Lore of the Ring, Round 36 Christmas Special

Assembled, with batteries, by Laiquendi

Welcome! My lords, ladies, gentleman; Dwarves, Elves, Wizards, Ents and Hobbits; LoreMasters past, LoreMasters present and LoreMasters to be; giraffes, hippopotomuses, sealions, hamsters, orangutans, Tyranasaurus Rexs, three-toed sloths, pygmy marmosets, preying mantis’ and possums; not forgetting other miscellaneous corporeal and non-corporeal lifeforms!

Sit back and take in the awe and wonder of the

ChrLore of the Rings ~ Round 36!!!  

In honour of this most special of occassions, and with the supreme blessing and infinite wisdom of the Great LorePossum, it has been decreed that there shall be not one, but two parts to this months round. Yes, bedazzled onlookers and gawpers, this round has a total of 30 questions!

Before the mob grabs their torches and pitchforks, remember that this month is an easy round, and the extra questions are a gift to you from a most benevolent LoreMaster. :-D

All answers can be found in the Lord of the Rings books, so becareful in trusting the movies!

Once your brains have sufficently recovered, you will need to send the clearly marked answers to all questions in a gfiftwrapped email to the All Powerful LorePossum.  Remember to sign you board handle (name) at the bottom, for though she be wonderful in the giving, she’s more forgetful in the receiving.

You have until Monday 17th December 2007 to send in your answers, so why are you standing around reading this! Get writing! ;-P

And so, with the formalities sufficently dealt with, let us raise a glass and toast this round!

Part I:
For this section, all you need to do is identify the 15 people, places, items, events or ideas from the Lord of the Rings that are suppretiously hidden in the grid below.

Part II:

Name a husband and wife that are in the Lord of the Rings.

Name their firstborn child.

Name an inn.

Name an innkeeper.

Name three kings.

Name three Shepherds of the Trees.

Name four animals.

And now, the round is complete!

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very Lore-full New Year!