Middle-earth Moments

by various

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I'm a teacher - 26 noisy 6 year olds - how do I stay sane????

Anyway, we were talking about the 'sh' sound on Thursday and they were coming up with words like ship, shop, sheep etc. One of the kids thought of 'shoot'. Now they write some words in their books with accompanying pictures but I don't let them draw guns. So we were talking about what else can shoot. Of course a bow and arrow was mentioned.

My next question to them was did they know anyone in books or movies who can shoot a bow and arrow. I readily admit it was a leading question and I was hoping for the appropriate answer :-).

1st answer - Robin Hood. "Good" says I but am looking for another example....hint hint.
2nd answer - a little boy had his hand up, DESPERATE to tell all. And sure enough, what does he shout out in triumph? "LEGOLAS!"

I let out a little cheer, saying he was the best archer of all. The little boy drew a picture of him in his book.

Oh and another kid ha da new pencil tin with the LOTR logo on it, with matching pencil and eraser. I 'borrowed' the eraser for 30 minutes until he asked for it back. I told him I wanted to keep it and his mum would have to buy him a new one but somehow he didn't take kindly to that suggestion. I do like to wind up my kids!

- Peony

Hey guys! I was in a small mall and what should I see, but a tiny cafe called Gandalf's Pantry!

 - Mousechief

Gollum Came to My Office Today

Actually, she was a very nice lady, but she kept doing this strange thing with her throat and usually two noises at a time, very much like "gollum, gollum." I'm not sure if she even knows that she does it, but I immediately thought of Gollum.

 - Lindorie

I am so tired tonight! Not sure why, I didn't really do anything today. Slept in, went to to Dentist and now my gum's hurt a bit! Went grocery shopping and made dinner. Today was the first full day off I have had in 3 months, if I had my choice I would have stay in my pj's all day. The dentist probably would have thought me a bit odd though.

My ME moment for the day was from my Dentist. He know's I'm a ringer and the first thing he said to me was..."Your movie won all 11 academy awards!" He was so excited, it was really cute. Then he asked me about Toronto and if I had a good time. It was funny cause I forgot I even told him about it. He then had to show my Tattoo to all his staff! It was really funny! He's such a good guy. I remember the first time we talked about LOTR he told me his son was a huge fan but that he didn't really get the movies. I asked him what he didn't understand, he said too many names, I can never keep them all straight! LOL Of course I then offered to have a little LOTR rings class to teach him, which he still hasn't taken me up on.

- Lizmybit

Today in my Social Studies class, we were watching this Canadian History movie type thing (really quite a bore), and anyway, a title for a part in the movie came on, and it said 'siege'. I turned to look at my friend right beside me, and at the same time we both whispered to each other, 'The Siege of Gondor'! It made us get into a fit of giggles.

- Queen of Gondor

Boriel’s ME Moment: Elvish Cloak

as i drove thru the city of new Westminster this afternoon on my way home, i had to slow down for a traffic light, and looked to my right...i just got a flash of a gray Elvish cloak in a store window.

i had to go around the block and take another look! (so I did)

i parked in a no loading zone (only for a moment) and got out and there in the window was the most beautiful thing i have ever seen! it was a full length cloak made from velvet with a subtle leaf pattern on it..the color was that shimmery greenish grayish silverish Elvish color.

i went into the store to look...it is a place called venus and mars and they cater to renaissance (spelling?) clothes...dresses with bodices, and mens shirts with lacing and long petal sleeves and velvet! the cloak was the only one of that color, but they had crimson (Arwen) red, and green, and a royal blue that reminded me of Gondor. The price? $125.00 Canadian (approx. 75? dollars American) They have a website, and I’ll post it, but the site is pitiful and only has a limited amount of pics on it - nothing even close to showing the beautiful stuff i saw in the store. she has only ever made 3 silver cloaks (hard to find the fabric apparently) and the last one is sitting in that window....only a 5 minute detour from my regular route too....hmmmm

- boriel

The first ME moment was last night when I noticed that my father was wearing a grey t-shirt with grey jeans. When I told him that I noticed this he laughed and said "Just like Gandalf the Grey."

The second ME moment was this afternoon while I was out on an errand. I saw two young men jogging and one of them could have been Frodo! Although I was driving at the time I did notice he had shoes on but I couldn't see his ears. No ring on a chain either.
- Dinledhwen

I have a friend who is Cormarphobic. (If my other friends and I start talking about LOTR she walks away and says "Oh, my gosh. She says she doesn’t mind the movies but she doesn’t like people who are obsessive.) Anyway, she was telling me a couple weeks ago that someone in her Sunday School class was looking at her (my friend's) purse. She has the kind of purse that people can sign, and I had signed it. This girl in my friend's class saw my name and asked, "Oh, is that the girl who can speak Elvish? That's so cool!" I guess I'm kind of known for being my church's resident LOTR freak. And that's OK with me.

P.S. I can't speak Elvish fluently, but I know some scattered words.
- Holly Baggins

Today I was driving down to Donegal town, about an hour from my home. When I came to the mountainside Irish Mist had begun to appear: not wet enough to be called rain but much wetter than fog. It was an awesome sight: waves of grey mist, slowly wandering up the hills like quiet spirits on ways of mystery...then, suddenly, clouds broke up and behind the wandering mist a ray of pale silver sunlight was cast down on bare mountains and bog and mist, turning indeed the grey rain curtains of this world into silver glass...
- Indis

At work last night I noticed the Doctors had a new notice up for the next Grand Ward Round. I had to stop myself from laughing out loud, this ward round was called....."A Short cut to Mushrooms?"
- suzie sheelf

Today I was randomly reading through some advertising rubbish, when I came across something that caught my eye. Kathmandu (an outdoor clothing and equipment shop) was advertising a sale, and there was a brochure with a picture of a little girl with a brightly coloured backpack. The caption read: available in two sizes, adults and... (drum roll please) HOBBIT'S!!!! :-D I thought that was so cute! Just shows what an influence LOTR has on people, huh! :-D
- Evermind

I wore a sticker today that said "Happy Middle Earth New Year" and this family came in and read it. They said "Well, happy Middle Earth New Year to you!" They loved the movie but didn't know the exact date and they loved the idea. when they left they said "Happy new year." and this other family coming in thought they had lost it...it was funny.
- pippinmerry

Peregrine's ME Moment: With A Non-Ringer

I was over at my friend's Grandparents' house and we were sitting in the dinning room looking out the window. We were hoping to spot deer, but all we saw were some bugs and two rabbits. Anyway, it was nighttime and the outside light was on. This big white moth kept flying by and finally by friend--who is NOT a Ringer(she hardly even reads fantasy)--looks at it and goes: "Gandalf! Maybe he's calling us for help!"

I laughed and said we should keep an eye out for giant eagles. It was fun.
 - Peregrine

I don't know if I can adequately explain what happened but here goes.

Yesterday I went to see ROTK one last time *sigh and sniff* for I believe it will not be here for too much longer. Anyway during the movie I had to get up and...well...I can never make it through the movie without one trip to the restroom. So just as I walked through the doorway I felt like I was leaving our beloved Middle-earth behind and passing through something that brushed lightly across my bare arms before entering the stark reality of the theater lobby.

Well at first I just chalked it up to my imagination until I came back and it happened again! I definitely felt like there was a clear dividing line there of some sort! *shivers*

I know this sounds very strange. I still don't know what to make of it myself.
- Dinledhwen

Just came back from my school's first ever student film festival (which was great btw) during one of the movies, the guy goes to grab a carton of milk at the store, and just before he's assaulted by a bread loaf bearing ninja the screen flashes the words "my precious" so it doesn't sound that surprising but it was great, and i think everyone got the point.

 - HobbitNaga

We had two ME moments this past weekend, both related to music. One was that at my daughter's middle school pops concert the band played a collage of music from the Fellowship. When the announcer asked if there were any Ringers in the audience, most of the people looked puzzled, the people around us even more so, since we were clapping and nodding. The band did a very good job on it - Meghan's only complaint was that since she was in orchestra, not band, she didn't get to play it. However, she has her orchestra teacher looking for the music for next year...

The second moment was when Meghan and I went to a cello concert. We were surprised and delighted to notice in the crowd a college-age girl wearing Arwen's pendant! The girl was quite pretty and had shoulder length black hair, so we decided that maybe it was Arwen, passing as human after all these years!

- Nuroreiel

I was walking along the street in front of town hall today and can you guess who I saw? Orlando Bloom in elf make-up! OK, so he was on a squashed coke bottle but still...doesn't that count for something?! And in the market there is a ROTK poster, mostly covered so all you can see is Viggo and Sir. Ian but Every time I see it I think of my books, sitting home all alone in America. *sniffle, sniffle*

OH! Want to hear about my Paris Hilton moment? (He He) No, I bet you don't.

- TinuvielwithHim

Being TOTALLY bored a few nights ago, I was flipping channels in my cave when I landed on -- of all things -- a documentary on the Discovery Channel about political campaigns and how stupid candidates can be...the 'Dean Scream', Dukakis riding in the tank, and so on. Then, one of the political analysts or political historians or something like that came on the screen to 'explain' a particular aspect of the discussion taking place. I can't remember the first name or his exact profession...but his last name was OLIPHAUNT....

Well, if you had been watching, you probably wouldn't have remembered his first name or profession either!!!


I received an email from a friend who is going on an LDS mission, saying goodbye. He said: I bid you all a fond farewell...GOODBYE! heh, wonder where he got that from? ;)
Then in class today we were doing presentations and a group used Gollum's Song as background music for their power point. :D I recognized it from the first few notes (and listened to the song more than the report! :D).
Elven ;)

 -Elven Redwood


Ok, my work is crazy but that's beside the point. They've decided to reconfigure how people line up and make it more like a bank. So, they had to remove what people currently move around. Now, there's nothing to stop people from flying right up to the desk. So my coworker asks, "We need to put something here so people don't cut across." I stand up and stand where the barrier used to be. I held my arms straight out from my side and said, "I could stand here and say 'YOU SHALL NOT PASS!'" A family was leaving at this point and a little girl of about 9 said, "Someone's seen that movie too many times," and she shook her head.

- Pippinmerry

Avondster’s Bad ME Moment

Yesterday as I was shopping with the little ones, PippinsPrecious found on the discount shelf of the CD store a 3cd leather booklet that had 'The Lord of the Rings Trilogy Symphony' on it.
I thought that the Hand of Fate had made my little Soldier of Gondor stumble across the Enhanced CD that I have been frantically searching for ever since Varda showed me hers, but alas! it was just a bad copy of the three soundtracks, performed by a different orchestra for charity reasons. I was actually considering buying it, when I saw the following text in the booklet:

All songs were composed by Howard Shore, except for track no 12; "Into the West" composed by Annie Lennox, Howard Shore and Frank Walsh.


And guess what the charity was? Proliteracy.

I am still waiting for someone to shout 'April Fool!'

 - Avondster


The other day my 6th grade students performed some skits they had created, based on Greek myths. When I assigned the project, I told them that they could put a modern twist on the familiar tale if they wanted to.

In the middle of one of the performances, the kid who was playing Pandora suddenly ducked behind a chair, then peeking around it and in perfect Gollum-style went into a schizophrenic monologue over whether or not she should open the box! I was laughing SO hard! When their play was over, they said to me, "We knew you'd like it".

- Frodowannabe

School Moment
My daughter's French teacher gave them the assignment of making a family tree, with a picture and a short descriptive paragraph for each person. It didn't have to be "real", so she used all LOTR characters, with pictures copied from my daily calendar. She's Pippin (her Hobbity alter-ego anyway), her Dad is Gimli (his favorite character) and since my usual favorite character is Sam, which wouldn't quite work, she chose Galadriel for me. I haven't heard yet what her French teacher made of it but we thought it was great!

The things you learn in school....
This morning I went to my grandsons' school to be a reading helper for grade 4 and 5. The grade 5 section was about Multiculturalism as she exists in Canada, etc., etc., and in passing the book mentioned the town of Gimli, Manitoba.

Now, Gimli, Manitoba is world famous in the aviation industry for a near mishap involving a large passenger jet, which became known as "the Gimli Glider", but that's not what the book was going on about.

Gimli was founded by Icelandic immigrants to Canada of course, which I knew. I've even been there.

But I never knew until this morning that "Gimli" means "paradise" in Icelandic.

I bet JRRT knew it though. Is that cool, or what?
- Vison

There is a Super Target some distance from my house where I have discovered a fairly good selection of LOTR stuff. Now the ME part is that on the north side of the store there is a subdivision called "Hunters Crossing". When I saw that I immediately started to keep an eye out for Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli in case they should run past the front of my car while chasing after the Orcs that had taken Merry and Pippin.

 - Dinledhwen

We went bird watching this morning for my Appreciation of Nature class (at college) and as we were driving there we saw some pigeons. The leader of our group was reading aloud about them from the book and said such and such species is "unique among pigeons" and for some reason I thought of 'jewel among hobbits'; heh ;)
When we got there, we pulled into a place called the Lindon Marina. It was on the lakeside, and I couldn't help thinking of the Elven Lindon, especially because of all the water/sea birds!
Yep, I'm obsessed and weird... :D and proud of it!

-Elven Redwood

Well, I got my #14 mag. on Thursday---yipee!--and you know how they have those updates on the actors? Well, David Wenham was in there and it said he was going to be in the new movie "Van Helsing" (sp?) and I'm thinking that's pretty cool.

So here's where the ME moment comes in....

Yesterday I went to go see "Hellboy" with a couple of friends--it's an okay movie--and, of course, we got to sit through previews. well, the first one I had seen a million times--you know, the movie with Andy Serkis--yeah, Andy!--and that was great on its own. But then there is a preview for "Van Helsing" and--what do you know!--there's David! I was so happy! That just made my day. So I just had to share it!

- Peregrine

my chemistry teacher was reading this e-mail he had gotten that had a list of things only southerners would understand. one of the things had something to do w/ "tater salad" and my chemistry teacher said, "its 'tater' salad, not 'po-ta-to'". he said it just like Samwise. ok, so it was one of those had-to-be-there moment, but it was still funny.

 - Inlovewiththeelf


I was driving to work last night along the highway headed west right at twilight and into my head popped the thought that it was a beautiful Arwen like twilight. Dark, yet some light with brushstrokes of clouds that enhanced the horizon. As you know, Arwen is known as the Daughter of Twilight. It felt almost magical.

 - Silivren Ithildin

In Psy. 180 we are studying "Personality" as every one knows there are always pictures. Well on of the pictures in this chapter is that of "Gandalf" Under the picture it said, "Jungian archetypes abound in art, literature, and film. Gandalf who embodies the archetype of magician or trickster". The picture is of Gandalf in Khazad-dum, when he hold up his staff and said more light. I just thought it was neat, But I wonder what Gandalf were said if someone told him that he was a trickster.



I took a tram tour at the Night Safari last Friday in Singapore. When the tram reached places in complete darkness (around 10:15 PM), I immediately thought of the hobbits fighting their way to Bree in the forest. I was sure there were no Black Riders after me. :)

(Yet I don't know why the driver slow down or even stop in front of lions/tigers/hyena/rhino without barriers/glass to separate man and animals! That's scaring!)


Apparently there is a "Middle Earth Gaming Society" here in Nashville and while I didn't know what that was exactly, Amy Sturgis met their leader a little while ago and arranged for them and our group (the NasvilleSmial ..a yahoo group) to meet up for a night of Tolkien.

First of all, Amy and I were the only ones of our group to show...ah, well...(AL, you were missed big time!) 4 people from their group came and they were a lot of fun! They meet the third Saturday of every month to role play Middle Earth (They have started in the year 1300 -- it's also more of an adapted Dungeons & Dragons mode using Middle Earth instead of the usual D&D characters.)

The night ended in a very odd way...standing around my car listening to "Into The West" so one of the guys could use it for inspiration for his RPG character. (Not all of the players are into Tolkien, they just like playing the game...the leader, however, is very well-versed in Tolkien - including the Silmarillion!) They spent some time also trying to get me to come join them next month...I don't know if I'll go, and if I do go, I'm not sure I'll join in, I may just want to observe. Ahhhh, it was an odd night. (Of course we did spend sometime looking at The One Book! They were impressed, so BRAVO to all the contributors!)

Oh, my ME moment: I got a little lost and drove past a business called Brandywine Travel...I took a picture!

Storytime's over and I'm heading to bed.


While walking around the SD w/my granddaughter this morning what do i see on front of this big old pickup truck but a fun plate that reads "Precious" - LOL - bet it's not the precious we all know! - HA - it was just too funny for words - have a great day ya'all - Her Ladyship
- Shelob

Last night a friend from work invited me to go to a baseball game with our local AAA ball team, the Nashville Sounds. It was so much fun! Here's what I saw:
- a giant pickle (someone in a pickle suit)
- HOT baseball men!
- racing toilets (people dressed in toilet costumes racing)
- HOT baseball men!
- a little kid tackling the team mascot during a race
- HOT baseball men!
- cute little kids dancing
- HOT baseball men!
- $5.75 for a hot dog and nachos (eek! That's expensive!)
- HOT baseball men!
- a lady got beaned in the face with a foul ball (it was only funny after I found out she was okay...after it happened the catcher immediately went out to the mound...I think they were laughing too) (don't send me hate mail...I have a sick sense of humor - I laugh at inappropriate times)

Has anyone seen the Simpsons episode where Homer goes on a hunger strike because he found out the Springfield Isotopes were moving to Albequerque? Guess who the Sounds played last night....Yep the Albequerque Isotopes!!!!!! I laughed so stinkin' hard I nearly wet my mu-mu!!!

My Middle Earth moment? While going to the stadium, my directions got my friend a wee bit lost and we ended up in an unsavory part of town, once we found the correct street to go down, "It's a dangerous thing, going out your front door" pops out of my mouth! I don't think I have ever done that before...just quoting a line from a movie like that!

So that was my night! Did I mention the hot baseball men?
- GondorianGirl

i just saw place called Helm's Deep Games on the way back from a carwash! i wonder what kind of games they are? squash the Orc? don’t wake Saruman? target practice with Legolas?
- HobbitNaga

You won't believe this, but the spookiest thing happened to me today!

Today (as I usually do) I was writing and re-writing the latest chapter of my Inkling at work, struggling with it as I have these past two months (if you've read the chapter you'll understand what I mean).

I had just written the ending (which was very hard for me, as you'll read) when a family came in. Their youngest son was my patient, the sweetest little red-haired lad.
"What's your name?" I asked him.
He turned to me and smiled, and said: "Pippin."
- Avondster

I'm a legal secretary, and our firm just took on a new client by the name of --- SHIRE! I smile every time I type it.

Now I'm the sole witness and contributor to this ME moment. I had just finished dusting off my LOTR action figures and was putting Legolas in Rohan Armor back when I accidently knocked my small Gimli off the horse he shares with small Legolas and onto the floor. Without thinking I said out loud "I wonder if that would count as a new way to toss a Dwarf?"

Gimli didn't answer and was unharmed by his tumble. ; )
- Dinledhwen

Last week (I think) I posted that we have a new client named Shire. Now we have an opposing attorney named Ring! (different case, though) Things like that make the job fun - for me anyway.
- Nuroreiel

My daughter gave me permission to post this.

At church last week they gave the kids little "Greatest Mom Award" acrostic sheets to fill out and give to their mothers on Mothers Day. The "M" was already filled in, to get them started, but here's what she put for the others:

O is for an Obvious Lord of the Rings fan
T is for The hobbit hole you provide me with
H is for the Hobbit inside you
E is for you being an Elven queen
R is for the one Ring, for you are precioussss
S is for the Sam that you are

(Sam is my Hobbit alter-ego, as I am the chief cook and gardener in the family)

Then she also used the ROTK computer activity set that we gave her for Christmas to make a card from her and my husband. It has Gimli (my husband's LOTR favourite) on the front and inside says, "You have my love, and you have my happiness, and my silliness. Two people who love you. We shall be known as -- Your Family."

What a kid! I just had to share that.
- Nuroreiel

I was watching the 'Wayne Brady Show' and Greg Proops from 'Who's Line is it Anyway' and he was talking about how he went to New Zealand and he was saying that it was just like the movie with Hobbits running around and having to throw a ring into a volcano and Gollum trying to bite of his hand. It was pretty funny.
- Elvenstar

In the Hospital

I had some chest pains on Tuesday night and Wednesday, so Thursday I went to the hospital for a check up...5 hours in the ER being poked and dosed and drawn from, they decided to keep me over night and torture me, I swear vampires must work there.
This mornings breakfast comes with a card saying how the meal was special made for my diet... ADA.... was circled there and I laughed so load I woke up the guy next to me. American Diabetic Assco. I guess.
I did the stress test and got out with a clean bill of health, sorta. I need to exercise more and lose, oh, 50 pounds.
I come back to work and one of my daughters, who works with me here, gives me an early birthday prezzie... Barahir from The Noble Collection, a Kingly Gift Indeed.
I am blest
Hope you all are well and happy.
Hugs those you love, ya never know when it is the last time.
-On’ono Laivindur

The interstate exits in Richmond, VA are built around these heather covered hills, and I swear, everytime we drive up or down one, I just can picture Legolas running over the crest, searching the horizon for Merry and Pippin, being followed by Aragorn and Gimli! *^-^* Wish that was true. -_______________-

Just now on Nickolodeon, they showed the first 5 minutes of the Shrek 2 movie. And there was a really great moment right out of FOTR! Fiona's wedding ring slips and flies into the air. It does a Frodo-like headshot with her hand reaching for the ring. It circles her finger and falls back on. The camera zooms in and it shows flaming letters appear: "I love you." WHOOOOOOOOO! I am *definitely* seeing this movie now! *^-^* 
- Arianid, elvenmaid