Lore of the Ring, Round 79: The Periodic Table of the Rings

by Laiquendi

Behold, fine peoples of the Universe, the astounding mystery that awaits below. For some decidedly handsome and quizzical scientist-type person has uncovered the true meaning of life, the universe and everything and put it forward for your academic inquiry. Push your brain downhill in a cart and walk away from it with a zombie smile on your brainless face, for now you face the ultimate test of Loredom, the one quiz of utter devastation, the only thing that Frodosmiss might ever be able to answer...

The Periodic Table of the Rings!

Mwahahahahahahahah twisted

Conspicuously hidden in the table below are the names of 118 Lord of the Rings people or places neatly arranged and sorted into categories and numbered. All the names in the table (except two) can be found in the Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit books. However, the names have become slightly shortened due to space constraints and it is up to you, blind fool, to unravel the mystery within. Who knew that the entire chemical basis of the universe was made up of Lord of the Rings characters?

All the "elements" are sorted by race, with further patterns hidden within the table for you to deduce. The first letter of each element is always the first letter of the name, the second letter may be found elsewhere in the name. Any "element" with two capital letters represents two words.

For example:

De could be Déorwine, or Dernhelm, or Dúnhere, or Derndingle, or Dwimordene depending on where it is located.

Periodic Table of the Rings

1. Who is element no. 2
2. Who is element no. 4
3. Who is element no. 14
4. Who is element no. 25
5. Who is element no. 34
6. Who is element no. 35
7. Who is element no. 41
8. Who is element no. 56
9. Who is element no. 59
10. Who is element no. 71
11. What is element no. 82
12. Who is element no. 85
13. What is element no. 96
14. What is element no. 107
15. What is element no. 116

With the gracious permission of Mein Commandant, anyone who can name all 118 "elements" will receive 100 bonus points!

Am I kind or what?

Answers for entire chart are below (highlight to view):

1 OR The One Ring
2 Sn Sauron
3 Tn Thorin
4 Gi Gimli
5 L Legolas
6 Ga Galadriel
7 Cb Celeborn
8 G Gandalf
9 Tb Treebeard
10 WK Witch-king
11 Oi Oin
12 Gl Gloin
13 El Elrond
14 Gf Glorfindel
15 Hr Haldir
16 Sa Saruman
17 Bl Bregalad
18 Ug Ugluk
19 Ba Balin
20 Dw Dwalin
21 A Aragorn
22 B Boromir
23 Fa Faramir
24 Dn Denethor
25 Im Imrahil
26 Io Iorlas
27 Ir Ioreth
28 Bgd Beregond
29 Is Isildur
30 An Anarion
31 Aw Arwen
32 Ed Elladan
33 Eh Elrohir
34 Ra Radagast
35 Bc Beechbone

36 Ghk Grishnakh
37 Fi Fili
38 Ki Kili
39 Em Eomer
40 Ew Eowyn
41 Thn Theoden
42 Thd Theodred
43 Ha Hama
44 Gmg Gamling
45 Eo Eorl
46 Hm Helm
47 Ek Erkenbrand
48 Gmb Grimbold
49 Lu Luthien
50 Cr Cirdan
51 Gg Gil-galad
52 Al Alatar
53 Fs Fingalas
54 MS Mouth of Sauron
55 No Nori
56 Or Ori
57 BB Barliman Butterbur
58 Bi Bilbo
59 F Frodo
60 Fd Fredegar
61 Lb Lobelia
62 S Samwise
63 Hf Hamfast
64 Rs Rosie
65 Go Goldilocks
66 M Merry
67 Pm Primula
68 P Pippin
69 Pl Paladin
70 TC Tom Cotton
71 FM Farmer Maggot
72 BF Bill Ferny
73 HG Harry Goatleaf
74 KD King of the Dead
75 Grm Grima
76 Ghb Ghan-buri-ghan
77 Brd Bard
78 ML Master of Laketown
79 Beo Beorn
80 Hb Halbarad
81 Lq Laiquendi
82 Ri Rivendell
83 Lo Lorien
84 Pa Pallando
85 Ff Fladrif
86 Gb Gorbag
87 Kz Khazad-dum
88 Er Erebor
89 Gn Gondor
90 Sm Smaug
91 Rc Roac
92 Gw Gwaihir
93 Ld Landroval
94 Mn Meneldor
95 Sh Shelob
96 Sx Shadowfax
97 Ft Firefoot
98 As Asfaloth
99 Sw Snowmane
100 Ad Arod
101 Ry Roheryn
102 Wn Windfola
103 BP Bill the pony
104 MT Minas Tirith
105 MA Minas Anor
106 Os Osgiliath
107 DA Dol Amroth
108 Ro Rohan
109 Md Meduseld
110 HD Helms Deep
111 Ef Eastfold
112 Wf Westfold
113 Dl Dunland
114 Lk Laketown
115 GH Grey Havens
116 Ig Isengard
117 Fg Fangorn
118 Mr Mordor