteth eh!! Good to be back home in Middle Earth!!! We recently had a LOTR meetup on Thursday and had several new members turn up - so we are growing. We stepped outside after about 4 hours of talking LOTR and started to hear this gut wrenching little cry coming out from underneath one of the cars in the parking lot. As we got closer to one car the sound got louder- it was a tiny kitten underneath the car!! We tried to catch him but he was about to go out into the interstate!!! I blocked him off and he darted into the bushes where we attempted for 40 minutes to catch him. At this point I felt like good ol Sam in the bushes outside Frodo's home eves dropping on Gandalf and Frodo. hehe Two guys came along and asked us what on Earth were we doing. We told them we were trying to catch a kitten who needs a home. They volunteered their help as well. We eventually ganged up on the little fella in one corner of the busheds blocking every way out. We caught him finally. One of our members took him home!! Think we might name him after one of our beloved characters but it is up to her to decide his name. Just thought I'd share that with ya'll! Take care!

I was moving some books around last week, and saw my senior year-book (1984). I quickly flipped to the page for the 180lb (well -- I was 6'5"), lad that was me. I had forgotten that "The Road Goes Ever On" was one of the quotes I had used.

My first thought was -- "I was such a geek" (and it wasn't cool then) -- and then I remembered sitting in a college class one year later. The class was "Theomythological Tolkein" (or something close -- the memory is the first thing to go) for my religion minor (gotta love 80's liberal arts schools), and the room was filled with geeks. I thought I was going to breeze through the class (after all, I had read the trilogy at least a dozen times, and the Silmarillion at least thrice), when the professor decided to "show off".

It seems that in his household, they recited Tolkein poetry for fun -- both in English and in Elvish. His 8-year old son stood before the class and could recite any poem verbatim if given the first line. It had no point, but I was crushed. It was my first experience with geek-envy
- Don Woodruff

Several months ago, I was after my 10 year old son (who is a HUGE LOTR fan) to finish his homework. After the second or third request, he says (from the other room) loudly ala Treebeard, "Homework? I've never heard of homework before. Sounds like teacher mischief to me. They come with pencils, they come with paper, teaching, nagging, yakking. Usurpers and...."
I didn't hear the rest for I was laughing so hard. Kids!
- ElvishObsession

I was at a friend's house, and we were all watching TTT. One of my favorite scenes (when Gollum talks to himself) comes up, and I'm talking along with it. I do this for quite a while (we're talking 1/2 an hour) before I realize I'm doing it. My friends are staring at me like I'm crazy. *sigh* they just don't understand.